‘World’s most unusual beach’ is a glacier in Siberia

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‘World’s most unusual beach’ is a glacier in Siberia

‘World’s most unusual beach’ is a glacier in Siberia

Siberian city dwellers are escaping the summer heat the only way they know how - by stretching out on a beach made of ice.

The Buluus glacier is the only official beach in Yakutsk, the world’s largest city built on permafrost, according to local media.

And with temperatures reaching a positively sizzling - for Yakutsk at least - 32 degrees Celsius at the moment, locals are taking advantage of the glacier that lies in a deep valley and is surrounded by pristine pine forests and lush green meadows, according to the Siberian Times.

The news site described the glacier as "the world's most unusual beach" in a story published on July 14.

Drone video filmed on June 27 shows a bird’s-eye view of the majestic glacier, with many tourists gathered together to admire this unique spot - and cool off.

Accordingly to the filmer, who lives near the glacier, the experience of walking on the ice during the heat is "absolutely amazing." "You experience amazing sensations when you are walking in the heat on cold ice," he said.

"At the same time, even in the winter time, you can find ice-free sources of the purest water.

The water is so unique in its purity and composition that even some companies specially purify it and bottle it for sale in neighboring cities and towns." "Visiting the Buluus glacier leaves an unforgettable impression.

You can always find a cave of ice or plunge into a stream with bracing cold water." Buluus is the only place in the Yakutia region (also known as the Sakha Republic) at this time offering a rare opportunity to see whole mountains of ice and snow surrounded by sun-kissed forests, he added.

"Only the most persistent visitors are capable of bracing cold water, for experienced walruses, the Buluus glacier in Yakutia is a real paradise," - he said.

The Siberian city is branded as the coldest in the world, with average monthly temperatures in ranging from 19.5 °C (67.1 °F) in July to −38.6 °C (−37.5 °F) in January.

Buluus means glacier in Yakut language.


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