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Friday, 24 September 2021

Pedro Castillo

63rd President of Peru

Pedro Castillo
Pedro Castillo

José Pedro Castillo Terrones is a Peruvian schoolteacher, union leader and politician serving as the 63rd President of Peru since 28 July 2021, following the 2021 general election. He attained prominence as a leading figure in the 2017 teacher strike and ran in the election as the candidate of the left-wing Free Peru party. He placed first in the initial round of the presidential vote and advanced to the second round against Keiko Fujimori. On 16 June, the final count of the second round by the National Office of Electoral Processes indicated that Castillo had won 50.13% of valid votes, although the National Jury of Elections delayed its official declaration of the outcome due to unsubstantiated allegations of fraud raised by Fujimori. Castillo's victory was confirmed on 19 July, and he was inaugurated on 28 July.

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