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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

06-16-19 11 pm

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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06-16-19 11 pm
06-16-19 11 pm
Lexington, KY.

C1 3 the firing of a lieutenant governor's staffer..

And police find stolen items..

And a baby fawn..

Weekend open hello and happy fathers day!

I'm ryan schmelz... it's great to have you with us for abc 36 news at 11..

We've been tracking thunderstorms all night long..

Let's send things over to meteorologist george zabrecky..

Who's been very busy this evening..

### with the severe weather comes many power outages across the c1 3 bluegrass..

Right now kentucky utilities outages map shows just under 14 hundred homes without power..

Georgetown-scott county emergency medical services are struggling to find and keep paramedics.

- but a new program has been created to try and fix the problem.

Abc36's alexus larson tells us more.

"georgetown scott county ems is in need of paramedics.

To be exact - they need to hire 4.

They are hoping new incentives will encourage their current emts to take that next step."

Benjamin bradford is an emt in scott county.

He wants to become a paramedic and just recently started training.

"i was required to put several thousand dollars up front."

A certified paramedic program can cost around six thousand dollars - and that price tag can be the difference in someone becoming a paramedic.

The scott county ems director recognizes this and proposed a program that would help pay for their emts training.

The scott county fiscal court approved on friday that the county will pay three thousand dollars up front for emts to get training.

Then paramedics will get an additional one thousand dollars each year for three years if they stay in scott county.

"we hope that we can guarantee that we will have the staffing available to serve our community."

Bradford says this program will improve his quality of life while he trains because he won't have monthly payments to worry about.

"this is an investment in their people."

The ems director says he has two emts already in training and four more that are interested.

It's his hope with this new program they will stay - and people like bradford are confident it will.

"this will absolutely keep me here.

I'm sure of it."

In scott county, alexus larson, abc36 news.

### a baby deer was just one of the many things state police found during a robbery arrest in knox county..

It all happened when state police arrested samuel owens after he was accused of breaking into several homes along ky 15-30..

State police says fish and wildlife were called after finding the fawn in the back of a pickup truck with other stolen items..

Now, ksp is asking for the public's help to find the owner of two cattle gates..

The other items owens is accused of stealing were returned to the owners..

Owens is charged with dui, burglary, holding wildlife without a permit and other charges..

### lexington police accuse a man of robbing and threatening his grandmother..

According to lexington police..

29-year-old rodney edwards was arrested friday after police say he injured his grandmother while robbing her on thursday..

Police also say he threatened her if she were to call the police to report him..

He's charged with robbery and intimidating a witness..

#### more cases of vandalism have been reported in the meadowthorpe neighborhood..

According to lexington police, over 15 cars were damaged from what appears to be bb guns over the weekend..

Lexington police sent us surveillance video friday after more than a dozen homes and cars were hit by bb gun pellets, breaking several windows..

Police said on friday it's looking for a light colored passenger car..

If you have any information that may be helpful your asked to call lexington police or bluegrass crime stoppers..

#### an update tonight to a tragic story out of laurel county..

After a body was found burning outside a home..

The laurel county coroner's office says billy bowling died of natural causes..

The cause of the fire though is still under investigation..

According to the sheriff's office, this happened on friday at a home on york shire estates road near london..

Bowling was 86- years-old..

#### governor matt bevin's chief of staff says he okay'd the firing of a key aide to lieutenant governor jenean hampton..

The courier journal reports blake brickman said in a statement that adrienne southworth, hampton's aide, repeatedly demonstrated poor judgment..

Saying quote "the bottom line is, southworth was an at-will employee, and i lost all confidence in her ability to faithfully serve the people of the commonwealth."

The firing last month caused hampton to take to twitter and ask for prayers to battle "dark forces" ..

#### back to severe weather, the midwest - getting hit with a major round of it including tornadoes.

And there's more rain and wind to come..

Diane macedo is tracking it for us tonight..

Tonight dangerous weather is slamming texas to the mid atlantic - at least seventeen reported tornadoes in the past twenty four hours... nats boy four of those twisters confirmed in central indiana - nat there's debris everywhere in the air the storms knocked over semi-trailers, as an ef-1 tore through with winds up to 100 mile an hour.

Drone video shows these warehouses torn apart by a tornado.

This group even resorted to seeking shelter inside the freezer of a nearby restaurant.

Sot: i saw all the trees coming down--they told us to come back into the freezer?

Northwest of oklahoma city, you can see this massive tornado illuminated by lightning?

And in kansas flooding stranded cars nat - we got trees coming down in irving?

Now parts of texas are getting slammed for the second time in a week..

With a tornado warning triggering sirens in dallas tag: our weather team tells us dangerous storms could hit from texas to dc and philly in the next few hours?

Diane macedo abc news new york #### we're continuing to track thunderstorms across the bluegrass..

We have your full forecast from george after the break..

Break 1 c1 3 toss to weather the debate over an abortion clinic in indiana..

C1 3 hear from both sides after the break..

Break 2 dozens of protesters in indiana gathered to pr c1 3 federal judge says can stay open... while a legal battle plays out.

Max lewis reports.

More than a 100 anti-abortion activists came out to protest the opening of whole woman's health abortion clinic.

The texas-based clinic is set to open in the coming weeks after a federal judge ruled they could temporarily operate without a license.

Nats "on behalf of texas, i'm sorry y'all are having to take our trash out" several people spoke at the protest, most notably indiana's attorney general curtis hill who is leading the legal battle against the abortion clinic.

Curtis hill/ indiana attorney general: "how anyone can determine that having a clinic of this nature where you use chemicals to abort a child could not impose some type of dangerous concern for a woman's health is beyond me."

Hill criticized the federal judge's decision, saying it circumvents indiana's law.

He acknowledges that abortion is legal, but says he will fight for life.

Curtis hill/ indiana attorney general: "while i'm defending this law i am pro-life i believe in life."

Criticism was also lobbed at mayor pete buttigieg who has supported the clinic opening.

Nats "mayor pete who the lgbt always decrying discrimination right.

So how do you decry discrimination on one hand but then support the most violent form of it on the other hand?"

The crowd then moved outside, standing along the road in front of the clinic, holding up their signs denouncing abortion as murder.

Voice of sharon lau/ whole women's health: "when you know when there are protesters out in front of the clinic that are shouting and holding graphic signs they they claim to be you know if you care about women's health."

Spokesperson for the clinic, sharon lau, says the abortion protesters don't help women who are already making a tough decision.

"when we see patients come into the clinic when they have to walk through a gauntlet of protesters they can have elevated pulse, blood pressure."

The protesters say they will continue to stand outside until the clinic is no more.

#### search crews in wolfe county say a rescue this weekend shows a very important lesson in why you should always let someone know where you go and when you plan on coming back..

According to the wolfe county search and rescue team..

It received a call around 9 last night from a mother who said her son had left their campsite in the afternoon..

After search and rescue sent a team to the area, the younger hikers made it back to camp..

### abc news has an exclusive interview with the president..

What he told george stephenapolis after the break..

Break 3 the abc news special with donald trump set to air tonight z3z3d4d4 z0z z1l1lqz y3y30yd40y y y1l1lqyqy it's tender and flaky on the inside... extra crispy and crunchy on the outside.

It's captain d's new extra crispy seafood.

Extra crispy shrimp.

Extra crispy seaside fillets and more.

It's that scrumptious crunch when the captain is callin'.

Captain d's.

C1 3 time.

Rachel scott has a report with new excerpts from that interview, plus reaction from the democrats.

N unprecedented look at the president of the united states sunday night - abc chief anchor george stephanopoulos spending 30-hours with donald trump.

Over the course of two days- flying with the president on air force one, sitting in on oval office meetings, even riding in his armored vehicle called the beast.

Nats gs/trump: "this is some piece of machinery oh this is amazing."

And accompanying the president to a rally in iowa.

Democratic presidential frontrunner joe biden in the hawk- eye state on the same day.

Sot joe biden "donald trump is trying to take away your protections for pre- existing conditions."

George stephanopolous asking the president about reports that he's trailing biden in the polls.

Sot trump: "well, i don't believe those polls."

Adding - sot trump: "i'm winning everywhere."

Since that interview, the trump administration cutting its ties with the pollsters who may have leaked the results of the poll taken in march.

And mr. trump answering this question.

Gs: your campaign this time around, if foreigners, if russia, if china, if someone else offers you information on opponents, should they accept it or should they call the fbi.

Dt: i think maybe you do both."

Gs: isn't that interference in our elections?

Dt: it's not an interference, if they have information.

I'd think i'd take it.

The comment drawing outrage among democrats, and the president now saying he would also definitely report the information to the fbi.

But the president remaining steadfast about the results of special counsel mueller's investigation of russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible collusion with trump election officials.

Sot trump: "there was no crime.

There was no collusion."

But some democrats supporting impeachment over allegations of obstruction of justice, placing mounting pressure on house speaker nancy pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings.

Sot pelosi "it's not off the table."

Gs: you're not worried about what happens in congress?

Dt: look.

The republicans in the senate, every single one of 'em that i see know this is a witch hunt.

They get it 100%.

The president kick- starting his re- election campaign at a rally in orlando on tuesday.

Daria albinger, abc news, new york.

#### this weekend the men in black are back and on top of the box office..

For the second week in a row though a sequel opened up to mediocre reviews..

Last week it was x- men dark phoenix and secret life of pets 2..

This week men in black international finished with 28 million as the secret life of pets 2 finished at number 2 with 23 million..

Next week all films will be in for some stiff competition..

As toy story returns to theatre's with it's fourth installment..

And it's already receiving excellent reviews..

With a 100% on rotten tomatoes..

### the georgetown police department is calling one their officers a "caped crusader" after saving a baby bat that had fallen from a roof..

The police department says officer teresa hollon contacted the kentucky wildlife rehabilitation center after rescuing the little guy and they will take care of it until it's strong enough to live on its own..

The georgetown police department also wants to remind you to not touch a bat when you see one, because bats can spread rabies..

#### a special fathers day moment between a dad and his son..

The story after the break..

Break 4 is your dad so cool you'd go to college with him?

Well this c1 3 son celebrated father's day as classmates..

And graduates..

Here's world news tonight's weekend anchor tom iiamas..

Music this is the portland state university graduation ceremony that happened today nats "don sheeran" and that's 58 -year- old don sheeran -- graduating.

What makes this a really special father's day for don?

Nats "jacob sheeran" he's gets to graduate with his 23-year-old son jacob.

Both getting engineering degrees.

That's right father and son went to college together.

Jacob sot: "i thought he was crazy at first.i was in middle school when he decided to do it for 22 years, the father of three working as a network technician for a portland communications company.

He decided that instead of retiring he wanted to follow his dream and head back college.

Don sot: "my job is physical and i realize i wouldn't be able to do this in my 70's and i always wanted to be an inventor yes, at 58, don wants to be an inventor, so he set out to get it done.

Nats in engineering room "that's what this top piece is designed to fit."

Forming even stronger bonds with his son - having a class together.

Son: "he actually alerted me that a final was sooner than i thought it was .

But that's not to say it hasn't led to some awkward moments don sot: we had one class together and jacobs's friends were wondering why he was sitting with that old guy!"

Nats outside don " want to go to lunch with me?"

So after 8 years going part time?

Don learned he and jacob would be graduating side by side.

Don sotwhat a wonderful father's day present to get your degree on the same day your son is getting his.

Father and son doing it together father: "congratulations!

On graduating and good luck on your masters.

Son: "congratulations on finally getting out of your 8 years of school."

### the nba champion toronto raptors returned home after winning their first ever nba title..

The raptors defeated the golden state warriors thursday 4 games to 2 in the nba finals..

The warriors had been to 5 straight nba finals under head coach steve kerr and guard steph curry..

The raptors had never been to a finals..

Now their fans are welcoming them home and calling