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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Lafayette business owner talks about process of becoming a citizen

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Lafayette business owner talks about process of becoming a citizen
Lafayette business owner talks about process of becoming a citizen
Lafayette business owner talks about process of becoming a citizen

3 a recent tweet from president donald trump has some people in lafayette nervous about the future of their undocumented friends in the area.the president says starting next week, ice will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have found their way into the united states.a purdue political expert says it's not a likely possibility.i talked with a former illegal immigrant who describes what was like becoming a legal citizen.

3<"it was one of the worst things i've done,"kayla: life is a lot better now for jose garcia.

He's a legal u.s. citizen and owns senor tacos in lafayette."you just have to play the game, that's what they said, i mean you just have to do what they tell you to do,"kayla: garcia's youngest son was three days old when he had to go back to mexico in 2007.

He left his wife and three children in the states as he waited an entire year for citizenship in the us.

Jose: "and other people they went there and they only stayed two weeks and they came back and they just got married and they don't have any kids so the process is different for everybody,"kayla: he understands why his undocumented friends don't want to or just simply can't risk leaving.

He wishes they didn't have to worry about it.

Jose: "if you come to this country and you don't do the right things, i mean you deserve to go back to your country but again, all of the people i know, they have families they are here working for many years,"kayla: president donald trump's recent tweet announcing the process of removing millions of illegal aliens next week have his friends terrified.

Jose: "they worry every day,"jay: "i would not read a lot into this,"kayla: purdue political expert jay mccan believes this tweet was more of a political strategy than an actual plan of action for next week.jay: "the infrastructure is not there for that, congress has not authorized any money to make that happen, if it did happen there would be let's imagine enormous push back,"kayla: isabel garcia is so thankful her dad made the sacrifice to become a citizen when she was just three years old.isabel: "i don't remember anything and i don't think i could have understood anything when i was that young,"kayla: but she understands now and recommends it to other families living in fear of deportation.isabel: "it will help you and your family grow too, not just you,"> 3 immigration was a theme of president donald trump's campaign in 2016.mccann says he most certainly is expected to ramp it up again heading into the 2020 election.


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