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Tuesday, 13 April 2021


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Us, and good night.

Thanks for joing us..

A boil water notice remains in effect for the city of starkville through saturday.

The boil water notice comes after a contractor for atmos energy hit a main waterline yesterday afternoon, causing a water shutdown for much of south starkville..

Mayor lynn spruill says the line wasn't just broken but was split down a 20 ft long pipe.

The repairs took 14 hours.

Spruill says the size of the leak made it harder to isolate, causing the majority of the water tanks in town to drain, and most of the city to lose pressure..

Water samples have been taken to jackson for testing that boil water notice is having a big impact on everyone, including businesses.

Grocery stores have been swamped with people trying to stock up on drinks for themselves, and in some cases, others.

Rylie livingston is live in starkville with more on how people are coping until the all clear comes..

Aundrea, residents are trying to continue as normal but they are running into some challenges.

"oh my gosh i got here at o'clock and it hasn't stopped since 6 o'clock.

A city-wide boil water notice after wednesday's water outage has caused a different sort of outage on grocery shelves..

Employees at vowell's market place say their water jugs went first but other beverages are quickly being sold.

"it's water, coke, tea, sprite the restaurants are coming out because they can't use any of their water.

I guess you can call it panic almost because they're not just buying one there buying like 6... 10... carts full."

Local restaurants say it's a challenge, but they still have to keep the drinks flowing..

"we've had to take time off t go buy the products bring them back change our pricing structure on different things and it's just a different animal that we had to do it today.

We can't make tea today because you know it's made with water any of our coca-cola products from the fountain machines all of those are off today."

And there was a bigger concern - taking care of students across the city..

"we tweet it out and text it ou this this morning between the starkville academy and starkville school district.

You know if you can send your kid with a couple bottles of water.

I called robert clark this morning and asked him if there was some way he could help and they are donating 2500 bottles of water to all the schools total number of water in quanties of like 400 or 500 that kind of thing to the schools."

Mayor lynn spruill says she understands people's frustrations and is doing what she can to answer questions.

"i did what i normally try to d anytime we have something going on in the city and this one was a massive deal so i just dedicated myself all night to responding to those questions.

I try next door and on facebook and on the city's website on my facebook page and even on my property management website to get all those things out there so questions i need to answered them."

Mayor spruill says she will continue posting updates to social media and the city website.

Reporting live in starkville - rylie livingston wcbi news..

A major expansion at bancorpsouth is bringing new, high -tech jobs to lee county..

The mississippi based bank is also investing millions of dollars.

Allie martin has more on what this means for the area.

Nats from gov.

"we came up here today fo this special announcement, to bring 100 new jobs to tupelo."

Those jobs are part of a 15 million dollar expansion project at bancorpsouth's jackson street operations campus.

Nats groundbreaking ceremony the project will add more space for the new employees, who work in the data and information processing center.

It will also reconfigure the existing office space, to make it more efficient for the new hires and 700 or so employees currently working at the jackson street campus.

"we've got people out here no only doing the programming and making sure our systems are secure, but also talking to the customers and also taking care of just daily processing, we service more than 20 million dollars in loans in this facility, we have more than 500 thousand cards, debit, credit across the system and people expect those cards to work, so we have folks here taking care of all that technology."

Standup bridge the city of tupelo's major thoroughfare program will be a big boost for the bank's expansion plans.

This part of jackson street will be improved and by the bank, dedicated turn lanes will be added.

It will ease traffic not only for bancorpsouth employees, but also for the public.

"it is a great public - privat partnership, we have state assistance on the infrastructure improvement, road expansion on jackson, here, but i am so proud of tupelo major thoroughfare committee, volunteers, joining in economic development and putting funds by the expansion.

" the mississippi development authority is providing a 750 thousand dollar grant to help with the cost of the road improvements.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news earlier this year, tupelo was named "bank cit usa" by th american bankers association.

Tupelo received that honor because bancorpsouth and renasant bank, are headquartered in the all america city.

First look stinger first look summary: rain chances increase for the end of the week and into the weekend.

If you have any plans for saturday or sunday, you may want to have a backup plan.

Temperatures will be in the upper 80s for the weekend.

Thursday night: a shower or two is two more people are facing charges in a tupelo murder investigation.

53-year-old ricky mallory of tupelo and 45- year-old and ryksie brown of nettleton are charged with accessory after the fact in the murder of kelly conway earlier this month..

Conway's body was found in a small home attached to an apartment on eisenhower drive.

Mallory's bond is set at 100- thousand dollars and brown's bond is set at 50- thousand dollars.

Ambra zinn was arrested and charged with murder in the case.

She is being held without bond.

Wipe to gfx a sex offender police were looking for after conducting address compliance checks is back in jail.

40-year-old ormega smith turned himself into the lowndes county sheriff's office today.

Over the last two weeks the sheriff's office and u-s marshal's were checking to make sure registered sex offenders were living at the addresses listed.

Five men were not.

Four were arrested after warrants were issued.

Smith also had a warrant for failure to appear..

Wipe to vo attorneys for an ole miss student accused of murder make a surprise move in court today.

Brandon theesfeld's defense team was expected to ask a lafayette county judge to set bond.

Instead they requested a psychological evaluation.

Theesfeld is accused of murdering fellow student ally kostial.

Kostial was found dead, near sardis lake, with multiple gunshot wounds last month.

Theesfeld has been held in jail, without bond, since july.

Authorities have not detailed the relationship between theesfeld and kostial, but friends describe it as "complicated.

The mississippi supreme court upholds a columbus man's murder conviction.

Derrick nelson was convicted of shooting and killing willie hood jr. the shooting happened at a graduation party on may 4, 2013 on pine street.

The state court of appeals reversed the conviction last october and ordered a new trial.

This ruling by the state supreme court overturns that decision.

Nelson will serve life in prison.

Stinger a candidate for governor makes a last minute push through north mississippi..

We catch up with welcome back..

Lieutenant governor tate reeves is showing support for his supporters..

Reeves thanked volunteers at his tupelo campaign headquarters, as he made a swing through northeast mississippi..

Voters head back to the polls next tuesday to decide a runoff between reeves and former state supreme court chief justice bill waller.

Reeves is staying on message through the runoff.

"i don't believe we should hav obamacare expansion in mississippi, in fact i think obamacare was a mistake, judge waller would like to expand obamacare so that 300 thousand more people are on the rolls in mississippi, i am opposed to raising taxes, i think your taxes are too high, judge waller has supported raising the gas tax as much as twelve cents a gallon , which is a 240 million dollar tax increase on hard working mississippi families."

" the winner of the republican primary runoff faces democrat jim hood in november.

Stinger weather open summary: rain chances increase for the end of the week and into the weekend.

If you have any plans for saturday or sunday, you may want to have a backup plan.

Temperatures will be in the upper 80s for the weekend.

Thursday night: a shower or two is possible, otherwise partly cloudy.

Lows will be in the low 70s.

Friday: more widespread showers and storms likely by friday afternoon, so bring the umbrella into work.

Highs will be near 90.

Saturday- sunday: widespread showers and storms continue through the weekend.

It won't rain constantly, but it's likely that everyone will see some rain at some point each day.

Rain will help to keep us a little cooler with highs in the upper 80s.

Monday- thursday: chances for scattered showers and storms continue into early next week with afternoon temperatures staying in the mid to upper 80s.

Summary: rain chances increase for the end of the week and into the weekend.

If you have any plans for saturday or sunday, you may want to have a backup plan.

Temperatures will be in the upper 80s for the weekend.

Thursday night: a shower or two is the bulldogs have chosen who'll lead the offense in week one more from joe moorhead on the nine days before kickoff...mississip pi state and joe moorhead finally put an end to the quarterback competition tommy stevens has been named starting quarterback for week one..the grad transfer senior given the nod over keytoan thompson moorhead says "tommy jumped out of the gat strong at the beginning of camp...closing into the first scrimmage kt kind of closed the gap and had a real nice first scrimmage.

From that point forward tommy created a separation and continued to do that towards the end of camp.

So we told both guys and informed the team that tommy stevens has earned the right to be the starting quarterback for us this year.

Certainly are excited about what kt did and how he performed and going to be an asset for us.

Were gonna need him to win a game for us this year."

Mississippi state senior offensive lineman tommy champion was arrested wednesday champion was charged with speeding and driving with a suspended license...champio n was arrested for driving with a suspended license with no insurance back in march as well the dispatch's ben portnoy was the first to report.

Legendary head coach mc miller's retirement didn't last long...former louisville head coach is back in the game.... miller joining newton high school's staff as defensive coordinator miller will be teaming up with head coach zachare grady, who was a former player of his at louisville the final stop on the high school football tour checks in with the columbus falcons... columbus high will have endured three straight years seasons of a new head coach...but the feeling around the practice field is third times a charm, as the falcons will be lead by someone who knows what it's like to win... áábillboardááá josh pulphus knows how to win.... the former west point assistant takes over as head coach in columbus....leading a football program in need of a championship mindset.

The falcons coming off a winless season in 2018..but pulphus says you wouldn't know it from how hard his team has worked in the offseason.

"the thing about life an football is, we seem to treat failure as a form of keeping you down.

These guys have embraced it.

They've learned from the mistakes they've made this past year, and they are learning and happy about trying to move forward."

"oh man, i've seen a lot o growth.

Last year we were down, down, i'm talking like playing in practice and everything, playing around in practice.

This year, he ain't going for that.

He's trying to make sure we're better, get to where we want to be."

"he comes to work every day motivation.

He motivates us.

We just come out here and work hard every day."

Ethan conner will lead the offense for the falcons this year, surrounded by plenty of young talent that experienced the tough times over the past two seasons.

Pulphus says it's not a matter of if, but when, for columbus to break out of its slump.

"you got to have breaks you've got to have breaks.

Football is a game about breaks.

Going back to west point last year, we played two games, we got two big breaks in the special teams. so columbus, they're waiting and they're due for the chance to succeed and they're just waiting on their big break."

Columbus will experience a change of scenery, moving down to class 5a in 2019..but it doesn't get any easier the falcons will have to go through the likes of west point and lafayette in region 1- 5a.

"west point is still the kin because they're the reigning champs, but the old saying, they're the champs until you knock them out.

And lafayette was a strong number two.

We got our hands full, but we can control what we can control.

As long as we play hard and let the chips fall as they may, we'll be alright."

"one game at a time, baby, on game at a time.

I can't explain anything else, one game at a time.

Make sure we get our plans straight, be in there watching film.

Make sure we get everything down."

Columbus begins it's season on the road friday at provine.

With the falcons on the high school football tour, tom eble,


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