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Technical university

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An institute of technology is an institution of tertiary education that specializes in engineering, technology, applied science, and natural sciences.


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Protester emerges to urge Hong Kong police not to enter university

Hong Kong police said they would enter Polytechnic University on Thursday after a two-week siege drove most protesters out, but just before midnight, a masked man emerged and asked them to halt their..
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Hong Kong police to enter university as hunt for protesters turns up empty

Hong Kong police said they would enter Polytechnic University on Thursday, bringing their near two-week siege of the campus to an end, after final searches for any pro-democracy protesters still hiding..
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Hong Kong university official says no protesters found on campus

An official at Hong Kong's Polytechnic University said on Wednesday they had not found any protesters left on campus, signaling the end of a siege that saw anti-government demonstrators barricade..
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Hong Kong authorities appeal for calm as major highway reopens

One of Hong Kong's main highway links, the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, reopened early on Wednesday as a lockdown of the nearby Polytechnic University appeared to be drawing to a close with teams still..
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'Little kittens': Hong Kong campus protest holdouts left isolated and fearful

Last week, the cafeteria of Hong Kong's Polytechnic University was buzzing with pro-democracy protesters who occupied the campus for days, fighting fierce street battles with riot police in some of the..
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‘Fire magicians’ and medieval weaponry: a Hong Kong university under siege

For three days last week, anti-government protesters camped out at Hong Kong's sprawling Polytechnic University prepared for what they feared might be a bloody, even deadly, battle with police.
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Watch: Protesters stand-off at top Hong Kong university

We're live as Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters stand-off with police at Polytechnic University.
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