VIDEO Tour at 4: Pocono Mountains

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA - Published
VIDEO Tour at 4: Pocono Mountains
VIDEO Tour at 4: Pocono Mountains

Fort out of the >>i have a wfmz team up to right now his heart he wrote that.

I will now it is time for the tour.

4 is a brand new segment that we're start doing every friday.

We show you different seasonal happenings that are happening all around the region.

So we have mister james havel from the pocono mountain visitors everyone thank you for having me it's great to be the first one on the kicking us off to good one, especially this time of year to the poconos.

>>things are starting to transition to fall if you have dead because the some of the things that are happening up there now and the fall well right now we have a lot of opportunities for people to get outside.

>>to hit up the trails to enjoy nature we've got so many miles of trails and rivers and waterways that people can really connect with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

So many waterfalls that you can see up close and personal because a lot of trails access points.

You've got the ones in the delaware national were excuse me dollar water gap national recreation area.

It is a mouthful down there 3 months ago falls and england falls and then there's even bushkill falls which is called the nagra of pennsylvania perfect and people or so in the hiking in outdoors they can hop on a train you've got some cool ways to see the poconos on trains right right both jim thorpe and homes they'll.

>>2 areas that have bucolic downtown's really a store downtown's but also a lot to do from taking train excursions through the mountains along the river's check out the blazing foliage over these next 2 months or so that out there and really get into the downtown areas to art our towns really offer a lot of opportunities for people to enjoy to dine have some really nice a farm to table locally sourced meals and really enjoy family time together or romantic.

Police holding that's shore drive right up here from lehigh valley and 33 so it's not far whatsoever thank you feel like you're a million miles away but you're news and the next couple months as the peak foliage which like the best time to think a couple of weeks or people might.

>>if they're really into the leaves guilty himself bright was the best time well right now we have on our website pocono mountains dot com a fall foliage forecast hot that you can check out its from the dcnr as you guys are familiar and how they put something out every year let you know what the peak times are so.

>>mid october is about the peak time for the northern part of the poconos and a little bit past that closer to november will be peak for so southern part of it so monroe county that sounds great thanks for kicking off

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