Ethnoreligious group or Kurdish minority mostly of northern Iraq

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Yazidis: Ethnoreligious group or Kurdish minority mostly of northern Iraq
Yazidis (also written as Yezidis are an endogamous and mostly Kurmanji-speaking minority, indigenous to Upper Mesopotamia. The majority of Yazidis remaining in the Middle East today live in the disputed territories of Northern Iraq, primarily in the Nineveh and Dohuk governorates. There is a disagreement on whether Yazidis are a religious sub-group of Kurds or a distinct ethnoreligious group, among both scholars and Yazidis themselves. The Yazidi religion is monotheistic and can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamian religions.


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U.N. investigators eye 160 Islamic State militants over Yazidi massacres

United Nations investigators have so far identified 160 Islamic State militants accused of massacres of Yazidis in northern Iraq in 2014 and are building legal cases against them, the head of the team..
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For Yazidis, Baghdadi's death 'doesn't feel like justice yet'

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death will mean nothing to 19-year-old rape victim Jamila unless the Islamic State militants who enslaved her are brought to justice.
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Five years on from 'the black day', Australia's Yazidi refugees reflect on IS terror

It's been five years since IS stormed the ethnic Yazidi communities in northern Iraq, massacring and enslaving thousands, with many survivors still wondering what happened to their loved ones.
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Exclusive: Yazidi boy forced to fight with IS could be reunited with family in Australia

EXCLUSIVE: SBS understands the Australian government is considering a visa application from a teenager who was kidnapped and trained as a child soldier by the terrorist group.
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