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Friday, 18 June 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - August 30, 2019 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 30, 2019 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 30, 2019 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) San Francisco's famous fog has its own name and Twitter account!

And pint-sized tennis champion Coco Gauff came to prominence by defeating her own idol Venus Williams. We'll hear what's she up to next.

And a tennis pioneer receives a long-overdue honor.

It un it sound like something out of a movie, set in one of the most beautiful cities in the u.s. there's a beast on the prowl in one city-- devouring everything in its path.

John blackstone reports this beast has its own twitter account.

In san francisco it's a typical summer day.

The fog is in.

High points on buildings and bridges may poke into the sun.

But much of the city is engulfed in gray& 1:50:28 tourist: foggy !!!


&presenting a challenge for tourists searching for that perfect picture of the golden gate bridge.

1:49:41 tourist: the main thing is the golden gate.

Jb: the golden gate?

Where - where is -- woman where is it?!

Jb to tourists standing by "scenic overlook" sig where's the golden gate bridge?

Tourist: i have no idea.

While this weather pattern may disappoint some& 2:01:30 father: we came to enjoy the view.

&many others are now on a first name basis with san francisco's fog.

2:02:20 kaylee parkins & i know that karl-the-fog& jb: who?!

Parkins: karl.

Jb: who's karl?

Parkins: the fog!

32:05 mike pechner, meterologist walking in fog w/jb: karl-the-fog came out of the fog from some place this year and now it's gone viral on twitter karl-the-fog has 360,000 followers.

This weather system also posts selfies on instagram proudly showing his impact on the city.

And now karl is a published author with a book of photos and wisdom.

But in all this there is one big mist-ery.

The human behind karl remains firmly anonymous.

27:23 steve mockus, chronicle books editor: i can't tell you anything.

Steve mockus, the editor of karl's book, is one of the few people who knows his true identity.

25:48 jb how do we know that karl isn't some part of a russian disinformation campaign aimed at dividing us?

Mockus: he's very kind.

Kind enough to pull back from time to time providing a picture perfect setting&as long as you're quick.

1:54:00 : here i am, here i am get in the picture ok.

There we are - smile everybody.

And when the picture isn't perfect, at least we can now blame karl&but who is he really?

Sorry, i haven't the foggiest.

Jb cbs e to she took wimbleton by storm, defeating her idol venus williams. co gauff is only 15 years old.

This week she is playing in the us open.

And, she is appreciative of all of the women in tennis.

Co went out in the fourth round at wimbleton.

This is the first time she has played in the us open.

At the u.s. open earlier this week, a tennis pioneer received a long overdue honor, when a monument to althea gibson was unveiled.

In the 1950s, gibson became the first black player to win a major championship.

It wasn't easy for her back then, as maurice dubois found out-- from one of gibson's closest friends.

Althea gibson was talented on the court, but lonely off it & in 1955, she met her match in angela buxton, england's top player & angela buxton: 12:34:41;07 alone played with her in her own country.

//12:35:08;10 // buxton is jewish and back then wasn't embraced either.

Angela buxton 13:11:37;23 // not once did the british girls that had that invitation with me invite me to join them for a meal.

Not once.// the similar indignities created a bond angela buxton 12:30:33;13 //we befriended each other and-// and we got closer and closer.// they became doubles partners & and won two major titles in 1956 & one newspaper reported the historic feat with a two word headline - "minorities win.

Angela buxton: 13:06:51;10// they had to say something.// the very, very smallest thing they could.//their decades long friendship would be tested in 1995 when a 68-year old gibson called buxton out of the blue & angela buxton: 12:47:56;18 // she said, "well, i've run out o money, and i can't stand it any longer.

So i've decided to kill myself."

Maurice dubois: she said those words?

Angela buxton: yeah.

"so i' phoning to say goodbye."

Yeah gibson was sick and couldn't afford medicine or rent.

At the time, players weren't allowed to make money from sponsors.

Buxton published a letter in a popular tennis magazine about gibson's plight & fans responded with almost one million dollars in donations & angela buxton: 12:54:37;07 // that's a miracle."

Maurice dubois: you saved your friend's life.

Angela buxton: yes.

Gibson died in 2003.

Today, 85 year old angela buxton was happy to travel across the pond to attend the ceremony honoring the memory of her friend.& angela buxton: 13:05:42;08 // the hotels may say on the outside, "no black allowed," or- o jews, for-- for that matter.

The same with water fountains.

"no black allowed to use 'em."

// and al that nonsense she had to face.

You know?

Maurice dubois: and then to get an honor like this-- angela buxton: yeah.


So she-- she got a last laugh.

Maurice dubois & cbs news & new york.



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