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Monday, 18 January 2021

Gulfport shooting suspect pleads guilty

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Gulfport shooting suspect pleads guilty
Gulfport shooting suspect pleads guilty

A capital murder suspect accused of shooting a Gulfport teenager then fleeing to New Mexico appeared in court this morning.

- a capital murder suspect accuse- of shooting a gulfport- teenager then fleeing to mexico- appeared in court this- morning.- d'juan holloway is charged with- capital murder for shooting ray- howze outside a gulfport- convenice store in 2015.- he was later captured in new- mexico after a high speed chase- and shootout with police.

- he spent a year behind bars in- new mexico and was brought- back into mississippi in 20-- 16.

- this morning in a harrison- county court room holloway plea- guilty to that capital murder - charge in exchange for a- life sentence.- holloway will carry out that- sentence at the mississippi - state - penitentiary and has no chance- at the possibility of parole, - probation or early release.

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