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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

james rosen reports about debate

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james rosen reports about debate
james rosen reports about debate
james rosen reports about debate


Many consider these rights a turning point in the gay-rights movement in america.

>> jon bruce: that is a wrap when it comes to the first debate of the 2020 presidential election and the 10 candidates on stage mostly agreed on a progressive agenda throwback the policies of trump but age and tone and perspective differences made for a lively evening.

We have james rosen with a recap from miami.

>> reporter: good morning from miami where at last night's second democratic debate disability and relative immunity that prevailed in wednesday night opening debate all but disappeared.

>> these issues.

>> reporter: the struggle to be heard ensured that no one was and when order prevailed the front runner was joe biden touted his experience.

>> on the only person that beat the nra nationally.

>> he also faced, as expected, sharp attacks on record and age.

>> joe biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans 32 years ago and right today.

>> i'm holding onto the torch.

>> you agree today that you were wrong to oppose blessing in america?

>> what i opposes blessing ordered by the department of education.

>> reporter: independent senator bernie sanders and a socialist said the intellectual center of gravity with most rivals endorsing higher taxes and medicare for all and free public college and other massive readers for traditions of wealth.

>> they will pay more taxes but less in healthcare for what they get.

>> reporter: dissent was limited and lonely.

>> if we turn to socialism, we run the risk of helping to reelect the worst president in american history.

>> kirsten gillibrand argued that only campaign-finance reform will give change while south bend mayor buttigieg says the immigration policies on moral grounds.

>> for party that associates itself with christianity and to say that it is okay to suggest that god would smile on the division of families at the hands of federal agents and that god would would condone putting children in cages has lost all plan to reduce religious language again.

>> reporter: notable for the presence of andrew yang and the tech entrepreneur who promised to deal with theeffects of automation and best-selling inspirational author marianne williamson who vowed to defeat trump by harnessing wealth .

Reporting from miami, james rosen.

>> jon bruce: response from the republican national committee with rnc joe jackson saying: every single candidate sports a dangerous open border agenda with free healthcare for illegal immigrants paid by crippling taxes on the middle class.

President trump continues to put america first.

>>> here's with you but not the political science chair and dean of the college of charleston and here's not one of the debate on wednesday and what do you think?

>> i thought it was a good night for elizabeth warren who has beenfinding her voice and her big take away line is that i've got a plan for that she has a lot of really good policy proposals that she's put together and can articulate quickly and she had a good night.

Cory booker had a good night on night one .

>> jonbruce: tax the rich and the top 75 percent or something and take .

>> top 75,000 people would have an increase in tax.i'm not in the top 75,000 people .

>> you maybe do not.

>> jon bruce: who did well at night to?

>> kamala harris who showed she cannot take on she can take on joe biden and also probably that she can take on trump if she becomes the nominee.

She was aggressive.

>> jon bruce: she got personal.

>> she was preparing not personal.

She talked about biden's previous opposition to blessing and biden's been in washington 50 years and something backfrom the 70s .

She said i was blessed to get a better education and had that picture of her about to get on a school bus.

Very powerful and prepared and she was really good last night.

>> jonbruce: all of the infighting and trump saying this is the best endorsement for another four years .

Do you agree with that?

>> a big challenge for democrats because they want to differentiate themselves and stand out.

There are 10 on stage last night which is only half.

They cannot hurt each other too much.

They will do thejob for donald trump.

It's a fine line between standing out and also going after each other .

>> jon bruce: you think pete sidestepped the trap he fell i ?

>> was asked about the police shooting and said basically that i dropped the ball.

I think some people give him credit in saying that he at least admitted that he didn't get enough african-american officers in place to be able to really reflect the demographics of the community insouth bend .

It's a very tragic situation he admitted.

>> jon bruce: major players held their own.

Is there anybody who got waxed in this?

>> i don't think biden will quit soon but he was the leader and looked, after harris went after him, he seemed beaten-down and a little off usually biden has more to say than the time allotted in his answers were not long but it wasa tough night for biden.

You can have a bad debate and come back .

Obama had bad debates and he went to terms as president.

>> jon bruce: