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AP Fact Check: Harris Eligible to Serve as VP, President

Credit: VOA News - Published 2 hours ago
Harris was was born on US soil, is considered a natural born citizen under 14th Amendment, and is eligible to serve as either the vice president or president, says Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School »more

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Trump Announces 'Historic Breakthrough' Between Israel, UAE

US-brokered agreement is third peace deal Israel has made with an Arab nation since becoming an independent state in 1948
Credit: VOA News - Published


New Zealand PM Extends Auckland Lockdown

Officials now report 29 coronavirus cases stemming from cluster of four infections found Tuesday
Credit: VOA News - Published


Pakistan Celebrates Independence Day

Rallies are being held across the country
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Portland Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters

Nightly demonstrations have taken place in the city for several months
Credit: VOA News - Published

Turkey Pays Price as It Seeks to Save Tourism Amid Pandemic
Easing of restrictions is leading to a surge in infections
Credit: VOA News - Published

Appeals Court Upholds America's All-Male Military Draft
Federal judges in New Orleans say they lack authority to overturn 1981 SCOTUS ruling 
Credit: VOA News - Published

Uganda: Bishops Attack Judiciary Over Church Destruction
[Monitor] At least 37 representatives from the House of bishops from the Province of the Church of Uganda yesterday gathered in Ndeeba near Kampala to condole with Christians of St Peter's Church, whose house of worship was demolished on Sunday.
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