Keep an Eye Out for Investing Opportunities Post-Tariffs

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Keep an Eye Out for Investing Opportunities Post-Tariffs

Keep an Eye Out for Investing Opportunities Post-Tariffs

The trade war is still looming over the head of investors.

A fresh round of tariffs of $115 billion went into effect Sept.


"China has taken the unilateral decision to adopt aggressive industrial policy measures to steal or otherwise unfairly acquire the technology of its trading partners," the US said in a prepared defense last week.

"The United States has adopted tariff measures to try to obtain the elimination of China's unfair and distortive technology-transfer policies." President Trump then took to Twitter to talk about the tariffs and where the U.S.-China trade war stands at this point.

...And then, think what happens to China when I win.

Deal would get MUCH TOUGHER!

In the meantime, China's Supply Chain will crumble and businesses, jobs and money will be gone!

— Donald J.

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