From the Horrors of Iraq to the Glamour of Tribeca

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From the Horrors of Iraq to the Glamour of Tribeca

From the Horrors of Iraq to the Glamour of Tribeca

Like many other Army Vets who have experienced the carnage of war, Stacy Bare was not able to put Iraq behind him when he returned home.

The worst low he experienced was questioning why he lived while others died which led to feelings of guilt and suicide.

Stacy’s only antidote for these negative feelings was to take control of his own healing process.

In an effort to recreate a more positive experience with the war-torn countries he fought in, and knowing about the healing nature of the outdoors, Stacy decided to head back to those countries to experience them in a new, healthier light and help others do the same.

What started as a personal journey has turned into a project called, Adventure Not War.

The first seed for this project was planted when Stacy was stationed in Baghdad.

He was friends with some local Iraqis who frequently talked about the beautiful, snow-capped mountains of Kurdistan and how you could enjoy this magnificent terrain.

Years later, with thoughts of healing old wounds, Stacy planned a return trip, with other veterans, and they hiked and skied over mountains where once fierce battles were fought.

What he didn’t anticipate were the connections he made with the locals there and a new appreciation of their vibrant culture.

“The people in Iraq are not all that different from people in the United States,” he noted.

“They all want the same things for their families and their kids… they want a dry bed and a warm meal and I think that’s what most people want around the world.” Watch how Stacy’s vision for erasing his comrade’s battle scars has become a Tribeca Film Festival favorite and has ignited a larger discussion about the different ways for soldiers to recover from the horrors of war.

Overcoming trauma is hard, but Stacy is definitely onto something.

“I’ve had my worst days in Iraq,” he reflected, “and now I’ve had my best days in Iraq.” Learn more at: To see more OnlyGood COMMUNITY videos, visit us at: Welcome to!

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