In the Kitchen: Caprese Salad

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In the Kitchen: Caprese Salad

In the Kitchen: Caprese Salad

NewsWatch 12's Alicia Rubin gives us a look at Caprese Salad made by the Jacksonville Inn.


Wants to make you can make different designs of the caprese the famous caprese salad, you're going to need the mozzarella that's in a log.

I go to sherm's food for less, and they're very good people, the olsruds support this valley.

They're wonderful they're friends of mine a very good people that, but you can get and then we'll, we'll pick a tomato pick it that you pick two tomatoes, whatever two tomatoes you want to pick up.

Okay, i like the striped one and do a golden.

Golden okay, so we'll take this, we're going to cut them.

Let's take the top part off here.


And basically, okay now you see, kind of almost like marbling and so on.

And the flavor is outstanding on this one here.

So we got a couple slices of this will take the bottom out of that.

And then we'll do a couple of slices of this your wife should be proud, these tomatoes are beautiful.

She's amazing.

She's a schoolteacher but in the summertime she's a farmer, which keeps her at home, which makes me happy.

Okay, so you've sliced tomatoes here, we have some sliced onions here, we have some basil here.

Okay, so we'll leave that alone.

And then so you take your you pieces of onion.

If you want, you can use your favorite vinaigrette.

Like this.

Balsamic vinegar to something just to put on the onion, if you want.

Ok, ok, to, to add a little you put it down, and you're going to repeat over again.


Yeah, you just continuing to layer, and you put that there.

Some of the chefs are some people like to just take whole leaves and work them in here they look really pretty like this.

Okay, you can impress your friends with this, i would be impressed.

This is a salad, so you can make individual plates like this.


And then we'll take one more slice alternated a just put a little bit on top like this, as they cut into the salad, they will they will get a bite of all this, right, you can put the pesto in between.

If you want and your stove and cook it down until you watch the viscosity until it turns into a honey, i also put a little bit of honey on.

Do this.

Oh, you're going to charge for this dinner.

50 bucks a head.

There you go, right there.


And and because it's the the the fruit of love, we put a few flowers, these are edible flowers are related to demonstations and so on.

And you put a few flowers.


Cooking must be done from only half a man's hunger, that's from kahlil gibran he's great poet.

And it's true, you have to cook from the heart here, you know the other thing that you can do.


We talked about being greek, because i'm greek, greek about things.

If you have a little bit of crumbled feta.

You can put it on there.

Oh wow.

It's not the end of the world.

The italians are not gonna invade greece over that.

More cheese the merrier.

Yeah, put it on there.

It's of these are available on our website

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