Royal commission

Formal body created for public inquiry into a defined issue in some Commonwealth monarchies

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A royal commission is a major ad-hoc formal public inquiry into a defined issue in some monarchies. They have been held in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. A royal commission is similar in function to a commission of inquiry found in other countries such as Ireland, South Africa, and regions such as Hong Kong. It has considerable powers, generally greater even than those of a judge but restricted to the terms of reference of the commission. These powers include subpoenaing witnesses, taking evidence under oath and requesting documents.


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Violence, neglect and exploitation of Australians with disabilities detailed in Royal Commission's interim report

While the 561-page report did not issue recommendations for policy change, it outlined the experiences of people with disability and the underlying drivers of their mistreatment.
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Watch: Bushfire report update

The Minister for Emergency Management, David Littleproud, is speaking about the Royal Commission's report into last year's devastating bushfires.
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Australians with disability say working from home should be possible after the pandemic

As a Royal Commission hearing begins into the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people with disability, some say the shift towards working from home has been a long time coming.
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I'd rather be dead, Victorian aged care resident tells Royal Commission

An aged care resident in Melbourne has told the Royal Commission she has skipped medical appointments to avoid going into stricter lockdown, while the hearing is told the sector lacked a specific..
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'I was told to abort my son. People need to see disability is OK'

Witnesses at Australia's Royal Commission have implicitly described an experience common to many with cognitive disabilities - being treated as 'sub-human'. Attitudes need to change, they say.
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Call for Royal Commission into Australia's bushfires as government urged to tackle 'root cause'

The Greens have called for a Royal Commission into the bushfire crisis, Labor says it's open to it.
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Restraining people with disabilities is 'barbaric', Royal Commission hears

The use of chemical and physical restraints on people with disabilities does not cause outrage, instead it's widely overlooked,
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Aged-care facilities in country towns likely to go under without more funding

More funding is needed to keep small non profit aged providers afloat. The Royal Commission on Aged Care heard their financial situation is precarious, they find it difficult to get qualified staff,..
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'Tied up like a wild animal': Aged care report highlights a broken system

The interim report by the Royal Commission on Aged Care contained three recommendations for immediate change, but many say the system needs fixing now.
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Mental health royal commission sparks tidal wave of complaints to commissioner

A barrage of complaints triggered by the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System forced the office of the state's Mental Health Complaints Commissioner to limit advertising its..
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The disability royal commission is underway. Here's why it matters.

The long-awaited Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability is now underway.
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From the archives: Royal Commission findings clear Agent Orange

On the 22 August 1985, Justice Evatt, head of the Royal Commission into Agent Orange, handed in his nine volume report to Parliament that laid the blame for the veterans' problems on the "normal..
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Catch up: SBS World News 19/08/19

You can catch up on last night's news including a full wrap on the Hong Kong protests and the Federal Government's banking overhaul following the Royal Commission.
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Judge sentenced Milat and indicted Bosnian leader Slobodan Milosevic

David Hunt served as Senior Counsel on the Royal Commission into NSW Prisons, which uncovered widespread, systematic violence against NSW prisoners.
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Aged care residents turned into 'zombies' on antipsychotics for more than 200 days at a time

Experts have told the Royal Commission on Aged Care Quality and Safety that anti-psychotic drugs are rampantly over-prescribed.
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This Aboriginal elder was separated from her family due to a lack of health services

Mildred Numamurdirdi is the only Aboriginal person who is giving direct evidence at the aged care Royal Commission's five-day hearings in Darwin.
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No care forces Aboriginal elder separation

Indigenous Australian Mildred Numamurdirdi has told the Royal Commission into Aged Care she and many other elders have been separated from their families.
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Some older Australians consider residential aged care a 'death sentence'

Aged care far from family is considered a "death sentence" by Indigenous people and to "lock them away" would deprive the community of a deep network of cultural knowledge, a Royal Commission has..
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Aged commission: Medicare is failing older Australians in remote areas

Older people in remote parts of Australia were being hospitalised at four times the rate of other Australians for avoidable conditions. The Royal Commission into Aged Care also heard how services..
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Royal Commission hears maggots found on aged in care

An aged care royal commission hearing in Western Australia's Kimberley region has heard maggots were found on two elderly people in care in Broome.
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Indigenous people believe aged care isn't 'culturally safe', and ageing earlier

Most Indigenous people are shunning residential aged care, preferring to stay with family, community and on country, the Royal Commission on Aged Care Quality and Safety heard today.
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