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Bitleague | Disrupt Berlin 2019 [Video]

Bitleague | Disrupt Berlin 2019

Bitleague is a commission-free banking service for digital currencies.

Credit: TechCrunch Disrupt     Duration: 02:54Published
Believe It or Not, These Apps Will Pay You to Walk [Video]

Believe It or Not, These Apps Will Pay You to Walk

Did you know that there are apps out there that will actually pay you to walk? Well, step to it! PennyGem’s Justin Kircher has some of your options.

Credit: PennyGem     Duration: 01:01Published
What The Winklevoss Twins And Bitcoin Have In Common With 'Rocky' [Video]

What The Winklevoss Twins And Bitcoin Have In Common With 'Rocky'

Twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have long held that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook. Now, Gizmodo reports the pair are making a movie about themselves. The film is about how..

Credit: Wochit     Duration: 00:38Published
Rich Ignore Taxes, IRS Does Nothing [Video]

Rich Ignore Taxes, IRS Does Nothing

Rich Ignore Taxes, IRS Does Nothing

Credit: Wochit Entertainment     Duration: 00:27Published
Health department releases names of nursing homes with COVID-19 outbreaks [Video]

Health department releases names of nursing homes with COVID-19 outbreaks

Health department releases names of nursing homes with COVID-19 outbreaks

Credit: WAPT     Duration: 01:50Published
MSDH to name LTC facilities reporting COVID-19 outbreaks [Video]

MSDH to name LTC facilities reporting COVID-19 outbreaks

Mississippi State Department of Health will release names of long-term care facilities with COVID-19 cases.

Credit: WAPT     Duration: 01:58Published
Back to the Future for Western Union and MoneyGram? [Video]

Back to the Future for Western Union and MoneyGram?

With both Western Union and MoneyGram eying the digital-currency age, investors are betting the buck will stop with a tie-up.

Credit: The Street     Duration: 02:01Published
Facebook Rebrands Cryptocurrency Wallet [Video]

Facebook Rebrands Cryptocurrency Wallet

Facebook announced today that it would be completely rebranding the wallet for its long-anticipated cryptocurrency—perhaps in an attempt to shake off its troubled reputation. “Today, we’re..

Credit: Wochit     Duration: 00:33Published
Suspects Wanted In Bitcoin Machine Theft [Video]

Suspects Wanted In Bitcoin Machine Theft

It happened Tuesday, May 19, around 11 a.m.

Credit: CBS 3 Philly     Duration: 00:21Published
Villain movie clip - Botched Robbery [Video]

Villain movie clip - Botched Robbery

Villain movie clip - Botched Robbery - Plot synopsis: After being released from prison, ex-con Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass) wants nothing more than to start a new life. However, his dreams of..

Credit: Teaser Trailer     Duration: 01:10Published
Wisconsin DHS works to release list of nursing homes with COVID-19 investigations [Video]

Wisconsin DHS works to release list of nursing homes with COVID-19 investigations

State Health officials are still working to assemble a list of specific long-term care facilities that they are actively investigating for COVID-19 outbreaks.

Credit: TODAY’S TMJ4     Duration: 01:58Published
What you need to know about Bitcoin halving [Video]

What you need to know about Bitcoin halving

The halvening is almost upon us.

Credit: Mashable     Duration: 01:23Published

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Bitcoin Undo Button & Fleeing Firms: Bad Crypto News of the Week

bitcoin undo button & fleeing firms: bad crypto news of the week
Check out this week’s Bad Crypto podcast.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin Stagnates, Criminals Targeted, $288K Prediction: Hodler’s Digest, June 29–July 5

bitcoin stagnates, criminals targeted, $288k prediction: hodler’s digest, june 29–july 5
Bitcoin is struggling to punch through stubborn resistance at $9,300, and a Russian court has effectively ruled BTC theft is not a crime.
The Cointelegraph - Published

3 Reasons Why Bloomberg Calling Bitcoin a ‘Resting Bull’ Is Inaccurate

3 reasons why bloomberg calling bitcoin a ‘resting bull’ is inaccurate
A recent Bloomberg report says Bitcoin is a resting bull but improperly interprets key metrics to paint a bullish case for BTC.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week: BTC, NEO, TRX, XTZ, VET

top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: btc, neo, trx, xtz, vet
Bitcoin and most altcoins are witnessing selling at every minor rally, increasing the possibility of a dip in the short-term.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin Price Analyst Says This Can Prevent a Big BTC Drop in Q3 2020

bitcoin price analyst says this can prevent a big btc drop in q3 2020
The price of Bitcoin dropped below $9,000 for the second time in one week but the uptrend of BTC can be sustained despite a historically bearish Q3.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin Price Consolidating But What Happens if $9K Support Is Lost?

bitcoin price consolidating but what happens if $9k support is lost?
Several signs are pointing to a new bear market for Bitcoin as mining chip manufacturers are feeling the pinch from the halving and the global economic downturn.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bored With Bitcoin? This BTC Price Level Is Key for a Big Breakout

bored with bitcoin? this btc price level is key for a big breakout
The price of Bitcoin is consolidating below $9,300 but this isn’t necessarily bearish as a major breakout may be in the works.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Vitalik: We Underestimated How Long Proof-of-Stake and Sharding Would Take to Complete

vitalik: we underestimated how long proof-of-stake and sharding would take to complete
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin mentioned looking back at Ethereum’s development.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Price Analysis 7/3: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, BNB, EOS. CRO

price analysis 7/3: btc, eth, xrp, bch, bsv, ltc, ada, bnb, eos. cro
Bitcoin and many altcoins are struggling to rise above the 20-day EMA, suggesting bears have the advantage in the short-term.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Kraken’s Head of Business: ‘Bitcoin Could Go to $1,000,000‘

kraken’s head of business: ‘bitcoin could go to $1,000,000‘
Kraken Head of Business Dan Held explains why he believes Bitcoin could reach $1,000,000.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Here’s How to Expand Who Contributes to Bitcoin Core

A Bitcoin Core dev and her exchange partner discuss Bitcoin and privacy and how to incentivize more developers to contribute to the protocol.
Coindesk - Published

Law Decoded: Independence Day Sees Challenges to Privacy, Property and Security, June 26–July 3

law decoded: independence day sees challenges to privacy, property and security, june 26–july 3
Bitcoin isn’t property under new Russian ruling while authorities in the U.S. and the EU challenge encrypted networks in this week’s Law Decoded.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Ethereum DeFi Broke Records in June, But Other Categories Are Suffering

ethereum defi broke records in june, but other categories are suffering
Ethereum’s 2020 DeFi boom came at the cost of its gaming ecosystem.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Vitalik Buterin Uses Questionable Historical Comparison to Explain Crypto Tribalism

vitalik buterin uses questionable historical comparison to explain crypto tribalism
The Ethereum co-founder cites an unlikely source to explain blockchain in-fighting.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Money Reimagined: Bitcoin and Ethereum Are a DeFi Double Act

With bitcoin increasingly riding on Ethereum's rails, we're about to see greater complementarity between the top two blockchains.
Coindesk - Published

Ripple Likely Sold XRP in an Unregistered Securities Offering

ripple likely sold xrp in an unregistered securities offering
The former CFTC chair’s analysis stating that Ripple’s XRP is not a security might be wrong.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin’s Price Correlation With S&P 500 Hits Record Highs

Bitcoin's correlation with the S&P 500 is somewhat erratic, but the relationship has just got stronger. That may not be bad news.
Coindesk - Published

Set Your Alarms: Most Bitcoin Is Now Traded During These Hours

set your alarms: most bitcoin is now traded during these hours
The start of trading in New York appears to impact Bitcoin volatility much more than other stock markets.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Crypto Investment App B21 Expands to India

The Gibraltar-based company said the move was prompted by rising consumer interest and trading volumes in the nation after a ban on banking services for cryptocurrency firms was lifted.
Coindesk - Published

Bitcoin 90-Day Active Supply Soars to Pre-2017 Bull Run Level: Report

bitcoin 90-day active supply soars to pre-2017 bull run level: report
An on-chain metric which has been declining since 2017 is now signaling a bullish trend, analysts from Stack Funds say.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Stock in Crypto Mining Firms Riot and Hive Massively Outperforms Bitcoin

stock in crypto mining firms riot and hive massively outperforms bitcoin
While shares in Riot Blockchain and Hive Blockchain eclipse Bitcoin’s YTD gains, other mining firms have not fared so well — with Canaan crashing nearly 70%.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Tech Entrepreneur Offers Bitcoin Bounty in Campaign Against Vox

tech entrepreneur offers bitcoin bounty in campaign against vox
Balaji Srinivasan has promised a $1000 BTC bounty to anyone who can get Recode’s Kara Swisher to retract a story on COVID-19.
The Cointelegraph - Published

BCH Backer Claims Bitcoin Wallet Double-Spend Issue Hasn’t Been Fixed

bch backer claims bitcoin wallet double-spend issue hasn’t been fixed
BRD, Ledger Live, and Edge are among the wallets vulnerable to a new double-spend exploit, but some believe the vulnerability is inherent to Bitcoin itself.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin's Current Price Impacted By Miners? It's Possible, Analytics Company Says

bitcoin's current price impacted by miners? it's possible, analytics company says
Bitcoin’s recent price action could relate to miner selling.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Traders Brace for Big Drop as Bitcoin Dips Below $9K for Seventh Time

traders brace for big drop as bitcoin dips below $9k for seventh time
The price of Bitcoin briefly dropped below $9,000. The weakening of a key support level may lead to a bigger drop.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Briefly Breaks Below $9K, but Markets Remain Comatose

Bitcoin briefly broke below $9,000 on Thursday, but the markets remain quiet.
Coindesk - Published

Elon Musk Says He Isn’t Building Anything on Ethereum

elon musk says he isn’t building anything on ethereum
Tesla’s CEO does not own any Ethereum, but he isn’t against the platform.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin Miners Saw 23% Revenue Drop in June

Bitcoin mining revenue dropped 23% in June to approximately $380 million.
Coindesk - Published

Amazon CEO Bezos Now Has More Money Than Bitcoin’s Market Cap

amazon ceo bezos now has more money than bitcoin’s market cap
Jeff Bezos is worth more than all Bitcoin in circulation, but he likely couldn’t buy it all himself.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Venezuela's Madura Shafted From Gold Storage, Self-Sovereign BTC Shines

venezuela's madura shafted from gold storage, self-sovereign btc shines
Venezuela’s Maduro just lost a ruling regarding his supposed gold ownership.
The Cointelegraph - Published

The Word Stimulus Means 'Buy Bitcoin' For This Exec

the word stimulus means 'buy bitcoin' for this exec
The head of business development for blockchain financial services outfit, Unchained Capital, flees to Bitcoin when the government starts talking about stimulus spending.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Austrian Crypto Users Will Soon Be Able to Spend Crypto at 2,500 Locations

austrian crypto users will soon be able to spend crypto at 2,500 locations
Over 2,500 Austrian merchants can now accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 2, 2020

With traditional markets moving up and BTC sticking to its recent tight trading range, Markets Daily is back with another bitcoin news roundup.
Coindesk - Published

Why Isn’t BCH Way More Popular on the Dark Web?

why isn’t bch way more popular on the dark web?
Despite a growing number of advanced privacy features, Bitcoin Cash seems to have fallen out of favor with Dark Web operators.
The Cointelegraph - Published

The IRS Wants to Know More About Privacy-Enhancing Crypto Coins, Tools

America's tax collector is laying the groundwork for a possible assault on privacy-enhancing cryptocurrency technologies.
Coindesk - Published

Sun Sets on Offshore Banking as Assets Worth $11 Trillion Uncovered

sun sets on offshore banking as assets worth $11 trillion uncovered
The three-year old Common Reporting Standard is uncovering offshore assets on a massive scale, highlighting cryptocurrencies as a potential alternative.
The Cointelegraph - Published

TRX in Trouble? Binance Moves $300M Tether From Tron to Ethereum

trx in trouble? binance moves $300m tether from tron to ethereum
Does this week’s 300 million USDT migration from Tron to Ethereum blockchain mean trouble is brewing for TRX?
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin Price Rally by 2021 Looks Likely From Five Fundamental Factors

bitcoin price rally by 2021 looks likely from five fundamental factors
Five key fundamental factors suggest that Bitcoin is preparing for an extended uptrend by 2021.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin Startup Zap Is Working With Visa

Lightning Network startup Zap, Inc. is partnering with Visa to offer the most user-friendly bitcoin services since Cash App.
Coindesk - Published

How Bitcoin Is Like Ham Radio

Bitcoin is decentralized, good in an emergency, supported by passionate fans and not likely ever to see mainstream adoption, says our columnist.
Coindesk - Published

Chainlink Expected to Spend $25M More on Development Than Ethereum

chainlink expected to spend $25m more on development than ethereum
According to the latest report from Flipside Crypto, Chainlink is expected to spend $20 million more than Ethereum on ecosystem development this year.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Data Startup Wants to Rank Every Cryptocurrency Product From Media to Wallets

data startup wants to rank every cryptocurrency product from media to wallets
Nomics wants to provide an algorithmic ranking for every cryptocurrency product category from wallets to crypto media outlets.
The Cointelegraph - Published

After Years of Resistance, BitPay Adopts SegWit for Cheaper Bitcoin Transactions

Payments processor BitPay has added support for SegWit, three years after a competing block size proposal fractured the Bitcoin community.
Coindesk - Published

Tesla Stock Surpasses $1,200 — Now 30% Higher Than Bitcoin Market Cap

tesla stock surpasses $1,200 — now 30% higher than bitcoin market cap
The stock price of Tesla surpassed $1,200 in pre-market, and is now 30% higher than the market cap of Bitcoin.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Blockchain Explorer to Educate Users With a Bitcoin Transaction Privacy Score

blockchain explorer to educate users with a bitcoin transaction privacy score
Multi-blockchain explorer Blockchair has added a privacy score for each Bitcoin transaction with the goal of educating users on how to not reveal themselves.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Major Tesla investor thinks Bitcoin’s market cap will be 10% of gold’s by 2025’

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the..
The Next Web - Published

Bitcoin, Stocks at Risk as Dr. Fauci Predicts 100K Daily New COVID Cases

bitcoin, stocks at risk as dr. fauci predicts 100k daily new covid cases
Stocks and Bitcoin prices could correct sharply if Dr. Anthony Fauci’s dire coronavirus warning plays out.
The Cointelegraph - Published

All Inflation? In Bitcoin Terms, Stocks Never Recovered From Covid-19

all inflation? in bitcoin terms, stocks never recovered from covid-19
Bitcoin and gold denominated stock market performance wipes out almost any hint of recovery since March.
The Cointelegraph - Published

S2F Bitcoin Price Prediction Model as Accurate as Astrology, Says Exec

s2f bitcoin price prediction model as accurate as astrology, says exec
Before crypto analyst PlanB released another ‘red dot’ for its stock-to-flow chart, critics of the prediction model were voicing skepticism.
The Cointelegraph - Published

Crypto Lender BlockFi Says Monthly Revenue Up 100% After Bitcoin Halving User Boost

BlockFi said it's seen a surge in revenue since the bitcoin halving and the launch of its mobile app.
Coindesk - Published

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