First Nations

Term used for Indigenous peoples in Canada

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In Canada, the First Nations are the predominant indigenous peoples in Canada south of the Arctic Circle. Those in the Arctic area are distinct and known as Inuit. The MΓ©tis, another distinct ethnicity, developed after European contact and relations primarily between First Nations people and Europeans. There are 634 recognized First Nations governments or bands spread across Canada, roughly half of which are in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.


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'It's time to stop looking away': Lidia Thorpe delivers powerful maiden speech renewing calls for a treaty with Indigenous Australians

Lidia Thorpe, Victoria's first Indigenous representative to the Senate, has called for a treaty to pave the way for an end to the injustices experienced by First Nations people.
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Watch: Indigenous Deaths in Custody inquiry

A NSW parliamentary inquiry is being held into First Nations people in custody and Oversight and Review of Deaths in Custody.
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‘Rio is just the tip of the iceberg’: First Nations groups call for strengthened cultural protections

The First Nations Heritage Protection Alliances warns that without stronger legislation, more culturally significant sites will be damaged.
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Ryan Reynolds, Paul McCartney Nominated for First Nation's Next Chief

Ryan Reynolds or Sir Paul McCartney could become the next chief of a First Nation in Canada ... the native community has spoken, and the famous non-natives are up for election. Ryan and Paul have been.. - Published

Aboriginal activist Lidia Thorpe says First Nations treaty a priority in her role as Greens senator

Aboriginal activist and Victorian MP Lidia Thorpe will fill the seat vacated in the Senate by former Greens leader Richard Di Natale, who has retired.
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NSW launches deaths in custody inquiry following Black Lives Matter protests

The motion, moved by the Greens late on Wednesday, acknowledged "the unacceptably high level of First Nations people in custody in NSW".
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Racism, deaths are making Indigenous Australians sick, says health council

Protesters will on Saturday march through Brisbane calling for an end to First Nations people dying in custody, and racism towards black people.
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Racism, deaths making First Nations sick

Protesters will on Saturday march through Brisbane calling for an end to First Nations people dying in custody, and racism towards black people.
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COVID-19: Indigenous Australians in the Top End are being offered free transport to return to country

Amid fears over the spread of coronavirus, an initiative in the Top End is helping First Nations people reunite with their families.
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Canada's First Nations close borders over coronavirus, using 'isolation as a strength'

Canadian indigenous communities, already facing poor healthcare options, are closing their own lands' borders to limit coronavirus exposure as Ottawa dispatches funds and tents to house and isolate..
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'Unsung heroes': Calls to lift the voices of Indigenous women

First Nations women work tirelessly in their communities, but are often underrepresented in high-level decision making.
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Firefighters steal show at Mardi Gras from muscle-bound marchers and drag queens

Large crowds gathered along Oxford Street for this year's parade with the roar of the Dykes on Bikes revving their motorcycles followed by the First Nations float.
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Jack Charles: 'Australia is particularly – oddly still – racist against its First Nations people'

The acclaimed actor, musician and activist speaks on his abusive childhood, near death experiences and being an Indigenous elder statesperson.
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Right past wrongs: States take first steps towards Indigenous treaties

Communities across Australia have had their say, as a panel takes its first steps towards negotiating treaties with First Nations people.
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Linda Burney says Yuendumu murder charge doesn't address Aboriginal community's frustrations

Linda Burney says the alleged police murder of an Indigenous man has highlighted frustrations about the treatment of First Nations people in the Northern Territory.
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Children's graves in a row: the Indigenous youth suicide emergency

First Nations children account for almost 90 per cent of Australia's suicides aged 14 and younger. This is a national emergency.
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