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Why a Big Boost in Litigation Is Possible After Tuesday’s Election

Credit: VOA News - Published 12 hours ago
Balllots in some states could be subject to a recount and potential legal challenges »more

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Parisians flee, sidewalks empty as France enters lockdown

PARIS (AP) — Parisians fleeing for the countryside jammed the roads ahead of France's lockdown to slow the spread of the resurgent coronavirus, and there was only a sprinkling of people hurrying along city sidewalks Friday as the nationwide restrictions went into effect.

Dystopian images..
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Halloween 2020: Some Fun with Death and Fear, Anyone?

Can being scared — under certain, controlled conditions — still be fun?
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Deadly Earthquake Warms Relations Between Greece and Turkey 

Could the tragedy trigger of a new era of earthquake diplomacy between the rival NATO allies? 
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North Carolina man who plotted to murder Joe Biden a "Bernie Bro"

(Natural News) Alexander Hillel Treisman, a 19-year-old man from North Carolina who allegedly plotted to murder Democratic candidate Joe Biden, is not a Trump supporter as some were led to believe. According to reports, Treisman is actually a “Bernie Bro” who became disgruntled during the..
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Former James Bond Actor Sean Connery Dies Aged 90 
Connery will be remembered first as British agent 007, the character created by novelist Ian Fleming and immortalized by Connery in films starting with 'Dr. No' in 1962   
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Anti-France Rally in Pakistan Turns Violent 
Police in Islamabad used tear gas shells and rubber bullets to stop around 3,000 protesters from marching toward the French embassy 
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Gov. Cuomo Announces New Testing Plan For New York Schools In COVID-19 Hot Spots
The positivity rate must be 2% or lower for New York City schools to be open and 3% outside the city.
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Covid spreading faster in England than 'worst-case prediction', documents show
Infection levels in England are about four times higher than the government's worst-case plan for winter.
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