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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 15, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 15, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 15, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, many health professionals are warning that vaping may lead to serious lung problems from breathing vaporized chemicals.

And one Los Angeles company is using virtual reality to create immersive relaxation experiences that engage all the senses.

And the Southern White Rhino is nearing extinction.

We'll take a look at ways scientists are using to rejuvenate the species.

Wi is t.

W it is hot.

We find out how people wh outside beat the heat.

And, coke plans to release a new flavor to get you in the christmas spirit.

Plus, a tour of the largest underground lake in america.

Miorning starts right now.

Vapi mig vaping might seem like it's not that harmful, but it's sending kids to the hospital.

Minnesota's department of health has issued a strong warning to parents and teens about serious lung damageue t vaping.

As bill hudson explains, experts are calline- cigarrettes an epidemic.

When e-cigarettes first came on the scene, many saw a safer ternative to smoking tobacco.

T inde children's hospital lies proof they're not.

Dr. ann griffiths, pediatric pulmonologist at childrens minnesota "their symptoms look lik common infections and they just don't get better."

Ur teens are being treated at childrens forulmory disease.

Pediatric pulmonologist, dr. ann griffiths says the vaping epidemic is causing serious damage.

Dr. ann griffiths, pediatric pulmonologist at childrens minnesota "t lun are struggling t deal with chemicals that are being inhaled and the bodys way of handling that is to send more and more immune system to the lungs to get rid of something that it is struggling with, so all that inflammation is causing injury."

Inhaling the battery-heated, vaporized chemicals can lead to shortness obreath, fever, coughing, dizziness and chest pain.

Tracee anderson, minnesota teen challenge "the smell is easier to hid than cigarettes."

By design, e-cigarette marking is clever.

Devices can be hidden in the draw strings of a hoodie.

It's why minnesota teen challenge will alert parents to the dangers at their state fair booth..

Tracee anderson, minnesota teen challen "it's like a habit, they'r ingesting so much of it we've seen a couple of cases wre it's called nic sick, where students are passing out in school."

E-cigarettes have surpassed conventional smoking among teens.

One in five vapes regularly.

But what's most alarming, is how quickly vaping is landing young users in hospitals.


Ann griffiths, pediatric pulmonologist at childrens minnesota "this is exposure for a shor period of time relatively speaking, and really severe early injury that's so worrisome."

Another big concern is long term damage to the lungs in such young patients.

Doctors are hopeful patients will make full recoveries, but since ths is all so new, they simply do not know.

This has been a scorching hot week in fact, the heat index was the highest it's be in recent years.

While some were able to beathe heat by rking indoors, others weren't so luc.

Our quentin smith speaks with a landscaping company who is working outdoors everyday.

On what was one of the hottest days so far this year, with the heat index going over 110 degrees... workers with smith landscaping weren't stopping from giving yards the blow... nat and trim .... nat that it needs... " no it's not fun at all, bu somebody's got to do it."

With a twist... nat.... a pull..

Nat crews were ratdy to begin their day... " the majority of their time i the summer is in the dead of the heat."

On average, these guys spend nearly 10 hours a day working in the sun keeping lawns looking go.

They can do anywhere from 10 to 15 yards a day.

But the higher the mercury climbs, the tougher that job gets... "it can get pretty intens pretty quickly."

That's why they say it's important to not áoverá do it, pace yourself, and also stay hydrated.

"we keep them stocked wit coolers with ice water, they also drink lots of gatorade.

We always remind dan to take a break if you need to take a break, again know your limitations.

Get in the shade, cool off.

Don't go from one extreme temperature to the other, because that was really a way you can have heat exhaustion."

Operations manager clay bowen sayse ofn goes to check on crews to make sure everyone is staying safe and co in the scorching heat..

" we remind them don't hesitat to reach out to anyone of us, any of the supervisors or managers, let us know if they e nofeeling well or if they need something to make sure.

Safety comes first."

Although they want to answer every lawn service and do their best making the yard look nice and neat, bowen says the safety of the workers is their number one goal.

" you can't take it lightly a all, you got to know your limitations, you got to know how to take care of yourself first so that you don't get overheated and get dehydrated.

Nobody is going to be upset with you if the heat gets the best of you.

It happens to all of us, so i know when to give yoursela break."

Bowen says august and september are typically the hottest months for them to work outdoors every meal made to order.

Gourmet chefs for every meal.

We'll show you where when mid morning returns.

Unplging unplugging from the phone and other technology can help people relax.

But now plugging into a fully immersive experience may be a new way to get away from it all.

Joy benedict explains.

Nats: 11:34 "i'm ready to relax.

Lauren felton is also getting ready to go on a packing required.

Nats: 13:51 "hav you ever done any vr before?

No, i have not."

Virtual reality is taking her to a digital oasis... while the massage chair relaxes her body.

Customer sot: 36:27 just like that space in my mind to have my own thoughts and not have my kids saying mommy, mommy mommy for 20 minutes micah jackson is the creator of a new digital spa in los angeles called esquapes.

Micah sot 2:50 i essentially had what was a panic attack he originally made the v-r environments to help him cope with his high- pressure job in corporate design... but soon micah saw a business opportunity.

Mih sot: "i'v made ten esce environments that are unique to the location."

Destinations include tropical retreat or a beach at suns.

Customers can even visit morroco at twilight.

Joy standup: 46:08 but this is so much more than watching a video and sitting in a massage chair it's a completely immersive experience that is testing all the senses.

There are ns& heat lamps& and even aroma therapy timed to the computer progra 34:25 "i could se the wind flowi through the trees, and then i could feel the breezeoing across my body."

Virtual reality relaxation is also growing onli.

There are plenty of apps including one called guided meditation v-r that allows users to plug in at home.

Sot- you can bring peace and joy back into your life.

These apps provide sights and sounds but not the full immersive experience like esqapes.

Welcome bk!

Wow that was so cool the company is hoping to expand... giving more people the ability to find the reboot they need.

Joy benedict, cbs news, los angeles there's a reboot going on at the home of the tennessee titans.

But it's not on the field or in the locker room.

Is re-do will change the way the professional football team will see and eat their meals.

And, the new space is getting some rave reviews.

Gone are the days of cafeteria food at st.

Thomas sports park.

During the offseason the titans' cafe was transformed into a gourmet restaurant.

Plays still can't believe the night and day chan.

"oh, it's amazing," tita linebacker jayon brown said.

"we got a whole redo makeover - miss amy, thank you - the food in there, the chefs, the whole environment, it's amazing."

When amy adams strunk took over as titans controlling owner she wanted the team to have the best of everything.

Over the last three ars she's invested more than $100 million into the tm fality.

The team got a new locker room a couple years ago.

The weight room anthe door practice bubble we re-done last year.

And now, with the urging of general manager jon robinson and head coach mike vrabel, the team dining hall was revamped.

" said at the beginning he wa going to give us the best opporty, and with that comes the best possible stuff they can give us," said taylo lewan, titans pro bowl left tackle.

"the facility is nice, bu no facility can be as good without the food.

Thfood is 10 times, 100 times better.

It's really good."

The seven-figure renovation included adding more than 2,000 additional square feet.

Space that allowed for the installation of ovens, refrigerators and freezers that allow newly hired chefs to prepare all meals on-site.

In the past, they were prepared in an off-site kitchen and transferred to st.

Thomas sports park, limiting the quality and vaety of food that could be offered.

The titans hired flik hospitality to run the kitchen, ensuring that each plates made to order according to each player's desires.

"it's like a new surpris everyday offensive lineman kevin pamphile said.

Added brown, "we've go everything we need.

All kinds of snacks, healthy foods, we even have vegan options for all the vegans on our te."

From omelets and smoothies in the morning to salads and wraps for lunch and from lean, organic proteins to even optis for the team's sizable vegan contingent, there's something that everyone will enjoy.

"i like fish," brown sai "someone had some ribs th other day," lewan said.

"and s a cheat day, so i snagged some of those."

The tita arelso now limiting access to the cafeteria to just players, coacheand sential football staff.

That privacy along with the increased space and tastier dining options has turned the dining hall into more of a meeting place.

As opposed to grabbing meal to go, many players are now hanging out longer with each other.

An added benefit that should help further strengthen the team's chistry.

"it's one of those areas wher guys hang out and talk pamphile said.

"that's awesom to have."

Understanding the new exclusivity of the player's cafeteria, lewan noted that it's really well done and joked that reporters should sneak in there if they get the chance.

It's where titans players will be all season long, fueling their bodies with e best possible foods to stay healthy and take their performance to the next level.

"as a pro athlete you have t understand your body is your temple," pamphile said.

"this your moneymaker.

This is what you need to function day in and day out, so what you put in yourody is essential."

Ca-ca is coca-cola is hoping by the end of next month, you'll be ready to abandon your pumpkin spiced lattes and jump into some winter flavors.

The soft drink company is planning to launch a version of its iconic soda flavored with cinnamon on september 30th.

If you're wondering how it tastes, cola aficionados in the u-k have already given it the thumbs up.

Coca-cola zero sugar wasuch a big hit there last year, coke decided to bring it stateside.

The new flavor will only be available for limited time.

Coke also plans to launch a winter spiced cranberry variant of sprite at the same time.

They are "twinkies."

Th are "peas in pod."

But most o all one couple has discovered what makes them happy.

Their story a little later on mid a sconn a wisconsin photographer is pleading with the public to help her find her missing camera and gear.

And she had to break the news to a newlywed couple ... that their wedding photos were missing too.

Jennifer kliese has the story.

"my heart just sank.

Milwaukee newlyweds alex and chelsy holat faced heartbreaking news after the happiest day of their lives.

Chelsy holat "it's like that pit in you stomach where you feel really helpless."

Their photographer telling them the photos taken at their wedding friday were gone.

Alex holat "they mean so much to us.

An we know we have so many memories down there that we want to share forever."

Erika diaz "i just really care about m couples images and their day, and what they are losing if we don't find this."

Ika diaz says her bag of camera gear is missing -- ter she dropped a rental car off in madison saturday.

Erika diaz "at this point.

You know nobody knows where the bag is."

Inside -- not just those irplaceable pictures -- also professnal gear worth 15- thousand dollars.

Erika diaz "it's my livelihood.

This is what do."

The wedding venue shared photos of diaz leaving with e bag, so she thinks she left it in the trunk of the rental car.

Erika diaz "it didn't look like anybod broke into the car.

It just -- it had been moved from where i had left it."

She's working to edit her assistant's photos from the wedding, hoping someone turns over the memory cards.

Erika diaz "we're just 100% just askin for mercy and grace."

The holats are staying positive.

Alex holat "it's a little challenging, but think this is a good sign of a good marriage to come because i think we're both dealing with it well."

Setting up a post office box... for the anonymous return of their memors.

Chelsy holat "we just hope that somebod that knows something heard about it and has a little bit of compassion to know that we can't relive this day."

Ngthe couple hoping for the safe return of eight memory cards full of their wedding photos.

There were six in fide a small case ... and a mory card in each of the two cameras inside.

Diaz has shared serial numbers for her camera gear with police, so if anyone tries selling the cameras or lenses, theyll be flagged.

A california couple has been together for nearly 70 years and they're still going strong.

They say their love is sustained by their love of music ... and matcng outfits.

Na kupfer has the story: -nats- every note and every outfit harmonized.

Rosemary klonts/wife: "well myother got us matching shirts when we were in high school.

I picked them out -- and so ... we've matched ever since."

Francis and rosemary klonts met in junior high in auburn, washington.

Francis klonts/husband: "and thought she was the cutest little thing when she came into our town.//by the time we were seniors, we started going tother."

At 19 years old, they were married.

Now both 87 years young, francis knows the term 'happy wife, happy life' altoo well - letting his bride of more than half a century pick his outfits every day.

Francis klonts/husband: "sh just lays it out for me, and i don't have to worry about a thing!"

And while it's obvious they are in-tune with each other vocally, when asked what the secret to a happy marriage is, this duet is veryuch in sync: rosemary klonts/wife: "jesus first, others second, yoursel last - that's the way to spell 'joy.'

Jesus and others and you - what a wonderful way to spell joy!"

And these "singing chaplains perform at their local church, hospitals, and even just around the house.

A pitch-perfect match made in heaven.

-nats - justheadjust ahead, an amazing adventure awaits - and it's not too terribly far away from home.

We'll show you where an uate an update on a remarkable project to ve a rhino subspeci from extinction.

A baby rhino born at the san diego zoo safari park is a key step forward in thi ambitious program.

The northern white rhino is on the verge of vanishing forever.

The remaing two are a mother and daughter, living under 24-hour armed guard in kenya to protect them from poachers.

Meet edward.

This scampering lf, d his mom, victoria, are southern white rhinos.

Edward took his first steps about two weeks ago...and made history as the áfirstá southern white born in north america, using átificial insemination and áfrozen sperm.

How thrilling is this?

This is amazing - he's active, he's so healthy.

Barbara durrant is the zos director of reproductive science.

Edward's birth confirms their theory that victoria could eventually serve as a surrogate mother for a northern white rhino embryo.

It's a big step in the overall plan which is to help the northern white rhino come back from the brink of extinction.

The next step... to transform rhino skin cells into stem cells.

A stem cell has the potential to become any other cell in the body.

And the eventual goal is to direct them all the way to sperm and eggs.

So far they've succeeded in turning stem cells into beating rdiac muscle that makes p part of a heart.

The stem cell technology that you're using, does it seem like magic?

It does!

The stem cell technology is very very complex.

The work continues in the park's "froze zoo" world's largest genetic bank contains samples from some ten thousand animals.

While durrant says implanting a northern white embryo in victoria is lily years away, their mission is personal.

We feel a responsibility as a member of the speciethat caused their extinction.

Edward is expected to make his public debut in the weeks to come... but in the meantime, victoria i stepping up and showing off her motherly instincts.

She's a helicopter m // and she could definitely take a rest while he's running around but she is just right on top of him nting to make sure he's okay.

John blackstone, escondido, california.

The cbs this morning summer series, "america wonders," explores places that make our country wonderful, from jest natural landscapes to spectalar creations.

This morning, we take you to a tennessee cave for a tour of the largest underground lake in america.

It attracts about 2- thousand visitors a day from all over the world.

Chip reid went 140 feet below ground to see it.

Package script: good morni, and get ready for an adventure.

What you do is walk down this yellow tunnel, then you take a long, circuitous path through a beautiful derground cavern, and you arrive directly underneath me, at the largest underground lake in the northern hemisphere.

And yes, they ll it "the lost sea.

Deep in the foothills of the smoky mountains& about 50 miles south of knoxville& sits an american wonder 140 feet below ground.

Inside, a narrow tunnel leads to an intricate cave syem drenched in history... ... cherokee indians used it as a shelter in the 1820s... this is actually authentic writing from the civi and during the civil war, confederate soldiers used the cave's minerals to make gunpowder.

So you remember this from your childhood?

Yes, i was actually six years old the first time i came down here with my grandmother and older brother.

Tour guide savannah dalton is part of that rich history... hee grandmother and great aunt playedown here as children.

We're actually making our way towards the lake room that cave system leads to the main tourist attraction...the lake.

E lake was discovered by ben sands, a 13- year-old boy who had // 09:47:03 crawled through a tunnel that was the size of a bicycle tire for 40 feet before he dropped down to the lake itself and actually waded out into about knee-deep water.

A lot smaller when he came through.

But we've blasted it out since.

"here it i everyone!"

Because of his discovery, the lost sea adventure now sees about 150- thousand tourists a year from all over the world.

Did you have fun?

High fives all around!

A boat ferries visitors across the clear water.

"bon voyage ...where you can dip your fingers in the cold lake& --feel that 56?f water-- yeah, it is chilly.

&and watch rainbow trout swim by.

How many fish do you have in here?

Close to 300.

All rainbow trout.

// // so they're down here long enough that they do lose a small portion of both their esight and their color.

The water is at least 70 feet deep...and covers 4 and a half acres.

What a those white streaks over there?

This is a formation known as drapery.

And it's actually where water is leaching the iron out of the rock.

And then it'lhang down and form what we see there.

A lot of people call it cave ban.

Any idea how long a piece of cave bacon like that has been forming?

Oh, probably hundreds if not thousands of years.


That's a long time to wait for bacon.

Dalton says she enjoys her job just as much today as when she started more than seven years ago.

What's the best part of what you do?

There's a rich history here.

And it's something that you don't get to see every day.

So just seeing the awe and the wonder on people's faces when they co in and see this for the first time, it's-- it's pretty amazing.

// so if you find yourself in the general vicinity of eastern tennessee, you might wanna stop by and check out this american wonder.

M chip reid with my illustrious guide, savannah daon 140 feet below sweetwater tennessee.

We'll be right back to wrap things lot tap a lot on tap for monday's show,


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