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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Tuesday Morning Sprint

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Tuesday Morning Sprint
Tuesday Morning Sprint

The MMSD school board approved a new contract for school officers at its meeting Monday night.

Morning sprint as we help get you ready for your tuesday.

We start at the state capitol ... where a couple of state budget proposals could affect your wallet.

State republicans are planning to include a roughly 400- million-dollar middle class tax cut in their state budget proposal.

Senate majority leader scott fitzgerald says republicans want to "hit that tax cut number" before finishing committee work on the budget this week.

The joint finance committee plans to finish its work on the budget thursday, before sending it to governor tony evers to sign..

There are two different plans on how to pay to fix wisconsin's roads.

Governor evers' gas-tax increase could cost you about 49 dollars a year.

Under the republican plan..

Wisconsin residents would have to pay 10 dollars more each year in registration fees... and 95 more for title fees.

Democrats argue the gas tax increase would also target out-of- state drivers.

The school board approved a new contract for the school officers at its meeting last night .

The contract allows the district to cut one s-r-o from any high school over the next 3 years the board's new president says she feels the deal is a good compromise ... and a step toward eventually taking the officers out of schools altogether.

Today: increasing cloudiness with a chance for showers and thunderstorms late in the day.

High: 74 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. low: 56 wind: s 5-10 mph a house committee will vote this week on whether attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross should be held in contempt of congress.

Some lawmakers are backing away from that threat, though, after the justice department agreed to share key evidence from the russia investigation.

Others still say the two didn't comply with subpoenas investigating the 20-20 u-s census.

A judge in missouri has ruled the state's only abortion clinic will keep operating.

The judge issued an order that says the planned parenthood clinic in st.

Louis will stay open while a fight over its license moves through the court.

Planned parenthood called the decision a victory.

The national transportation safety board is going to start looking into yesterday's fatal helicopter crash in new york city.

The helicopter was traveling within the heavily restricted airspace around trump tower, where no aircraft is allowed below 3-thousand-feet.

That's where it went down on top of a 54-story building in midtown manhattan, killing the pilot.

Officials are saying the crash seems to be an accident and not terror related.

American airlines is now canceling all of its 737-max flights through labor day.

The company says all 24 of its boeing 7-37 max planes are grounded through september third.

That's about 115 flights a day.

The entire boeing 7-37 max fleet has been grounded since march after a software issue caused two deadly crashes.

Boeing says the software has been fixed, but federal agencies still need to sign off on it.

Future farmers are celebrating industry traditions here in the state while looking ahead to the future.

The 90th wisconsin f-f-a convention is happening here at the alliant energy through thursday.

It's also the 50th year women have been welcomed into the organization.

The wisconsin association of f-f-a has more than 20 thousand members and 250 chapters ... which promote agricultural education for students.

The young aspiring farmers we spoke with say despite a rough few years in the dairy and farming industry in general ... they're determined to make this their career ... and are looking toward new opportunities including in agriculture technology.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

The westbound beltline looking at delays already starting at the interstate and there is a lane shift near stoughton road causing things to jam up as it continues to get busier.

A few brakelights on inbound john nolen near rimrock and olin ave as you move into downtown.

And other routes heading into madison are cruising at the posted speeds with no crashes or delays.

With your first alert traffic, i'm josh timm today: increasing cloudiness with a chance for showers and thunderstorms late in the day.

High: 74 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. low: 56 wind: s 5-10 mph

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