Ruck Endurance Challenge at Keesler Air Force Base

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Ruck Endurance Challenge at Keesler Air Force Base

Ruck Endurance Challenge at Keesler Air Force Base

Service members at Keesler Air Force competed against each other earlier today to test their skills and endurance.


- servicemembers at keesler air - force base competed - against each other earlier toda- to test thir skills and - endurance.- news 25's grant chighizola has- more on just what they did.

- - endurance.


- - - - teamwork.

- military service members put- those traits on display during- the second-ever defenders ruck- challenge and obstacle course - at keesler air force base.- participants had to achieve - certain objectives with their - teams on a set course.- stand up- "one of the key components of today's challenge was the ammo- can carry."

Sot-staff sgt jasmine castaneda- 81st security forces- squadron- "it consists of two laps around you come back in you do some- team endurance, and - then you ammo carry across the- way, do a tire flip down the- track, come over and do - some pull-ups, jumping squats - and then another two laps for - finish.

- 11 teams and approximately 60 - airmen and marines from - across the base participated in- the event, hosted by the- - - - 81st security forces squadron.- staff sergeant jasmine cast-en-- u-la says the different - obstacles and team events make- the event a tough one.- sot-jasmine castaneda - "people tend to underestimate certain obstacle courses and a- lot of ups and- downs, but when you have to - bring multiple people in with - you, make sure they're with - you the entire way for a full 2- minutes, it gets a little - - - - difficult, because some people- get more fatigued quicker than- the others, and you gotta make- sure you keep - your team together."

For some, like airman basic - charles davidson, one - particular part of the event is- tougher than the others.- sot-airman basic charles- davidson, participant - "the tire flip.

It's a lot of weight, it goes on the plane so- you know it's heavy.

So that's- all i'm - worried about, but you know,- other than that i'm just focuse- on getting it done.'- still, the concept of teamwork- is what pushed the- contestants across the finish - line and made the event a - memorable one.- sot-charles davidson- "without teamwork you can't really get anything - accomplished.

- teamwork gets everything done."

At keesler air force

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