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Friday, 18 June 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - August 30, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 30, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 30, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, WCBI Sports Director Tom Eble joins us to discuss what to expect for both high school and college football this fall!

And a depressed little boy gets cheered up by his big brother dressed in an array of colorful costumes.

?footll i football is back.

Sports director tom eble is here.

And, we'll meet our next educator of the week.

Plus, first black player to win a major championship is honored at the u.s. open.

Midmorning starts right now.

It thati it's that time of year again -- fans flocking to couches -- bars -- or stadiums -- to watch their favorite football teams. mary moloney has tips on how to kickoff the season -- in a healthy way.

"go cowboys whether you're a pro fan -- cheer for your favorite college team -- "woof woof woof or both -- football is back -- along with lots of unhealthy snacks.

So, how can fans watch the games and their waistlines?

Plan ahead -- workout before you spend the day on the couch or at the stadium -- and don't go hungry -- says psychologist rachel goldman -- who specializes in health and wellness.

Dr. rachel goldman / licensed psychologist: "a lot of peopl think, 'oh, i'm going to be out all day on sunday, i'm not going to eat breakfast, i'll save my calories for later' and that's really the worst thing people could do."

Goldman says eating a healthy meal instead of snacking throughout the day -- will also help keep you on the righttrack -- dr. rachel goldman / licensed psychologist: "the problem i when people are physiologically hungry and they're bored or mindless eating because they're watching tv and there's food in front of them it's easier to pick on things."

Staying active during the game can also help, goldman says -- dr. rachel goldman / licensed psychologist: "maybe durin commercials or during halftime maybe do mountain climbers or pushups or even to get up and stretch" even small changes this football season -- can be a big win for your health.

For today's health minute, im mary moloney players and coaches from all around our area are back on the field.

So is our sports team.

Endzone open music that our that's our set up for e wc for the wcbi endzone.

All summer our sports staff visits local schools, talking with players and coaches.

60 schools in 60 days ends with the first game.

Tom eble is our sports director.

This is week two - plus now you have college football.

Camara mccullom >> we love the nachos with cheese this is the time that we would see her at the station on internet where you guys working there still here but the grab i personally love all is always very exciting those guys are out there really trying to tell you that you just you want to come back with the teams at this point you know it's easy to see what happened week want to go home know what happened to your team that maybe disappointed week one or you expect a lot of things out of this really this is one of the nonconference is a lot like schedule higher valley looking for the top state going and comfortable to their liking about the white spaces different by quite interesting to see possibly, no venture with naked guy going to wear to of course the point of having a game really time a puzzle be who excelled here who felt fair they start off at one in four a play tougher team get the ball rolling by decision to see which team is really at the top ... chris waited a week you were out looking at the end to the active have for their game depending on their college football be followed to they are delay can find that we get out early this evening to where early august time to tell you what it back to the game look for jamboree it feels like terry and i every week your theme a gain of everyone there gain the what we do early on to paul's eventually all the games are two possible for eyes things like rivalry is still a sweet little a call article high for ... i'm the rivalry for those to get the most so many good rivalry sale now i was working like to help you and how big names to whomever out there we get older is that they came with us know what is going on and really makes friday night lights in the college football not so great for msu football fan where we came with that we do about the players ... saturday four and there are for a guy expecting people who were either heavily involved know i'm held saturday 've st h we've just had kick-off.

And already you know what people are talking about.

Not pumpkin spice.

Although they are talking about that.

But this - christmas is 4 months away.

That means for many of us... a lot of shopping is ahead of us.

Lauren becker tells us... it's never too early to start preparing your budget.

Stores may not look like this yet... filled with holiday shoppers.

But that's not stopping people from already stocking up their gifts.

Sot marilyn kostry/ holiday shopper: 20:35 haha i've already started shopping.

I shop now when i find my sales and put them in a special box.

20:43 track but others are holding off until the stores prepare for the season.

Sot woman: 22:28 i like to do that after thanksgiving.

I like each holiday to be its own holiday and season.

22:34 18:39 black friday.

I'm too broke!"

18:4 track it's an unfavorable time to your own finances... spending money left and right on gifts and vacations.

But financial expert matt carroll says the earlier you start planning... the better.

Sot matt carroll/ financial expert: 26:52 just make sure you are preparing ahead of time for it.

Now is the time to be thinking about where is my money go to go?

What are my priorities.

26:59 track he suggests creating a solid budget for how much you're able to spend.

Sot matt carroll/ financial expert: 25:09 if you spend your money on paper ahead of time, then there are really not that many surprises to be ready for that holiday season when it comes.

25:16 track not relying on debt to get you through the shopping is another way to curb those unwanted surprises.

Sot matt carroll/ financial expert: 25:27 it's tempting to want to put things on the credit card and then pay it off later with the tax return 25:33 track and to get the most bang for your buck... carroll suggests starting a separate fund at the bank specifically for holiday shopping.

Sot woman: 22:53 we used to do christmas clubs when i was a kid.

And it's been that way ever since.

22:57 sot marilyn kostry: 19:19 i'm very careful.

I don't do a lot.

My family, we just spend time together more than anything because that's what's most important.

19:25 all that said... many of us do a lot of our shopping online... which experts say can make it easier to overspend.

We'll be right back.

Enag had teenager had a unique idea for helping his little brother beat the back-to-school blues -- every day, big brother greets him at the bus stop in a different costume.

Johnston von springer has the story: -nats- most kids look forward to the bus ride home after a long day of school.

But max tingle enjoys his drop off for a totally different reason.

-nats- his older brother noah is waiting for him outside each day, donning anything from an lsu football uniform to today's firefighter outfit.

Noah tingle/surprises brother with costumes: "it's my las year high school and i saw he was coming off the bus when i was at home, so i just want to embarrass him."

Rain or shine -- noah makes sure he's out front when his brother's bus comes down the street.

-nats- usually, a warm embrace follows, but originally for max it wasn't something he totally looked forward to max tingle/noah's little brother: "at first i wa surprised and kind of embarrassed.

But now i'm just used to it."

And the costumed greeting has taken on a life of its own.

A facebook page now dedicated to the daily charade has hundreds of followers.

Noah tingle/surprises brother with costumes: "it's gotten lot bigger than i thought i would ever be.

I thought i would keep it going but i was expecting it to kind of be, you know, something me, my friends, my family, and a few other people we know to kind of catch on.

But for the amount of people that saw it and loved it, it was just crazy."

Teachers, students and strangers, even the bus driver, all checking in each day to see what exactly noah will be wearing.

From santa claus to max's favorite, chewbacca, its always a surprise until that bus pulls up i mean, the first outfit was just kind of some silly and then i started to come on more ideas.

But then, when my mom started posting them, people were donating different costumes and outfits so i just started using theirs."

A few weeks into the school year, noah doesn't know how much longer he'll keep his welcome home ritual going.

But before college starts calling next year, he wants to make sure max has plenty of good memories -- regardless of how goofy they may be.

Computer screens..

Ear phones..and jazz music... believe it or're about to step into a 7th grade class.

Here's renae skinner with our educator of the week.

Track: you're listening to the smooth sounds of a 7th grade language arts class at columbus middle school.

Sot: carla henry/7th grade teacher-- "the are working on their iready diagnostic...that is a program used to identify our students strengths as well as their weaknesses...and it assigns lessons for each individual student in order to meet their specific needs" track: instead of a jam session...a computer lesson... sot: carla henry/7th grade teacher--"thi week and last week we've been working a whole lot on main idea, identifying the main idea in writing.

So that's our focus...main idea and vocabulary."

Track: the composer?

Misses carla henry, also our educator of the week...who's learned to "jive pretty well, with her language arts class.

Sot:carla henry/7th grade teacher-- "relationship are the most important things that we as teachers can have with our students in our classrooms. when there is relationship first...i believe our students work harder for us...i believe they believe in themselves more and they just give it their all" track: trying their best venture out a little further...on their own... sot: carla henry/7th grade teacher--"the want some independence and they want to be seen as big kids, and mature kids, and responsible kids, but they're also still babies...they are still at that tender age."

Track: sort of like 8th grader kiya curry... sot:kiya curry/8th grader-- "everytime i com to her class i know that i am somebody and i can do anything i want and i don't have to be shy."

Track...who's learned, from mrs. henry, that as long as you have one teacher in your corner.... sot: kiya curry/8th grader--"she i our motivation, and we are somebody...even when somebody tells us we're not" track: you can succeed...go the distance... sot: kiya curry/8th grader--i just have to put my mind to it."

Track: and all that jazz" kiya curry nominated her favorite teacher....mrs. henry...who has inspired kiya to be a teacher when she grows up!

To nominate an educator visit wcbi dot com.

A texas school found the áperfect formulaá to improve test scores.

A math teacher decided to use music videos to engage his students.

His effort helped turn around the leadership academy at como elementary in fort worth, texas.

Mireya villarreal has the story.

Tm: get ready for school cause it's everywhere.

Take a good whiff cause it's all in the air."

Thomas mayfield is willing to do just about anything for his students.

Mayfield has been teaching math at the leadership academy at como elementary for a year& a school in a predominantly black neighborhood where the median family income is less than 19-thousand and more than 94% of the students are economically disadvantaged.

"the reputatio that is seen from outside doors would be-- high crime, low socioeconomic-- families.

Single parent homes."

Before mayfield came on board the school was at rock bottom.

Attendance was low.

Disciplinary action high& and their test scores were so bad they'd received an f- rating by the state.

If you do not get out of that hole, then yes, a state can decide to come in and take over your school.

Mv: so you guys were on the verge?

Vr: we were kno-- knockin' on that door.

-nats- mayfield calculated&by adding students and fellow teachers together in music videos& he could help kids love what they were learning.

Tm: there was a song that we first started out with.

Drake had a song.

// "i know way to many numbers here right now that i didn't know back then."

Mv: when you bust out like that, what's the reaction you get from the kids?

Tm: oh man.

And-- "mama, mama.

H know-- he know about drake.

He know about drake.

Principal rhines also credits adding an extra hour to each school day and offering families more after- school programs to como's transformation.

To sum it up&.

Vr: "...we jus got the official results we are officially a b campus again this year.

A school that can say they are starting on high note.

Mireya villarreal cbs news los angeles.


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