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White ribbon:
The white ribbon is an awareness ribbon sometimes used by political movements to signify or spread their beliefs. It is usually worn on garments or represented in information sources such as posters, leaflets, etc.


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White Ribbon goes west as Perth service buys brand

The White Ribbon brand will be revived in Australia by a Perth-based anti-violence charity.
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Canadian founder demands return of White Ribbon brand

White Ribbon Canada, the organisation which founded the global anti-violence movement, is attempting to seize the intellectual property of its Australian offshoot.
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White Ribbon urged to get back in touch with its community roots

Can the White Ribbon movement be salvaged from its corporate collapse? Those working with men to stop violence against women say it can.
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Unpaid White Ribbon staff to get taxpayer-funded lifeline

Taxpayers will foot bill for money owed to White Ribbon staff after company’s collapse while liquidators investigate whether it was trading while insolvent.
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Why White Ribbon raised the white flag

At the time of its collapse, the White Ribbon Foundation had taken significant steps to secure its future.
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