Alice Springs

Town in the Northern Territory, Australia

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Alice Springs: Town in the Northern Territory, Australia
Alice Springs is the third-largest town in the Northern Territory of Australia. Known as Stuart until 31 August 1933, the name Alice Springs was given by surveyor William Whitfield Mills after Alice, Lady Todd, wife of the telegraph pioneer Sir Charles Todd. Now colloquially known as The Alice or simply Alice, the town is situated roughly in Australia's geographic centre. It is nearly equidistant from Adelaide and Darwin.


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Lawyer says officer accused of Kumanjayi Walker's murder acted 'in accordance to his training'

Kumanjayi Walker was fatally shot at his home in Yuendumu, around 300km north-west of Alice Springs, on the evening of 9 November last year.
SBS - Published

Two of the three shots fired in Kumanjayi Walker's killing were 'excessive', court hears

A court in Alice Springs has heard that two of three shots fired at Kumanjayi Walker were "excessive, unreasonable and unnecessary".
SBS - Published

Australia's first Aboriginal-owned ground station could be vital for space research

The ground station - which helps track fast-moving events such as bushfires and could enhance Australia's space exploration - has begun operating in Alice Springs.
SBS - Published

Yuendumu community anxious as case against police officer accused of murdering Kumanjayi Walker drags out

NT police officer Zachary Rolfe, who is charged with the murder of Aboriginal teenager Kumanjayi Walker, has appeared in an Alice Springs court via video link.
SBS - Published

From the Archives, 1983: Charles and Diana's four-week visit to Australia

In 1983, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and baby Prince William, arrived in Alice Springs to begin a four-week tour of Australia
The Age - Published

Murder trial 'part of our healing': Kumanjayi Walker's family to learn court location

The grieving family and friends of an Aboriginal man who died after being shot by a Northern Territory police officer have pleaded to keep court proceedings in Alice Springs, rather than 1,400km away..
SBS - Published

NT police officer says he was stabbed before fatally shooting Kumanjayi Walker

A Northern Territory police officer charged with the murder of a 19-year-old Indigenous man has faced court for the first time in Alice Springs.
SBS - Published

Community hopeful courts will keep future Kumanjayi Walker proceedings in Alice Springs

A Northern Territory policeman charged with the murder of a 19-year-old indigenous man has faced court for the first time in Alice Springs.
SBS - Published

Aboriginal community opposes moving murder trial of NT police officer

The Alice Springs Magistrates Court will on Thursday consider an application from defence lawyers to move the trial from Alice Springs to Darwin.
The Age - Published

From the Archives, 1966: American satellite base planned for Pine Gap

On this day in 1966, the Australian and US governments signed a treaty for establishing a "joint space research" facility at Pine Gap, a few kilometres southwest of Alice Springs.
The Age - Published

NT searchers find body of woman

Claire Hockridge went missing south of Alice Springs about two weeks ago. Her two travelling companions were found alive in the past few days.
The Age - Published

'Time for compassion': Minister calls for calm over fatal NT police shooting

Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt flew to Alice Springs on Thursday as anger grew over the police shooting of a young Aboriginal man.
The Age - Published

Thousands attend rally in Alice Springs after fatal shooting of young Aboriginal man

The Warlpiri people have called for the trial of a police officer charged with the murder of a young Aboriginal man to be held locally in Yuendumu.
The Age - Published

Northern Territory policeman charged with murder over shooting of Indigenous man

Kumanjayi Walker, 19, died after he was shot at Yuendumu, 300 kilometres from Alice Springs.
The Age - Published

From Alice Springs to the Big Apple, Jordan Armstrong is following his uncle's footsteps

The 27-year-old is among a handful of Indigenous Australians sponsored to run the New York Marathon on Sunday.
The Age - Published

From the Archives, 1989: Thirteen die in 1000-metre balloon plunge

30 years ago, 13 people died in Alice Springs when their balloon plunged about 1,000 metres into desert scrub after clipping the wicker basket of another balloon flying above.
The Age - Published

Indigenous Australians to lead space industry at new Alice Springs earth ground station

Indigenous Australians are expected to become leading participants in global satellite and space industry.
SBS - Published