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Monday, 18 January 2021


Credit: WCBI
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Police are searching for a car burglar in west Tupelo.

Police are searching for a car burglar in west tupelo.

The suspect was caught on a home security camera in a neighborhood that reported a string of vehicle burglaries.

Wcbi's allie martin talked with the homeowner whose surveillance camera got the crystal clear images.

Anelese holt was getting into her car saturday morning, when she noticed something wasn't right.

"everything had been pulle out of my glove compartment and center console in my car, thrown into driver's seat, at first i thought maybe my grandchildren were looking for something."

Holt was encouraged to review video captured on her ring home security system.

She did and was shocked at what she saw.

"there it was, a man on th video around 445 in the morning, and he had a flashlight, knocked on glass, window of door, looked into living room like he was trying to get in and it looked like he had noticed the ring and he turned, but went through everything under my carport."

Holt posted the video online and also gave it to the tupelo police , who are looking for the man.

Police say he is also a suspect in a rash of vehicle burglaries in the area.

The video and photos of the suspect staring into the security camera has been shared hundreds of times on social media.

Holt is hopeful the video helps nab the suspect before he gets into even more trouble.

"when we posted the video an my daughter put it on her facebook page, i'm not on facebook that much, there were a lot of people who stated, if he had been at my house he'd be dead, i don't approve of that, if they're threatening your life, yes, but he was just looking in my door with a flashlight and there were people saying they would have shot him."

Police encourage people to keep their cars locked, and to report any suspicious vehicles or people.

In tupelo allie martin, wcb news crimestoppers is also trying to find the suspect.

If you know who the man in the video is, call crimestoppers at 800


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