Goat curiously approaches camera, then head butts it hard!

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Goat curiously approaches camera, then head butts it hard!

Goat curiously approaches camera, then head butts it hard!

Billie Jean is a rescued goat who lives on an amazing farm in Ontario, Canada.

Famous for its wonderful herd of therapy horses, this farm is the perfect place for an animal to live.

They all have their unique stories and personalities.

Billie Jean was brought here because she had lost a foot due to injury and could no longer live on the farm that had been her home.

She found her way to this sanctuary where she is safe and happy, living the good life.

The animals have large paddocks, ample shelter and huge meadows where they can run free and graze contentedly.

Goats have mischievous and complex personalities.

Far more clever than they initially appear to be, they are highly social and fond of interaction with humans.

This goat in particular has a very friendly nature.

But occasionally, goats can be prone to unpredictable displays of dominance or grumpiness.

Such was the case on this occasion when the man with the camera was watching her walk towards him on the other side of the fence.

The owner of the farm was explaining her background and her injury.

The goats were receiving some tasty leaves from the guests at the farm and they had all been munching away happily.

They were acting competitively and Billie-Jean had been reminding some of the smaller male goats of their place in the pecking order.

As she approached, it's likely that she thought she would be receiving more delicious greens.

Possibly disappointed that the object at the fence was an inedible camera, she quickly tilted her head and slammed her horns into the front of the camera.

She repeated this one more time for good measure, clearly showing her displeasure.

More amusing than troubling, this shows that goats either have a sense of humor or a grumpy side, possibly even both.


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