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WCBI News at Six - Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

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WCBI News at Six - Saturday, June 22nd, 2019
WCBI News at Six - Saturday, June 22nd, 2019
WCBI News at Six - Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Medi good evening and thank you for joing us.

I'm cash matlock.

And i'm rylie livingston.

The driver of an 18 wheel truck hauling dirt was transported to och following a morning accident in oktibbeha county.

The accident happened on old highway 25 at poorhouse road.

Witnesses tell wcbi the driver of the 18 wheeler was headed north.

That's when the driver of a utility pick up truck apparently turned in front of him.

The 18 wheeler, in an apparent attempt to avoid a collision, ran off the road, hitting a tree where the driver was trapped.

Volunteer fire coordinator kirk rosenhan says the oktibbeha county district 5 volunteer fire department responded to the call, freeing the driver.

The oktibbeha county sheriff's department worked the scene.

A hazmat crew along with the oktibbeha county road crew were also on scene, cleaning up the debris and an apparent diesel spill.

The driver of the pick up was not injured.

The past few years have brought a change in mississippi state athletics.

The name msu is getting national recognition.

And even though fans are still feeling the schools most recent loss, their looking on the bright side.

Our stephanie poole has the story.

Mississippi state athletics has been apart of the national table year after year.

But it hasn't always been that way.

Athletic teams have worked tirelessly ,giving the university a name in baseball, football, and basketball.

Charlie oyler has been a bulldog fan most of his life and says the perspective of msu athletics has changed.

" when i had graduated fro state, back then if was a great year if we just went to a bowl game or go to the nit something like that and now we're consisently competing at a national level across multiple sports ."

And more fans are feeling the same way.

" seeing us beat uconn wa amazing and just going to the sweet sixteen, final four, the college world series this year."

Bulldog fan james benson says it's not only the motivation that's changed- it's the fans.

"the fan base is becoming a-lo stronger i've noticed just in starkville and on campus.

I feel like we are like closer now.

The students and all the fans who come for the games, it's just one big happy family."

Mississippi state university athletics has seen its triumphs...and its defeats.

But one thing seems to remain the same- respect.

"people don't look a mississippi state as an easy win.

They're not looking at the schedule and going ahead marking it a w.

That's the way it was for a-lot of years."

Reporting in oktibbeha county, stephanie poole,wcbi news.

Those bulldog fans say they are eager for the upcoming season to cheer on their dawgs once again.

Earlier this afternoon, some strong to severe storms swept through parts of north mississippi and west alabama.

Take a look at this video from sadie cranford which shows a funnel cloud hovering over parts of marshall county.

The national weather service says that while the atmospheric conditions for a tornado were overall unfavorable, they did say this was a confirmed funnel cloud.

You can see the strong rotation as it passes overhead.

No damage has been reported in the area.

Strong storms continue to push through parts of northeast mississippi and west alabama this evening.

Let's turn things over to meteorologist jacob dickey with a first look at the forecast.

First look some strong to severe storms are possible over the next few days.

Scattered pop- up summer storms may have the chance to be a bit strong at times.

We're also going to watch out for the potential for a storm complex or two drifting in from the west sunday night juneteenth might be over but some communities are still celebrating.

Today gum tree park was the site of a parade and festival celebrating the historic day.

On june 19th 1865 union troops arrived in galveston texas to tell people that the civil war had ended several months earlier and the slaves had been freed since president abraham lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation on january 1, 1863.

Unfortunately word didn't reach texas where many slaves owners took their slaves in order to hold on to them longer.

Tupelo councilman nettie davis says it is an important time for all americans to remember.

"slavery is not a good thin for anybody.

And it's a way of keeping control of people, keeping them in bondage.

And being free to do what you feel in your thinking in your everyday life is a blessing when you have that to do it."

46 states including mississippi as well as the district of columbia officially recognize juneteenth as either a state holiday or a ceremonial day of observance.

Tupelo wasn't the only ones rembering juneteenth.

A celebration took place in east oktibha county today as well.

A festival that not only means fun for everyone, but a historical significance as well our tyler hull was able to join in on the festivities.

Malvin dailey says commemorating juneteenth is a way to rember those who paved the way.

Dailey was among the dozens attending a celebration marking the emancipation of the last remaing slaves in the confederacy.

"to me juneteenth means a tim of coming together friends family celebrating all of the things that our ancestors made possible for us" saturday's event brought people from the east oktibbeha and surrounding communities together for food, fun, and fellowship.

But the historical significance was the main focus.

"it's all the memories and th freedom that they've given us" saturday's celebration was held at the former moor high school and jacqueline ellis says this event brought alumni back home to reminisce and reconnect.

"the alumni from the 55 year that we've been here are totally responsible for this."

In oktibbeha county, tyler hull wcbi news.

The celebration is called juneteenth because the last of the former slaves did not receive word of being free until the middle of june starkville residents come together to fight alzheimers.

Hundreds of people showed up to the starkville sportsplex today to participate in "the longest day event.

The event gets it's name from yesterday and today being the start of the summer solstice and therefore having the most hours of sunlight all year.

Dozens of vendors were in attendance with information on everything from healthy food, to essential oils, to just plain ole shopping.

Event coordinator candace williams said the event is to honor her mother, who passed away from the disease in april, and everyone else currently battling alzheimers.

"well we did a panel thi morning and we dealt with spiritual, mental, and physical health all in one.

We just want them to take a lot of wealth out.

What i did is i just brought my world and my momma's world together because i'm into health and she loves to shop, so i just brought the two worlds together."

Williams says she hopes people leave the event with ambition to better themselves health wise.

Vo in monitor for the past two years, we've been bringing you updates on 10- year-old lila usry's battle with lukemia.

Now, lila is getting ready to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

Friends, family, and community members gathered today in west point to show their support for lila with a blood drive.

They say they want to help lila while also spreading awareness to the community about transfusions and transplants.

Lila usry has been fighting a long and hard battle with lukemia for the past few years.

"just out of the blue a lukemi diagnosis.

They quickly flew up to mayo and were there for a full year almost receiving chemo treatment and she was cleared and came home and was home for about six months and relapsed."

And that relapse is what has people gathering together from all over the golden triangle.

"she is at st.

Jude hospital no undergoing chemo therapy and body radiation to have a bone marrow transplant, so obviously with that she's going to need blood.

That's why we're doing a blood drive here today."

Community members say sending their thoughts and prayer to lila just didn't feel like enough.

"this feels like you're doin more, taking a little bit more action than just sitting around."

"this community has just bee outstanding.

I'm proud.

I'm happy to see all these faces.

I'm just proud of us for doing this for her."

And in addition to helping lila, those in attendance are helping others with similar health issues.

"she has to have transfusion regularly.

Although our blood may not go directly to lila, it will go to someone who has to receive transfusions."

"we're also doing 'be th match.'

Which is really simple.

You can go online to and sign up.

You swab the inside of your cheek and send it in and then you're in the national bone marrow donor registry to possibly help save someone's life."

For more information on how you can help, visit our website at wcbi dot com.

When we come back we'll have more on an epic food fight in our area... but it might not be the kind of food fight you're thinking of... stay with us.

It wasn't your typical food fight today in pontotoc.

Professional and home bakers battle it out to see who will come out on top/ and as wcbi' chad groening reports, it was all a way to promote area culinary talent.

The food battle involved cakes and was sponsored by mississippi bond small business group.

Bond stands for business oriented networking and development....there were two categories of contestants, professional bakers and home bakers.

Bond ceo jessica starks says it is a way to highlight local baking talent.

"so the pontotoc food fight i actually an annual competition we have specifically to highlight our local bakeries and home cooks in our area.

We wanted to have things that are community centeric and also give a way for our bakers to connect with the community and have potential customers.

So we have this competition every year where we kind of challenge them with a different theme."

Professional baker laura hallmark strives to bake only the very best.

"always go above and beyon make sure it's fresh every day and make sure it lure it looks as pretty as possible."

Pontotoc home baker tarlita brown-roberson entered the contest because she is very passionate about baking.

"i love making sweets so i ca spread my love around so everyone can get a piece of the love that i have to share."

Food blogger jeff jones had a tough job, a judge.

But he says you know somebody has to do it.

Jones says there are advantages to shopping at a local bakery.

"you're support loca business.

You're supporting your neighbors.

If you don't get out there and shop local then people are not going to know where the good stuff is you know.

" not every assignment is a piece of cake.

But this assignment is a piece of cake.

And i don't want anybody to tell my wife or my doctor that i partook of a piece of cake today.


Chad groening, wcbi news, pontotoc.

Bakers were judged in three categories, fan favorite, best dressed cake, and first place overall.

Maddie break some strong to severe storms are possible over the next few days.

Scattered pop- up summer storms may have the chance to be a bit strong at times.

We're also going to watch out for the potential for a storm complex or two drifting in from the west sunday night into monday morning..

If a complex manages to push through the region it also would likely have some high winds, torrential rainfall, and frequent lightning.

Saturday night: warm and muggy area wide.

Look for lows in the low to mid 70s.

A few scattered storms are on the table.

A strong storm can't be ruled out.

Sunday: another hot and humid day is on tap.

Much like saturday, highs should be in the low to mid 90s with heat index values in the 100s.

More pop-up showers and storms are expected during the daytime heating.

Some could be strong with gusty winds and small hail.

Heavy rain and frequent lightning will also accompany most storms. monday - tuesday: better rain opportunities exist as a storm system swings authorities are trying to figure out why a 12- year-old boy fell to his death wednesday night while rock climbing at a trampoline park.

The owners say their facility is safe -- but there appears to be no governmental oversight ensuring that is the case.

Joe bruno has details.

Neighbors describe him as an adventurous kid.

They say matthew lu -- a newly turned 12-year-year old and cramerton middle school student-- had the kind of personality everyone cherished.

While a lot can be said about who he was--- not much is known right now about the fall at altitude trampoline park, that killed him.

Courtney wilde/altitude trampoline park "we are taking it ver seriously and consulting experts to see what we can do to prevent this from moving forward altitude trampoline park corporate management, the manufacturer, insurance agents and third party investigators are going through surveillance video and interviewing people.

Police say wednesday night lu was on the clip and climb rock wall when he fell 10 to 15 feet.

The trampoline park says lu was wearing a properly fit safety harness and he was instructed on how to use the equipment.

Courtney wilde/altitude trampoline park "we do have certified safet monitors here that are going through and checking every latch, every harness, every clip."

Channel 9 has investigated in the past and found that trampoline parks are not regulated by the state.

Altitude says the equipment is inspected whenever a staff member comes on his or her shift.

Right now, the focus is on finding out how this happened--- how to make sure this tragedy never happens again.

Courtney wilde/altitude trampoline park "a primary concern is o course making sure our thoughts and prayers are with the family and ensuring the safety of all of our guests as well as our staff."

We'll have a last look at your forecast coming up after the break a flock of ducklings is safe in suburban denver after a firefighter used a recording of duck calls to coax some of them from a storm drain.

A video from south metro fire rescue shows how a firefighter was able to scoop out four of the birds in the water at the bottom of the drain on thursday .

Four others, though, were hiding in an adjacent pipe.

The firefighter held up his cell phone to an opening in the pipe and played a youtube video of duck calls.

The ducklings walked toward the sound.

The fire district says the ducklings were reunited with their mother who was nearby.

Some strong to severe storms are possible over the next few days.

Scattered pop- up summer storms may have the chance to be a

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