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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 16, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 16, 2019

Midmorning With Aundrea - May 16, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, we continue our focus on Mental Health Awareness Month.

Counselor Wendie Woods joins us to talk about mental health disorders in older adults.


Midmorning With Aundrea - May 16, 2019

>> thank you to my mental illness and the anging population.

We're talking about it just ahead.

And, rembring legendary comic tim conway.

Plus, another recipe from an muw culinary ararts student.

Midmorning starts right now.

're epin we're keeping the conversation going on mental health throughout the month of may.

Today, we're focusing on the aging population.

Older adults may develop mental disorders, neurological disorders - even substance use problems. counselor wendie woods from christian changes counseling and recovery center is back.

Re rebecca hall >> so here it could be a range of issues of such abuse should we ... health and family i hope the professional help ... people in the individual agent category are not as excepting of going in to get help they think that if the phase of life to be held ... only increase their studio eliminating depression ... we do for you are using the so well with older people older people you don't have to talk situation that you don't have any control over we get older we decline and save the children they don't have control over there to environment we do sometimes talk about exercising and eating way by in the cognitive area counseling definitely helps ... a t a lot of people start to think about things like dementia and alzheimer's dementia is a form of carbon decline it is diagnosed by the physician it is at least to the three areas that impact your day life skills there is no test for alzheimer's is the criteria alzheimer's can be slow down with the progression of four people that you may see the tv suffering from dementia what kind of counseling do you do for them ... do not argue with the individual that is dementia or alzheimer's reason you're not supposed to is because it creates more stress ... they are seen this guy is purple not going to harm you to look at the i you might want to point out that it is not ... the art ... it just makes everyone more frustrated when either ... what do we thinkadvocacy groups say 1 in 5 people will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime.

Jamie yuccas shows us how one northern california teacher is encouraging students to be more open about their own struggles- through a simple exercise.

Alright, i'm going to start at the top of page 84.

It's a good place to start in a traditional language arts lesson.

But for erin castillo's students... classwork like this... quickly turns into a discussion on mental health.

While you do that - i'm also going to have you do the check in on the poster today&amp;.

The poster... castillo's own creation... is a way for students to share their feelings -- a visual representation of how her class is doing emotionally.

I already checked in this morning.

I actually put my post it on&amp; i'm one of the ones who put my post it on struggling.

Kids write their name or initials on the back of a post-it note and stick it to the board.

Castillo then pulls aside any student who puts their name in one of the bottom categories.

Something that's really huge is the stigma around mental health // of just people not feeling comfortable sharing where they really are // and a lot of my students were like, well that's just how the world is, and that's heartbreaking to hear.

Was this a driver your entire life - that you wanted to do something like this to help kids?


// actually i went here my freshman year and i witnessed a stabbing.

// my mom could vouch that i would cry a lot after school and i just felt like i was kind of invisible to a lot of my teachers and part of that was i never talked about it... because i didn't feel comfortable talking about it, because no one encouraged me to talk about it!

Now kids in áherá class say the check-ins&amp; and activities like this sharing circle&amp; have helped them open up about everything from battling depression to trouble at home.

This class feels like a family cause like -- we can be more comfortable towards each other.

Once i, you know, came out from that dark place and i started to open up more and more and more, i feel you know my life has been so much betteráá castillo says these activities have not only made her class more empathetic and kind&amp; they've also made them better students.

Their grades have gone up this year, their self-esteem has gone up, they're believing in themselves.

In analyzing similar "socia and emotional learning" programs involving more than 270- thousand kids&amp; researchers found their grades improved by 11 percent.

Now castillo's message is going viral.

After posting the board for her more than 27- thousand instagram followers, dozens of teachers&amp; some as far away as new zealand&amp; have created their own versions.

"any kids ou there.// i'm encouraging you to be like me.

I'm encouraging you to talk to your teachers."

Castillo hopes these little notes will continue to make a big difference.

I think giving up that little bit of time to make sure that we are there to say to our students i am here for you - i care about you..

You today?

// i think this could be a way to change the world to go in a new direction and hopefully we get to a place where everyone can talk about where they're at.

For cbs this morning, jamie yuccas, fremont, california.

Up next, a highly contagious disease that people in the starkville area should know about - for your pets.

Mid morning will be right back.

Thcani the canine distemper virus has resurfaced in starkville.

Starkville pd reports that of the three wild raccoons captured within city limits recently, two of them have tested positive for the virus.

Cash matlock talks with area animal experts about what you can do to protect your pet.

"i've probably only seen tw distemper cases in the last five years, so this is actually pretty scary."

Dr. karen emerson operates emerson animal hospital in west point.

She says the recent outbreak of distemper virus in starkville should be a concern for area pet owners.

"the distemper viru resembles the measles virus in people.

Basically, there's a lot of hosts out there.

There's raccoons, there's weasels, there's foxes, coyotes, all those different types of animals carry the distemper virus."

Starkville animal control says the city has a large raccoon population, and those raccoons are causing the issue.

"what happens is a fe infected raccoons can come around and show up with a disease, which is distemper.

It normally effects the canine variety."

Dr. emerson says pet owners who feed their animals outside are especially vulnerable.

"where you're going to fee your animals-- try to have it elevated.

Have it in a contained area like an outdoor cage, like if you have them in a fenced in back yard.

Once you feed your animal, pick them back up.

Do not leave out the food bowls because that attract the wild life to come.

The distemper virus is shed through secretions, but if you vaccinate your dogs, you can leave the food bowls out."

And contracting the virus can sometimes be a death sentence for your pet.

"if your dog is between th ages of 2 and 6 months, they could die from it.

Even older, they start showing really critical signs.

They'll start actually having secretions come out of their nose.

They may start having seizure-like activity.

They'll start being really lethargic and depressed, so it's very, very serious.

Pet owners have been lucky --- so far.

"there haven't been any do cases, but the important thing is to keep your dogs up on their vaccinations.

It is 100 percent preventable."

"if you feed wildlife, you'r risking your pet's life."

The third raccoon was picked up for suspicious distemper-like behavior and is currently being tested for the virus.

You may remember this-- arizona teachers went on strike just over a year ago to fight for increased funding for their schools and better pay.

Carter evans visited a second grade class in phoenix where one teacher's message resonated with a complete stranger thousands of miles away, who thousands of miles away, who decided to help.

The school year is coming to a close at "whispering win academy" in phoenix.

But fo the very first time,lisabeth milich isn't digging into her own pocket to purchase supplies for her second grade class.

"to have dr erase markers - unbelievable.

Have this much paper at the end of the year, it's "ahh, i'm s excited!!"

Natsot -striking teachers in arizona arizona teachers have some of the lowest salaries in the country...just one of the reasons they went on strike last year.

Elisabeth milich posted her frustrations on facebook, sharing her salary of just over thirty-five thousand dollars a year..a grand of which she spends on her classroom.

And i think it just kind of snapped for me like, "i make s little money, and yet have to outfit my entire room."

There's no supply closet you can go get scotch tape?


There's no paper clips?


I mean how are you supposed to do your job without these things?

So i'm at walmart buying my own garbage can for my classroom.

And i'm laughing as i'm pushing the cart, 'cause i'm like, "only teacher would have a giant garbage can for their classroom that they're buying out of their own pocket."

Her post went viral...and in new york city, it caught the eye of ben adam, who works in real estate.

He sent milich a message.

It just said, "ha anybody offered to buy your class supplies?"

And i thought, "well, that's a odd message."

And so i responded, "thank you fo reaching out.


/ reached out to me again and said, "i would lik to buy any supplies you might need for the beginning of the school year."

//there's gotta be a catch!

There wasn't.

I felt that for very little i can do a lot of good and i can feel good about it.

The daily struggles of so many educators struck a nerve with ben.

Of course, that good feeling is contagious and a few months later i wanted to have the feeling again.

//and asked if she needed more supplies for the following semester.

And that's what started the ball rolling.

Amazon boxes started arriving in my classroom.

And i'm like, "o my goodness.

This is crazy."/ who is this guy?

I know.

He's like, the best.


Then six weeks ago, ben wentone step further.

He built a "classroo giving" websit where.

Teachers post supplies they need, and donors from anywhere in the country can help pay for them.

This is like a wedding registry meets secret santa, and there is no commitment.

In just the past two weeks, the website has blown up.

275 teachers from 31 states have requested supplies.

So far 37 have had their wish lists filled.

Pictures and notes from grateful teachers and kids are already pouring in.

Give 'em a box, it's like christmas for them!

From paints and crayons to novels, mrs milich told her students they were all gifts from their "ne york friend."

What did you think when you found out this guy from new york was giving you all this stuff?

I thought he was a hero.

I think i know he's rich.

No no absolutely not.

I am not a wealthy man.

I own a small business but i also work.

I know that he's very generous and kind.

I would do anything to meet him and say thank you.

I'm like, "i jus wanna give him a hug."

I don't kno if he's a hugger but i just wanna hug him, ha ha ha no doubt it would be a bear- sized hug.

But for now, elisabeth and the kids will go with a heart-felt thank you to the guy who's in a class of his own.

For cbs this morning, carter evans, phoenix arizona.

Funny man tim conway is gone.

But his work still makes us laugh.

A look at his life next on mid morning.

Sitimemm six time emmy- winner tim conway, best known for his co-starring role on "the caro burnett show" has died at the age of 85 after a long illness.

Chris martinez looks at his career.

Why did you paint my hand yellow?

Because that's the color you bought.

For 11 seasons, tim conway's off beat comedy -- " guess i could paint the word stop and be a crossing guard -- cracked up audiences on "the caro burnett show."

Many of his biggest laughs came when teamed with straight man harvey korman in skits that showed off his improvisational and physical comedy skills.

Hk: "and that' the way it was 200 years ago.

Tc: no, that's the way it was 200 years ago.

He won three of his six emmys for his performances on the variety show.

In a statement, carol burnett said she was heartbroken.

He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a loving human being.

Mchale's navy " like the cut of your jib.

Oh thanks my tailor&amp; conway first gained fame on the t.v.

Series mchale's navy, playing a straight-laced officer in a group of whacky sailors set during world war two.

He also starred in a number of movies, including 1981's "th private eyes", film he wrote and starred in along with don knotts.

In his later years conway continued to act, winning two emmys and new fans for guest appearances on sitcoms coach and 30 rock.

In 2002, conway and korman were inducted into the academy of television arts and sciences hall of fame.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

Conway won his sixth emmy for writing for the carol burnett show.

When we come back - how to make a cupcake.

I can't wait.

Mid morning returns in a moment.

Re'so ca here's to cake in all its forms. sheet cake, layer cake, cake pops.

And one of my favorites - cupcakes.

Our muw chef in training franco lopes is in the kitchen.

We'll be right am franco.

I am from brazil.

I am a history major but beca use i love baking, i am taking some classes at muw.

I am talking about 3 cupcakes this one is the brazil cupcake this is the japanese cupcake this is the american cupcake.

It has a lot of chocolate one of the things that i want to tell you is that you can use the same cake but change the frosting and filling im going to talk about how to frost a cupcake something that you might not know, this is quava based im going to decorate the cupcakes with cashews and mustache you could make a face im putting one strawberry and a japanese treat that i got from a supermarket i will also put an umbrella i have some pecans, very southern and mickey mouse out of french toast now we have all of them decorated now we can put them on cake stands.

Its all about having fun with it.

For the three different country cupcakes if you dont have a cake stand, you can use any box we are going to take a few and put them on here you can use just about anything cupcakes are easy to present hope you enjoy it theext on the next midmorning.

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