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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Sunrise July 8 6 am

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
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Sunrise July 8 6 am
Sunrise July 8 6 am
Sunrise July 8 6 am

>>good monday morning to you i'm bo koltnow and i'm alexander hogan first at sunrise operations are beginning to go back to normal in california after 2 major earthquake struck on thursday and friday of last week roads and sidewalks have been repaired and now water systems are fully operational threat mass transit is also expected to resume today in correspondent omar jimenez joins us live with the latest.

For their july weekend was not supposed to be like this first there's a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on the 4th of july we're just a few miles from the epicenter of that quake here where i'm standing and then that turned out to be a foreshock essentially a prelude to what was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake the came the very next day that one releasing 11 times the energy.

>>of the first one and now we've been feeling the aftershocks, thousands of small ones at this point as residents here are still trying to recover.

>>after 2 major earthquakes hit the area last week.

>>this has been i know a difficult time for each and every one of you.

>>officials are trying to reassure residents that they're getting things back to normal.

>>all of our roads and concrete such as sidewalks gutters have been inspected all of our roads are in good condition.

>>according to the us geological survey there have been nearly 5,000 quake since thursday.

>>average of one aftershock per minute since friday, 7.1 magnitude quake.

>>it's an area that used to earthquakes this area is quite active and for a while we discussed was known.

I see big capital of the world.

But the magnitude of last week's quakes in the high number of aftershocks have kept both residents and officials on edge we don't exactly you know, and no one is the next i'm going to happen.

>>some people have been sleeping outside and officials hope to get residents back into their homes.

My job is to see how i can get you back to being ok with going back into your house.

You know kaye was going back inside a building.

There have been no reported fatalities and authorities hope residents will learn at least one thing from this experience.

This is our time for preparation now for the next one.

>>so the big question now is what are the chances we see a no other large earthquake.

But the ones we saw last week the simple answer is not how i specifically the probability of seeing an earthquake with a magnitude 7 or higher is around 3%.

The probability of seeing an earthquake with a magnitude of 5 or higher is around 96% which point the precise reason why residents here know they're not quite out of the woods yet reporting live from ridgecrest california.

Mark minutes.

All right now time to check the roads locally here.

>>yes, steve mittman is in the traffic center good morning steve.

>>good morning, the roads are fine here.

No problems no delays no accidents wet roads and you know the weather to deal with but overall really decent drive using were 22.

All of 33 all of i 78 on time traffic a live view of 78 a number of the country.

She was not much going on through here.

This is 78 right near route 100 so extremely light traffic but again wet roads.

This is 78 near 4.12 the hellertown exit north hampton county are good traveling in for berks 78 quite as well and west to berks 78 to lebanon county and often county traffic toward harrisburg no problems on any burk's secondaries either.

This traffic report is brought to by mattress warehouse leap happens.

Dot com back to you guys.

>>thank you see this morning.

Authorities continue to search for an 80 year-old man who is considered armed and dangerous and wanted in connection with his wife's death.

>>and this app and in palmer township northampton county over the holiday weekend and joining us now is sara madonna from police headquarters with more good morning.


>>good morning.

Well police say they found the body of 66 year-old and even tassel himmel sunday morning after they conducted a welfare check.

Now the north hampton da says they believe though the murder actually happened several days ago.

And now they're looking for her husband eighty-year-old edgar himmel he's described as 5.11 with brown eyes and bald with a mustache.

A family friend says her pastor became worried about her well-being when she did not show up for church.

Neighbors we spoke with said they are on edge and are very upset.

>>we knew her for years and she was always kind to my parents who lives here.

>>the for us she was always a friendly person and i know she she went to church every sunday.

She had a good heart and she was very charitable.

>>now police believe himmel is driving a 2019 dark green nissan rogue and again he is armed and dangerous so if you see him as car him.

You are urged to call 911 immediately live in palmer township sara madonna, 69 news.

>>and now to a developing story in allentown where police responded to an incident near the main gate nightclub on 17th street.

Initial reports indicated this was some type of shooting incident, but police haven't confirmed that you can see their police cars flashing lights in the area of the nightclub.

They're also police cars down the block surrounding a car at the lehigh valley hospital on 17th street.

Stay with 69 news and wfmz for more details and also new this morning state police in fact fell a file charges against a man after a shooting.

This happened early sunday morning on east foster avenue in coaldale borough police say 21 year-old william cannon admitted to shooting james angler at the property because englert wasn't allowed to be there due to a pfa now the person protected from that psa was not at the incident englert showed up to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Police charge can with aggravated assault and other charges and released him on bail charges for violating the pfa are pending for engler.

>>3 people were taken to hospital after a crash in jim thorpe carbon county you can see the car was badly damaged in the crash which happened in the 1400 block of center avenue last night this happened around 08:00pm.

We're told the car ran off the road and snapped a utility pole.

Crews at the scene say 3 females were hurt with one of them being flown to the hospital.

>>and a water main break in lehigh county left the road in danger of collapsing, you can see the water pouring on to kilmer avenue yesterday that's in south whitehall township.

So crews had to close off part of the road and 6 home lost their water service for a time.

It's unclear what caused that water main to break and crews haven't said when they'll finish the work so the road can be reopened.

>>a university in philadelphia is apologizing after sending out a false alarm about an active shooter on campus thomas jefferson university says there was a resolvable system error during his routine test of the jeff alert system this all took place yesterday morning.

It caused an alert to be sent out at 10:18am saying the campus in east falls neighborhood hadn't active shooter on campus.

The message reportedly told recipients to follow emergency procedures and to run, i'd an act the university spokeswoman says the all-clear came about 15 or 20 minutes after the alert went out and after a check by security to ensure that there was no danger.

She says can be campus is pretty empty at this time of year officials say that they're taking further action to make sure that this does not and again.

Your time is 6 oh 7 on foggy not very beautiful monday morning.

>>that's right a good it's a good morning christina to watch os and then go outside later in the day because it's going to get nicer least that's what you say exactly we have to exercise some patience here today is a transitional day it is going to get better.

>>with time it is monday though after a long holiday weekend so that in general will support a face like this kind of that neutral face right, but also you know we're just waiting on those changes so we have to exercise some patients we start with rain we start with sticky air.

But then gradually get rid of it with time and as this area of high pressure gain some ground.

So you wake up with soggy conditions will keep the drenching storms well off to the south but still an area of rain around early today that will taper to just a couple of showers by the afternoon, especially in points north and west as higher elevations by the end of the day and certainly by tonight.

We have a dry and comfortable finish to your monday temperatures today in the upper 70's going to be much lower in the past several days.

So there's that to lower 60's tonight actually pop open those windows and enjoy that comfortable air.

Tuesday is the best day and the next 3 and out of the next week here because not only is it sunny and not only is it warm but you have that low humidity too so it feels nice, it looks even better by wednesday, it's turning a bit more humid a bit muggy and it said hotter to with temperatures in the lower 90's will keep that sunshine around the bank close to 90 degrees for a while and we know that camelback has been busy because of it it's a dreary start though as we wake up on a monday morning and start that work week you can see that area of rain pressing through eastern pennsylvania into new jersey now northern delaware, but look at what's hot happening off to the west.

Not much right so this isn't a long-lasting rain.

It's fleeting rain and it will give way to just a few showers as we go through time, let's start you off with a look at right now and this model is lining up nicely with that radar so initializing nicely so we believe it when it says yeah we're going to get rid of that rain in just taper off to a few showers by midday and then into the afternoon that says that disturbances exiting the area so many of us is afternoon welcoming sunshine.

Some breaks of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70's part 2 of this weather story of course his focus around those dew point it's felt really uncomfortable for a while now ladies it's been tough to kind of tame the hair for a while now you're running through hairspray.

I think going to find some relief it just takes a little while to get there those dew points in the lower 60's.

Later today into tonight, but we clapped for progress not perfection in july and by tomorrow were there.

It's 100% beautiful and it feels even nicer with those dew points in the 50's that's what is going to feel pleasant in terms of you know humidity in july now that humidity will return and for the middle and later part of the week and it helps to fuel those showers and thunderstorms by later thursday and into friday before we're dry once again come saturday though alexandra over to you.

>>night kevin spacey may soon face one of his accusers in court.

>>still ahead on the news at sunrise details on a pivotal court hearing today in massachusetts plus a look at how forced separation of parent and child adversely impacts kids brains and behaviors later in life.

>>that's next in life lessons.

And she's one of the many top notch performers to take the stage at the cheyenne river fest this weekend.

>>don't miss a preview with killing a cold is joining us live on this music monday.

Stay with us.

>>6.14 treating in jersey, no problems now on 20 to 78 it does slow eastbound right before clinton there's a bit of a backup of that portion of i 78 eastbound.

It's a crash.

Clearing and it's eastbound 78.

Ready for exit 15 and that's the reason for that back up on 78 east driving toward we're 31 what to pass clinton it opens up the rest of 78.

Not terrible wet roads to deal with but nothing beyond that reported using i 80 eastbound headed toward 95.

That is your new jersey new york long commute report brought to by scott chevrolet with the scot fastpass tried that in 60 minutes or less lehigh street allentown online scott cars.

Dot net.

Experts say the human brain takes about 25 years to fully mature but it's the first few years of life that are the most critical.

>>according to new research a traumatic upbringing or separation from a parent can be very harmful in life lessons wfmz nancy werteen has the details.

Sports a response of caregivers those who really pay attention to signals from their kids critical to a child's brain development.

So when these caregivers are removed from a child's life what does that do to the child.

>>in egypt i will be able to be castro and her 5 year-old granddaughter scarlett spent a lot of time together just as jodi did with her own daughter, one of the things that i realize now that i'm a grandparent is like when you're raising your children, you're also.

>>teaching them how to raise your grandchildren.

>>but what happens when parents are absent or children are separated from them.

According to research separation from a parent or caregiver is one of the biggest threats to early development and researchers point to the separation of migrant families.

>>and they're not getting the emotional response of the they need for the content of stimulation they need then regardless of whether the parent is there.

That is still in have a negative effect on brain and behavioral development.

>>professor big says the trauma experienced by children who have been separated can manifest itself in later life as adults who have trouble expressing emotions difficulty relating to others or anxiety.

Big says caregivers should realize the impact neglect or separation can have on the brain teach children coping skills for stress and always pay close attention to kids signals.

They say it's that back and forth between a caregiver and child that can help kids develop the skills they need later in life.

The researchers add and that parental interaction can help a child develop the skills for the internal regulation, they need to succeed in life.

Nancy werteen 69 news.

>>it's time to take a look at what's happening now in the northeast today actor kevin spacey may come face to face with the man accusing him of sexual-assault massachusetts.

So there's a missing piece of evidence had an issue in the case a cell phone belonging to the accused and the accuser says he sent the video of the alleged assault was girlfriend, using that phone.

So a judge ordered the phone to be turned over to spacey's defense team because spacey's lawyers say there is evidence that exonerates spacey and it's been believe it.

So the judge gave the accuser until today to produce the phone space is legal team doesn't have it the accuser will have to appear in court to testify about where it is spacey is currently facing criminal charges of indecent assault and battery, he's pleaded not guilty.

But if he's convicted could spend up to 5 years in prison.

>>florida base billionaire jeffrey epstein is due in federal court in new york today, he was arrested this week on sex-trafficking charges law enforcement officials say they stem from allegations in new york and palm beach florida.

In the early 2 thousands back in 2008 at seen brokered a plea deal with law enforcement officials in florida ending a federal investigation, allowing him to serve just 13 months in jail and avoid more serious federal charges against him that deal also required financial settlements to dozens of his victims. >>now we head to a very sad story out of new jersey police there say a falling tree branch killed a toddler at a campground this happened saturday afternoon at he bears yellowstone park campground at tall pines in belmar the 3 year-old girl was inside a tent when the branch hit her.

Police say she was taken to the hospital where she died.

Strong storms passed through the state on saturday, but it's unclear whether they played a part in the accident.

>>it is 06:18am.

>>no accidents reported al in the heart of the valley.

There's a crash in jersey on 78 east right before clinton eric's 15.

But here in north hampton county lehigh county 78 you're good berks as well, 22 on time traffic as of right now wet roads but nothing beyond that, here's a live view of 22 at cedar crest south whitehall township, 22 airport road more of the same traffic's moving at a steady pace.

So no big issues on uh route, 22 clear to 22 between lehigh county and berks over 4.22 as well.

This report brought to by mattress warehouse leap happens dot com.

As one of the celebrity birthdays and today that also from yesterday of the weekend we've keep turning 58 to gaffigan funny guy turns 50.

The 3.

Radio star turned 79 and candles they >>and 61.

So a 1994 magazine article on kevin bacon mentioned quote you had worked with everybody in hollywood or somebody that has worked with him inspiring what parlor trivia game.

That's an everything's easy for now yet it here, here's another quote and i don't necessarily agree with that right had multiple people tell me that i looked like this person, your world.

>>uh i don't see it.

But i've been told that like kevin bacon yet can see that could see that and this is supposed to help us with the name of the got his name >>how.

You're supposed to find connections 7 degrees of kevin i don't hang out and parlors and apple cold light catcher be a good idea link that to anyone around the world.

All 6 people are just 10 people 7 i don't know how realistic that is if you're talking about different countries.

People who they do travel for people who certain jobs but first it's an interesting thing to try to.

You're with facebook you can see the people that you know our friends at right.

>>creepy right into the show let's try to link ourselves to kevin k idea they can i mean i on sunday can talent.

A very good.

We will be right back.

>>we have a long weekend lot of celebrations, a and those monday moves though sunday skerries i think that they're a little height and with today's weather what is a monday mood.

What is a monday monday.

But i don't think a lot of people wake up really excited after having fun on the weekend unfortunately, a little grouchy.

>>but christina here's the question do you think likes because the sunday, scary sometimes people get so worked up about monday that sunday's ruined, but i'm saying just enjoy sunday.

The and then you can be miserable on monday living in the present.

>>i've been reading a self-help book and that's like the big thing is live in the present don't think about the past and the future, but now i'm just trying to be inspirational and it.

You know, here's something to look forward to dropping dew points right another thing my self help book says progress not perfection ok and we have some progress today.

It's a transitional day so it is still going to feel sticky for the first part of your monday but as we go through time those dew points gradually drop, it doesn't feel as humid ladies you're not using as much hairspray man you're not using as much gel.

We like the sound of that and then certainly by tuesday it's going to feel downright nice that we don't necessarily get a break from the heat.

It is july and it's still going to be quite warm for your tomorrow, not as warm today, though you can find that comfortable air off to the north it's gradually going to settle in with those lower dew points in rain.

It's gradually going to diminish just a few showers once we get to midday and into the afternoon at this point though radar yet does have a case of the mondays as well with that ceri of rain pushing through eastern pennsylvania, new jersey, northern delaware and if it's not raining, it's you know kind of foggy and just kind of gross looking to start to your work week temperatures near 70 degrees in allentown morning reading 71, welcome back to monday philly 72 degrees where you are and 69 degrees in somerville if you do have the day off if you're able to get to the backyard or even.

After work.

Here you go not too bad by 3 o'clock and then certainly into the evening hours more in the way of sunshine and less in the way of humidity high temperatures in the upper 70's.

Tonight guys i think that you are opening up the windows giving that a see a well-deserved break.

Temperatures falling to around 60 degrees slipping pass the 60 degree mark in the higher elevations, lots of sunshine tuesday and wednesday it is turning hot in a bit more muggy by wednesday showers and thunderstorms developing ahead of an approaching cold front for later thursday and into friday, but i think they're gone come saturday.

Alright 6 at 27 at the time on the clock time for morning trivia this is not 6 degrees or whatever of kevin bacon but hey i think it's still an interesting thinking of the answer what the oldest pa.

>>that's how i say it that's a whole another discussion listed below is it at sea.

Doctor pepper.

Furner ginger ale we're coca cola.

>>christine is this a trick question is is is an ale considered a quote pop.

>>this is not a trick question.

I don't have that much energy in the end of monday morning christina i say pop as well okay i think it been a doctor pepper.

Yeah, i'm going to say doctor pepper.

I'm going to go with the vernon's ginger ale.

>>all right so we had to doctor pepper's and and burners ginger ale it is actually burners ginger ale which thank popular drink.

And michigan, especially in detroit.

It's like you can't drink, anything else and it supposedly makes you feel better.

I don't and you guys do that you do drink ginger ale when you feel safe and my mom made me do that as a kid and i was ever 6 to 10 2 we wish we could get rid of the rain and humanity.

>>has real ginger in it these days maybe not so much with the really good quality stuff.

It does, but you know it's just a ginger.

Do you know you take that use a pop or so that so to obviously its i'm a pop guy early lead.

All right, thanks.



Thanks we'll


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