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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - August 29, 2019 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 29, 2019 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 29, 2019 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) A unique summer camp caters to children with physical problems. And a boy is traumatized by a closet door that opens by itself.

Uniq cam a unique camp in maryland brings together a group of kids with similar differences.

Bofta yimam introduces us to the campers.

Deep in the woods of monkton, maryland, sophia mortenson and maddie bynion are on a mission --- to conquer this obstacle course.

It's hard but i still do it nats zipline the two friends..

Enjoy a good challenge... nats ready for camp song this is camp open arms. a camp for children who have limb differences.

Sophia was born without a critical bone in her left arm... maddie is missing her left hand.

It's pretty hard because i just want to be seen not that i'm different just cause we're a little bit different doesn't mean we can't do things you guys can do nats group 2 doctor joshua abzug is with university of maryland children's hospital..

He created the camp five years ago to provide a safe... nurturing... and inclusive environment.

We really see that children with a limb difference are affected well beyond the physical difference they have //you see the physical side and we don't always spend a lot of time discussing the emotional side the camp started with six children..

Now there are more than 30 campers.

Our long term goal is to just give back to these children and their families without this camp i don't think she would have a community of people she could see herself in just trying these new things that she hasn't had an opportunity to do before/// giving her the confidence and helping her grow in that and know she can do it just like other kids can do it campers are also encouraged to support and learn from each other.

Sometimes you see kids with things that are worse than yours and you are like wow, my problem isnt really that big of a deal.

Maddie and sophia formed their camp bond a few years ago&now they attend every year ..

Bofta question : what else attracted you to each other maddie: i thought she was kind of funny// bofta to sophia: are you funny?

Sophia: i guess so , bofta laughs the friends plan to keep coming back..

And eventually serve as counselors & nats how about we just it upside down on your guys, kids laughing so they can give back what camp has given them.

Bofta yimam, cbs news, monkton, maryland it's estimated that 15-hundred children are born with limb differences every year in the us.

Sometimes a new house or a new room can be a little scary.

That's why one 6 year old and his mom turned to the professionals for help.

Angela rose has that story.

Hayden/ six years old: "i was scared and i didn't kno what to do either."

Hayden's mom and sister were telling him good night when they say hayden's attic door randomly opened.

Amanda williams/ hayden's mother: "he started to get some ba thoughts.

He has accidentally seen some trailers with some movies i won't name since he's sitting right here.

But he started to imagine they were in his bedroom."

Hayden's mom thinks it happened due to the way air circulates in the home or other doors being shut.

But that wasn't a good enough explanation for hayden.

This is the first time he has his own room and so he wanted police to come by and check it out.


Despite his mom's efforts in consoling and trying to convince him the house is safe.

Amanda williams: "i kinda maybe thought for little bit that i was going to inconvenience an officer because obviously their job is demanding.

And i didn't know if they would think it was silly."

But in order to convince hayden that he was safe.


He and his mom went to the eldridge police station.


Where hayden told an officer he was having trouble sleeping at night.

Officer bruce schwartz/ eldridge police "they asked if i'd come over an check the house out.

And i said sure.

So i went and looked around the house a little bit."

Thankfully officer schwartz didn't find anything scary hayden should be worried about.

Hayden says he's been happy and able to sleep at night ever since officer schwartz gave him a tip to dream about being a cowboy.

Hayden: "he always thinks abou dreaming about being a cowboy."

Reporter: "did you try that?

Hayden: "i'm falling asleep.

Not only does hayden feel safe enough to sleep.

But loves playing in the attic.

Officer bruce schwartz: "i'm definitely not special.

An one of our officers would have done the exact same thing.

We do this job for that reason, to help people."

Officer schwartz also met hayden on his first day of school to check on him and make sure he was feeling better.

Hayden "it was a good day on the firs day of school.

And on the second day, today, it was good too .

And i bet tomorrow is going to be a good day."

Sometimes it is amazing the lengths that people will go to for others.

Steve hartman has the story of a little boy who lives in a world ..

All his own.

But he's not lonely... not anymore.

Aside from immediate family, no one is allowed in the house to see 3-year-old quinn waters.

And, more importantly - quinn can't go out.

Bite jarlath and tara "jarlath we basically keep him in a bubble just as a precaution.

Tara: even a common cold could be something that will bring him back into the hospital."

Parents jarlath and tara waters of weymouth, massachusetts say quinn's natural immunity was temporarily wiped out after he got a stem cell transplant to treat his brain cancer.

Nat quinn home video singing "we are the champions.

Fortunately, the kid is a champ - who has retained a mostly positive attitude.

Nat quinn and tara at home "tara: want a drink o anything, dude?

Quinn: no thank you.

" but it still stinks.

Bite tara "he sees all of thi happening and he knows he's stuck inside.

And there would be days& " &days when quinn is literally pounding to get out.

Std-up unfortunately, staring out a window is a poor substitute for walking out a door.

For the last 2 months, quinn's connection to the outside world has been limited to whoever passes by&which hasn't been all that limiting, actually.

Bite jarlath "i started out with family members coming to the window."

Then the neighbors started showing up to entertain -- with non- contact art projects and other stupid human tricks.

Next the police caught wind -- and pretty soon topnotch performers were just showing up on quinn's front lawn.

Nat theatre group bite jarlath "steve: it ha turned into a vaudeville stage out there.

Jarlath: yea, the window kind of became his window on the world."

Today, you never know what might happen by.

One minute it could be a dog parade - the next, a team of irish step dancers - everyone brought together by word of mouth and a will to help quinn get better.

Nat which his parents say - áisá happening.

Bite jarlath "it' the positive energy from all these people that we believe has gotten him through his sickness, you know.

You can never repay, you know , just maybe pay it forward."

Being indebted has never felt so fortunate.

Nat singing mighty quinn steve hartman, on the road, in weymouth, massachusetts.


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