Prefecture-level & Sub-provincial city in Hubei, People's Republic of China

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Wuhan: Prefecture-level & Sub-provincial city in Hubei, People's Republic of China
Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province in the People's Republic of China. It is the largest city in Hubei and the most populous city in Central China, with a population of over 11 million, the ninth-most populous Chinese city and one of the nine National Central Cities of China.

One year since outbreak, Wuhan residents maintain rage at China's response [Video]

One year since outbreak, Wuhan residents maintain rage at China's response

Credit: FRANCE 24 English     Duration: 01:48Published
Life back to normal in Wuhan, once the disease epicentre [Video]

Life back to normal in Wuhan, once the disease epicentre

Credit: FRANCE 24 English     Duration: 01:41Published

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Detained Australian journalist Cheng Lei authored Facebook posts about Wuhan coronavirus cover-up

An Australian journalist currently detained in Beijing was known as a good thinker and a bridge between the two countries before her arrest more than two weeks ago, experts say.
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An Australian girl stranded near Wuhan for six months has been reunited with her mum

Fourteen-year-old Jessica Xie-Moulton has returned to Western Australia after living inside the original epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic for the past six months.
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For virus-tamer Merkel, global alliances trumped nationalism

Travelling in convoy through the Chinese city of Wuhan last September, Angela Merkel called a halt. As her party crossed a bridge over the Yangtze river, the German Chancellor wanted to hear about a..
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U.S. says consulate in China's Wuhan to reopen in near future

The United States will soon resume operations at its consulate in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the novel coronavirus outbreak began late last year, the U.S. Embassy said on Wednesday.
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China, scientists dismiss Harvard study suggesting COVID-19 was spreading in Wuhan in August

Beijing dismissed as "ridiculous" a Harvard Medical School study of hospital traffic and search engine data that suggested the new coronavirus may already have been spreading in China last August, and..
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Coronavirus may have spread in Wuhan in August, Harvard research shows, but China dismissive

The coronavirus might have been spreading in China as early as August last year, according to Harvard Medical School research based on satellite images of hospital travel patterns and search engine..
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China drops Shanghai as a first port of entry for Beijing-bound flights

China on Monday dropped Shanghai as one of the first ports of entry for international flights bound for the capital, Beijing, while four new cities were added to the list and Wuhan, where the..
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Breaking down Wuhan's blueprint for lifting lockdown

From outbreak to lockdown and reopening, the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the novel coronavirus emerged late last year, has been through all stages of dealing with the health crisis.
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No new COVID sufferers, 300 asymptomatic, after Wuhan-wide tests

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the novel coronavirus outbreak began, has found no new cases of people suffering from COVID-19 after testing almost its entire population, and 300 asymptomatic carriers..
Reuters - Published

China's Wuhan finds no new COVID cases, 300 asymptomatics in tests

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the novel coronavirus outbreak first emerged, found no new cases of COVID-19 and 300 asymptomatic carriers after testing most of its 11 million residents, city..
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China's Wuhan says conducted 1,146,156 COVID-19 tests on May 23

The city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, conducted 1,146,156 nucleic acid tests on May 23, the local health authority said on Sunday, compared with 1,470,950 tests a..
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China reports no new coronavirus cases for first time since pandemic began

China recorded no new confirmed COVID-19 cases on the mainland for May 22, the first time it had seen no daily rise in the number of cases since the pandemic began in the central city of Wuhan late..
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China reports six new coronavirus cases, including one in Wuhan

China reported six confirmed coronavirus cases for May 18, including a new case in Wuhan, the health authority said on Tuesday, compared to seven a day earlier.
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China's Wuhan nearly doubles number of COVID-19 tests per day

The city of Wuhan, where the new coronavirus outbreak originated in China, conducted 222,675 nucleic acid tests on May 16, the local health authority said on Sunday, nearly doubling from a day earlier.
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Watch: SBS World News live

Coming up on SBS World News: Health authorities warn we're "sitting ducks" if we let our guard down as restrictions ease, China introduces a huge testing campaign in Wuhan, once the epicentre of the..
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Dancers bring Saturday night fever back to Wuhan as lockdown relaxed

Wearing masks and keeping about a metre apart, men and women in Wuhan were dancing once again on a Saturday night by the side of the Yangtze river, which winds through the central Chinese city where..
Reuters - Published

Crowds at Wuhan clinics fear coronavirus testing could rekindle disease

As Wuhan, the Chinese city where the COVID-19 pandemic began, revs up a massive testing campaign, some residents crowding the test centres expressed concern on Saturday that the very act of getting..
Reuters - Published

Fearing second wave, China's Wuhan ramps up coronavirus tests

Authorities in Wuhan have tested over 3 million residents for the coronavirus in April and May and aim to test all of the rest, state media said, as the city at the epicentre of the original outbreak..
Reuters - Published

China's Wuhan says tested almost a third of residents for coronavirus since April

Wuhan, the original epicentre of the new coronavirus outbreak in China, has tested over 3 million residents for the pathogen since April, and will now focus its testing efforts on the rest of its 11..
Reuters - Published

Wuhan residents brave rain, queues for COVID-19 mass-testing campaign

Residents in Wuhan braved pouring rain in queues of more than an hour to take part in a government-led exercise to test the city's 11 million people for the novel coronavirus, a scale health experts..
Reuters - Published

China's Wuhan kicks off mass testing campaign for new coronavirus

Authorities in the Chinese city where the novel coronavirus emerged launched an ambitious campaign on Wednesday to test all of its 11 million residents, after a cluster of new cases raised fears of a..
Reuters - Published

China's Wuhan reports first coronavirus cluster since lockdown lifted

Wuhan reported its first cluster of coronavirus infections since a lockdown on the city, the epicentre of the outbreak in China, was lifted a month ago, stoking concerns of a wider resurgence.
Reuters - Published

China's Wuhan plans city-wide testing for coronavirus over period of 10 days: sources

The Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of China's coronavirus outbreak, plans to conduct city-wide nucleic acid testing over a period of 10 days, according to an internal document seen by Reuters and..
Reuters - Published

Mainland China reports 17 new COVID-19 cases amid new infections in Wuhan

China reported 17 new COVID-19 cases in the mainland on May 10, rising from a day earlier and marking the highest daily increase since April 28, highlighting the difficulty in stamping out the disease.
Reuters - Published

Northeast China hit by coronavirus infections, Wuhan reports new case

Chinese authorities reported on Sunday what could be the beginning of a new wave of coronavirus cases in northeast China, with one city in Jilin province being reclassified as high-risk, the top of a..
Reuters - Published

China reports first coronavirus case in Wuhan since April 3 among 14 new infections

China's National Health Commission reported 14 new confirmed coronavirus cases on May 9, the highest number since April 28, including the first for more than a month in the city of Wuhan where the..
Reuters - Published

Wuhan market had role in virus outbreak, but more research needed: WHO

A wholesale market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan played a role in the outbreak of the novel coronavirus last year, as the source or possibly as an "amplifying setting", the World Health..
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Australia annoyed as U.S. pushes Wuhan lab COVID-19 theory

Australian officials are frustrated that their push for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus is being undermined by the White House, which has sought to link the outbreak to a Chinese lab,..
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100 days of coronavirus in Australia: How an unexpected pandemic changed the world forever

On 25 January, the first case of coronavirus on Australian soil was recorded in a man visiting Victoria from Wuhan. More than three months later, schools have been closed, businesses are shuttered,..
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More people hit China roads in first major holiday since coronavirus easing

China's most populous cities saw a spike in outbound travellers, tourists and day-trippers on May 1, first day of a long holiday weekend, led by Wuhan, epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic that first..
Reuters - Published

Australian PM says no evidence coronavirus originated in China laboratory, urges inquiry

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who has angered Beijing by calling for a global inquiry into the coronavirus outbreak, said he had no evidence to suggest the disease originated in a..
Reuters - Published

Pompeo pushes China to provide access to Wuhan labs over coronavirus outbreak

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday pushed China again to provide the world access to its virology labs in Wuhan, saying the world needed to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic originated..
Reuters - Published

China lab rejects COVID-19 conspiracy claims, but virus origins still a mystery

Claims that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan have no basis in fact, the head of the lab told Reuters, adding that there were still no conclusive answers..
Reuters - Published

China says all coronavirus patients in Wuhan have now been discharged

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the global coronavirus pandemic began, now has no remaining cases in its hospitals, a health official told reporters on Sunday.
Reuters - Published

Chinese citizen journalist resurfaces after going missing in Wuhan

A Chinese citizen journalist who posted videos about the coronavirus situation in the city of Wuhan has resurfaced after going missing for almost two months, saying in a YouTube video that he had been..
Reuters - Published

Three negatives and a positive: problems with coronavirus tests in China

Trader He Ximing in the Chinese city of Wuhan says he has no idea how or where he caught the coronavirus or why repeated nucleic acid tests showed he didn't have it.
Reuters - Published

Recovered, almost: China's early patients unable to shed coronavirus

Dressed in a hazmat suit, two masks and a face shield, Du Mingjun knocked on the mahogany door of a flat in a suburban district of Wuhan on a recent morning.
Reuters - Published

China mandates coronavirus tests for key public workers leaving Wuhan

China ordered on Saturday that anyone in Wuhan working in certain service-related jobs must take a coronavirus test if they want to leave the city.
Reuters - Published

China's revised COVID figures are a bid to 'leave no case undocumented': WHO

A sharp upward revision in China's coronavirus death toll on Friday was "an attempt to leave no case undocumented" after medical services in Wuhan were overwhelmed at the start of the outbreak, the..
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France says no evidence COVID-19 linked to Wuhan research lab

France said on Friday there was no evidence so far of a link between the new coronavirus and the work of the P4 research laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the current pandemic started.
Reuters - Published

China says nearly 1,300 virus deaths not counted in Wuhan, cites early lapses

Nearly 1,300 people who died of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, or half the total, were not counted in death tolls because of lapses, state media said on Friday, but Beijing dismissed..
Reuters - Published

China's Wuhan raises coronavirus death toll by 50% citing early lapses

The Chinese city of Wuhan raised its death toll from the novel coronavirus by 50% on Friday, bringing its total to 3,869, amid doubts about the accuracy of China's data on the disease as global cases..
Reuters - Published

How coronavirus hitched a ride through China

As residents of China's Wuhan began leaving for the first time last week, a Reuters analysis of official statements, data and residents' accounts reveals how the coronavirus took hold and spread to..
Reuters - Published

Lockdown lifted, Wuhan's residence committees keep watch

The lockdown of the Chinese city of Wuhan may have lifted, but Feng Jing keeps watching the 5,400 residents in the Tanhualin neighbourhood to see where they go and how they are feeling, guarding..
Reuters - Published

Love wins: wedding preparations resume in Wuhan as coronavirus lockdown lifts

Peng Jing stifles a laugh as she looks into the eyes of her tuxedo-clad fiancee, Yao Bin, who is in turn trying not to step on the long train of her white wedding dress.
Reuters - Published

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