One Night Stand movie (1984)

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One Night Stand movie (1984)

One Night Stand movie (1984)

One Night Stand movie (1984) Plot synopsis: Set in Sydney a few days before Christmas, a world crisis deepens... Sharon (Cassandra Delaney - Fair Game), a confident usherette from the western suburbs, and her flatmate Eva (Saskia Post - Dogs in Space), a bank teller, head off to a Midnight Oil concert with their boyfriends.

As worldwide political tension mounts, glimpsed obliquely from scraps of TV and radio, the four teenagers take refuge in the Sydney Opera House as nuclear war breaks out in Eastern Europe.

They try to figure out the best way they can survive the coming conflagration as the first bombs strike on New Year's Eve, drinking and raiding the costumes stashed in the backrooms. As the bombs hit Australia, they venture out into the madness... Featuring a live performance by Midnight Oil, One Night Stand was described as "absurdist espresso-realism" from director John Duigan (Mouth to Mouth, Winter of Our Dreams, Far East) and crosses the language of the music video with realism to produce an unnerving, poignant and honest film.

Shot on location inside the Sydney Opera House, One Night Stand is a new-wave nostalgia hit from the paranoid final days of the Cold War.


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