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Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed again to December 10thCyberpunk 2077 is delayed again to December 10th

Credit: The Verge - Published 13 hours ago
Image: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 is being delayed yet again, this time until December 10th. Developer CD Projekt Red says it’s still working on a launch day patch for the game, which was previously slated for November 19th. It attributes the delay partly to its multiplatform release.. »more

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Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court despite opposition from Democrats

Barrett was confirmed just eight days before the election. Her confirmation gives the Supreme Court a ninth justice and conservatives a 6-3 majority.
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Google conjures new 3D Animals for Halloween: dancing skeleton, black cat, and more

With Halloween this Saturday, Google is getting into the spirit with special 3D animals and objects. Google added a 3D black cat and two other delightful pets wearing costumes, as well as other October 31st mainstays like a human skeleton.

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2020 Senate Elections: Democrats are in a high-stakes battle to regain full control of Congress

From Alaska to Maine, there are over a dozen US Senate seats on the map for control of the Senate, which has been in Republican hands since 2015.
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'You will never, never get your credibility back': Schumer warns GOP that they have no right to tell Democrats how to run things when they're the majority after Barrett's confirmation

He warned Republicans that they now have no right to tell Democrats how to run a majority when the GOP are in the minority in the future.
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Trump campaign 'Election Day is Today' ads removed by Facebook
The Trump campaign tested the limits of Facebook's ban on new political ads in the last week of the 2020 election but Facebook removed them.
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The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is using her Facebook page to spread misinformation about Joe Biden
Longtime conservative activist Ginni Thomas, who often shares conspiracy theories, posted unsubstantiated claims alleging corruption by Biden.
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We got our hands on PlayStation 5 β€” here's how the next-gen console looks up close
The PS5 won't launch until November 12, but we're able to give our readers an early look at how it looks in an everyday environment.
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Woolworths High-Street 'relaunch' proves a hoax
The Twitter account @UKWoolworths, which now has more than 4,000 followers, misspelled the shop's name.
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