MercyOne Follow Up

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MercyOne Follow Up

MercyOne Follow Up

The Albert Lea healthcare coalition has selected MercyOne North Iowa to extend health care services to Albert Lea.


Continuing coverage continuing coverage continuing coverage of a story you heard first right here on first at four yesterday.

The albert lea healthcare coalition has selected mercyone north iowa to extend health care services to albert lea.

It's a story we've been following since june of 20á17.

That's when mayo clinic health system announced the consolidation of services between their austin and albert lea campuses.

Most inpatient services are now only offered in austin./// today á we want to know how residents are reacting to another healthcare provider coming to town.

Live kimt news three's maleeha kamal joins us live in albert lea á maleeha á i imagine there's a lot of excitement?xxx raquel i'm at mayo clinic health system in albert lea á where many (inpatient services are no longer offered.

That sparked an effort to bring another health care provider to town á and now that's becoming a reality with the mercyone clinic coming to town.

I'm finding out what local residents monica pinkava is a former patient of mayo clinic health systems. she gave birth there á and wasn't satisfied with her experience.

"i didn't feel like i was getting the care that i deserved."

So she's looking forward to having another health care option á and isn't bothered by mayo clinic health system's consolidation.

"i welcomed them going honestly because i didn't like the care that i was given."/// now there is no set location for this clinic but thats one of the first order of business.

The clinic is scheduled to open up in 2020.

Live in albert leaá maleeha kamal kimt news 3./// thanks maleeha.

The clinic will start off with primary care.

Then they plan to add an imaging center and an ambulatory surgery center./// and of course we reached out to mayo clinic health system for a statement on mercyone north iowa opening a clinic in albert lea.

It says in part "we continue to offer highly valued quality of care with a wide range of services á including full clinic services, robust emergency departments, outpatient surgeries and pregnancy care before and after delivery on each campus.

In addition, we offer a seamless connection to the mayo clinic care patients need and deserve when facing serious or complex illnesses."/// i'm joined

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