The Hearing Connection: Sudden Deafness

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The Hearing Connection: Sudden Deafness
The Hearing Connection: Sudden Deafness

>> welcome back.imagine waking d suddenly you realize that you can't hear.

It can actually happen.

David newman from the hearing connection is here to talk more about it.

>> one of the things we try to do at the hearing connection is try to educate people.

A lot of times people come in and they don't know what question to ask and what happens is one or two people come in in their say can hear and that really is an emergency medical that you need to be aware of he and you need to go to the dr. or the emergency room.

That can be a virus in your cochlea and the hair follicles they can get disease and then you just wake up and you need to go to the emergency room to get treatment.

>> so, is this a preventable type of disease?

>> it is one of those things that can just happen.

So, a lot of people will confuse her with allergies.

It takes about 48 hours for it to be treated and steroids and things like that, it's something that really needs to be treated in an emergency level.

>> we are talking during the commercial break about how many people find out that can hear when they wake up in the morning.

>> i was shocked.

>> it's about one in every 5000.

If you think about that, there's going to be several cases a year that will happen in our community.

>> when people walk in if they happen to walk in the office whether they stumble accidentally, do you just tell them, please go to the emergency room.

>> ray.

They really need to see an ear nose and throat dr. and let them know, even it's not overly common, a lot of times people just go home and rest but it really does need to be treated in really

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