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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - August 19, 2019

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - August 19, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - August 19, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - August 19, 2019

For thanks for joing us tonight... a new crop could mean more than a hundred new jobs in west alabama.

Industrial hemp could be making its way back to southern fields, and tonight leaders in vernon had a chance to hear from a company that wants to make lamar county a center for production..

Quentin smith sat i too.

He joins us in the studio.

So quentin what are city leaders saying?

Scott they're excited because of the amount of revenue and opportunities this project could potentially bring.... with this new project... it takes hemp from being a seed in the field... processes it... and makes a final product with it... then distributes it all across the world... after hearing the presentation... city leaders say they need still need time to decide... before cashing in on this new cash crop... farmers in mississippi and alabama could soon have a new cash crop.... the recent farm bill passed that by congress, lifted restrictions on the growing of industrial hemp, leaving the decision and regulations up to the states.

" it's not a drug.

Hemp he' actually a totally different bush than marijuana.

Marijuana is where your drug.

Hemp is where we make products."

Greg lowery is the founding director of bama bio tech corporation and is looking to set up manufacturing facilities in west alabama that will distribute hemp all across the world.

On monday he made his pitch to leaders in lamar county.

Phase 1 would include a facility that produces c-b-d oil.

And phase 2 would be a facility that extracts fibers from the plant.

" we've taken all of the ris and all of the elements out of the farmers hand.

The biggest problem the farmer was worried about was would there be too much thc in this plant, then all of a sudden here's the face burning up my fields.

We have genetically altered fees that will not produce the thc in the hemp plant that we need for the criteria for the products they were going to make."

Lowery says the potential plan is something that'll be very lucrative to farmers.

" what you are going to do i you're going to plan us 3800 plants and 1 acre.

That 1 acre is going to produce about 4000 pounds.

Four thousand pounds per acre, 3800 pounds.

You do the math, $20 a pound, that's about 80 grand."

But not only would farmers be able to cash would municipalities.

The plan includes setting up facilities in fayette and marion counties as well.

The first phase of the project is expected bring in roughly 120 jobs to the area.

Now, vernon mayor glenn crawford says it's an idea the board is strongly considering.

" the possibility of bringing a economic development project into this area, for us, is going to kind of be a moot point.

We're going to be excited about it., a lot of jobs are being offered out there and if we can get a small part of it that's what we're going to do."

So far none of the municipalities included in the plan have agreed to move forward with the project, but they are expressing strong interest.

The plan it's for the company to set up a corporate office in fayette county.

If everything comes to fruition... lowery says it'll take them 150 days to get their first facility up and running.

One of the races getting a lot of attention heading into next week's runoff is the gop battle for attorney general// two-term state treasurer lynn fitch got 44- percent in the republican primary while attorney andy taggart picked up 29-percent// courtney ann jackson has the latest on what the candidates have to say heading into the home stretch// lynn fitch is pitching a platform that she's ready to serve from day one---without a learning curve.

"if you've got the intersectio of policy and law and finance and're ready to go and that's the person you want to start with you on day one."

Andy taggart says it's his life and career experiences that have prepared him.

"for 34 years, i've been a active courtroom advocate which is what i think the people of mississippi deserve in their attorney general."

Taggart believes the key distinguishing factor between the two is that he's a practicing attorney---including being hired by three governors to defend the state's laws.

"so, i've served in the role o the attorney general when the attorney general wouldn't."

Meanwhile, fitch doesn't think that's an issue.

"people understand th practice of law is very wide and i've been involved in so many different arenas that touch people's lives everyday."

In the way of strategy---both are trying to position themselves as the most conservative.

Fitch--- aligning with the president.

"it's going to be important fo me to work very lock-step with the president.

I'm going to be working with president trump and his administration."

Taggart---claiming fitch is getting campaign money from the same people who donated to clinton and hood.

"it's a clear indication that i my opponent is elected, it's going to be four more years of what he had for the last 16 years.

I think the people of mississippi are ready for a conservative attorney general."

Taggart has received the endorsement from their primary challenger--mark baker.

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news first look stinger first look summary: chances for a storm or two continue through wednesday with increased chances for rain for the end of the week and into the weekend.

Temperatures will slowly decrease as we go into the weekend.

Monday night: a lingering shower is possible before midnight with lows in the low a former lowndes county deputy will be in court on the áotherá side of the room// today, a lowndes county grand jury indicted eli perrigin on charges of grand larceny and malicious mischief// the charges stem from an april incident// perrigin is accused of entering a house he had once owned, taking several items from the home, and then allegedly vandalizing the home and property// a 12-year-old will be processed in youth court after deputies allege the juvenile threatened to shoot up nettleton school// lee county sheriff jim johnson says the department got a tip about that threat// investigators say several other juveniles were also involved// as a precaution there were extra police at the school today// this threat comes after the sheriff's department also investigated social media threats on august 16 at okolona and shannon schools// those campuses were put on a partial lockdown last week// three teens connected to that threat will appear in youth court at a later date// johnson says the department will continue to monitor the situation and take steps necessary to keep school campuses safe// the recent rash of threats made on social media and through text messages has shaken students, educators and law enforcement// our cash matlock talks with law enforcement and prosecutors about the type of charges the kids could face// oktibbeha county sheriff steve gladney says, so far, he hasn't had to put any of his schools on lockdown due to threats of terrorism.

However he ready to prosecute anyone who calls in a threat, even if it's a child.

"these people have t understand, this is not a joke.

We are not going to take it as a joke.

We're going to do everything we can to find out who's calling these threats in.

With the technology today, we're going to do that."

Area youth court prosecutor mark jackson says there's actually a new state law regarding threats.

"they passed a law for th mississippi terroristic threats law.

That is a felony offence if committed by someone that's over eighteen.

If an adult commits that, it's a zero to ten year felony.

As a juvenile, however, what they would do is come to youth court, and we would determine whether or not they've committed what we call a delinquent act."

Jackson says juveniles who break this law are usually not tried as adults, but they still face a series of consequences.

"the youth court judge ha the option to give them probation, but they can also give them detention here in the lowndes county detention center.... a huge amount of restitution that's owed involving law enforcement having to come out and search, close the school down for a day.

I know that is something that sometimes has even more deterrent value than even spending a week or two in detention.

You've got to pay back thousands and thousands of dollars to reimburse the county for having to do this investigation."

Jackson and gladney say most of the time, kids do not understand the severity of their actions.

"frequently, the defense is ' was never going to do anything,' or 'i didn't have a bomb,' or 'i didn't have a way to carry this out.'" "don't let your friends tal you into doing stuff that you're going to be sorry for later or that's going to cost your parents a lot of money to get you out of it."

If you or anyone you know receives word of a threat... gladney says sharing the information on facebook should be the last thing you do.

"make sure that la enforcement is notified.

We'll make sure the proper authorities are notified.

Just be smart.

Don't do it."

Jackson says usually the only way a minor would be tried as an adult in a situation like this is if they do indeed have the means carry out a threat..

Or if they have long history with youth court.

Stinger wx open summary: chances for a storm or two continue through wednesday with increased chances for rain for the end of the week and into the weekend.

Temperatures will slowly decrease as we go into the weekend.

Monday night: a lingering shower is possible before midnight with lows in the low to mid 70s.

Tuesday- wednesday: spotty showers and storms are possible, but not everyone will see rain.

Highs will stay in the mid 90s with heat index values over 100.

Any rain will cool you down a bit, but most of us will stay hot.

Thursday- sunday: rain chances increase by the end of the week and into the weekend.

These days won't be complete washouts, but it's likely that everyone will see at least some rain.

Make sure you grab the umbrella and a rain jacket as high school football season kicks off.

Highs will be a little there's only áoneá way to top 3 state championships in a row... is the green wave ready?

We find out later in even though we're still battling the summer heat you might want to get prepared for pesky fall allergies// you might typically think of spring time allergies but in the fall there can be a whole other round of triggers// we learn more in our health talk with baptist// what causes seasonal allergies and who gets them?

Hi, i'm dr. justin garner.

I'm part of the otylaryngology team at baptist memorial hospital golden triangle.

For many people, they find that fall has arrived and the bloom of spring and summer have faded, but they're still sneezing and sniffling.

Fall allergy triggers are different, but they can cause just as many symptoms as spring and summer.

Like all allergies, hay fever stems from a glitch in the immune system.

Instead of attacking harmful foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses, it tries to neutralize the allergens that are ordinarily quite harmless.

In this case, weed pollen grains and other substances that fill the air from august to october.

For someone with hay fever, inhaling these substances triggers an avalanche of actions resulting in the release of histamine, which causes sneezing, congestion and fatigue, coughing, post-nasal drip, itchy eyes, dark circles and asthma attacks.

Many plants can cause hay fever.

The many varieties of ragweed that grow in north america are the biggest threat.

Though the weed starts releasing pollen with cool nights and warm days in august, it can last until september or october.

Three- fourths of people who are allergic to spring plants are allergic to ragweed.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist where we will discuss some of the other fall allergy triggers.

Mail your topic suggestions to health talk at wcbi dot com.

Health talk has been brought to you by baptist memorial hospital golden triangle.

Stinger less than five stops left on the high school football up, the defending 5-a state champs...that preview is next in sports spx open the final week of the high school football tour could only begin with a reigning champion..make that three-time reigning state champions, the west point green wave new faces will look to continue the winning tradition into 2019... ááábillboardááá not one.

Not two.

But three straight seasons.

Three straight state championships.

The dynasty rolls on in west point, but the celebration doesn't last long.

"ya, we win one, we celebrat for twenty four hours, then the next monday we're back in the weight room."

"we let them know prett quick that it's in the past.

Enjoy it, have fun with it, but it's in the past.

People are going to know you from what you're doing now, not what you've done for me earlier.

So are guys have done a good job understanding that, and working hard, and wanting to make a name for themselves also."

The green wave will be faced with a lot of turnover, as another big and talented senior class takes their title rings elsewhere.

But the west point way is reloading, not rebuilding, and head coach chris chambless says it gives new names the chance to step up.

"they want to prove to peopl that they can play, and that want people to learn their names.

They want people to know who they are, and they'll step up for us."

"it's just business as usual.

W had young guys struggling, trying to get to the spot where we at, so we have to tell them to remain humble.

Your time will come, everything will fall in place, let the coaches handle, do what their job do."

Chambless' bunch will be tested early, with matchups with defending champions horn lake and louisville, as well as starkville, tupelo, and noxubee in the the nonconference the green wave have never shied-away from competition, and will need the extra experience for a tough division race to the postseason "we need that game experienc before we get into district play.

So, that's why i want to play that extra game, we're not going to get any better sitting at the house.

Our guys need game reps.

They know we look at these games like, yeah, we know it's going to be tough, but we're going to have to get as good as we can going into district play to have a chance.

That's what our guys are shooting for."

"after that oxford game everyone has been looking down on us, but this season we're going to show them.

In the spring, we were young, because a lot of guys were learning new positions, but now, they've got them down pat."

"we don't pay attention to n rank.

That just motivate us.

We're not ranked, so we'll go even harder."

With west point on the high school football tour, tom eble, wcbi sports.

áábillboardááá after today, only three stops to go on our 60 in 60 marathon tuesday stop #58 checks in with the tupelo golden wave coming up on wednesday, to starkville we go to preview the yellowjackets and then closing the tour out on thursday brings it back to columbus for stop #60 with the falcons watch any stops you may have missed this summer on our website at down in scooba, east mississippi held its annual football media day as the lions prepare to not only defend a national championship... but set out to 3- peat.

Emcc is once again loaded with talent especially at the wide receiver position featuring west point's jason brownlee, pontotoc's austin morphis and noxubee's rashad eades to name a few.

Head coach buddy stephens feels this is a deeply talented group that can help spearhead the title run this season.

"i think our wide receivers ar probably one of our strong suits because i think we have so many talented guys.

The dropoff from ones to twos in not very much at all.

Really it is from 1a to 1b.

It's a really good bunch of guys that really push each other.

They'll race to go see who's first in line at the cafeteria.

It's a very competive bunch that'll lend itself for them to push each other and for us to get the maximum out of that group this year."

The lions enter the season as the #1 ranked team in the n-j-c- a-a preseason rankings.



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