Junteenth celebration held in midtown

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Junteenth celebration held in midtown

Junteenth celebration held in midtown

Community members gathered for a celebration that commemorates the realization of freedom for African American slaves.

It was a celebration in midtown today, as community members gathered to commemorate juneteenth.

Kq2's ron johnson takes us to john lucas park to see how community members honored the tradition.

<<ron johnson reporting celebrating freedom[kimberly warren] yes, well you know its a celebration of emancipation proclamationthat was the main reason the midtown community gathered at john lucas park.

[durell fane] ...and you know we have a right to be free just like everyone else.

The area was packed with people celebrating juneteenth, a week-long event commemorating the realization of freedom for african american slaves centuries ago.[stacy davis] juneteenth for me is us being free, word of mouth coming and letting those people who are still living in captivity know they also are free.organizers of this year's celebration gave attendees the opportunity to express that freedom, showcasing the strengths of the community in a talent show.

[kimberly warren] you know playing an instrument dance whatever it is we need to empower they gathered for today's celebration those we spoke with still admit the fight for full freedom is ongoing[durell fane] even though we're free we still go through things that puts us down on the totem pole [stacy davis] we as a people are still what my kids would call free-ish they say the power to change minds for the better and make way down the road to real freedom starts from within[kimberly warren] that's what true freedom is economic development, graduating fulfilling your dreams but not waiting for anybody to do it for you.

Ron johnson kq2 news>> stacy davis was the winner of today's talent show -- she took home the grand prize of $100.

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