Baylor at Central

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Baylor at Central

Baylor at Central

Angela Moryan was live with a preview of our game of the week featuring the Baylor Red Raiders taking on the Central Purple Pounders.


Water break had local high school football teams on high alert tonight, but baylor and central got the all clear for their game..

Our news 12's angela moryan is always on high alert, and she's live for tonight's match-up between the red raiders and purple pounders.

It's not often that you see central on baylor's schedule.

In fact, these two teams haven't played each other in 13 years.

However, they do share one major part of chattanooga high school football history -- and their fields happen share the same name.

Both fields are dedicated to coach red etter, the winningest coach in tennessee history.

Etter coached at central for 27 years, leading the pounders to 7 state titles and a perfect season in 1962.

He then went across town to coach the red raiders for 14 years.

Baylor won a state and national title under etter in 1973.

Current baylor coach phil massey approached central coach curt jones with this connection in mind.

Coach jones loved it and thought it was a great fit for central's 50 years on 58 anniversary celebration tonight.

Phil massey: "i think by him doing that, his legacy continues to live on.

We're all, every head coach probably after that that followed behind him has been sort of measured to his standard."

As far as tonight's game goes, coach jones says the pounders have been rigously preparing to go up against the 3-0 red raiders.

Get this, baylor has outscored opponents 125-23 so far this year.

Central got their first win only last week.

However, coach jones says this is all a part of his strategy.

Curt jones: "our schedule is probably one of the toughest in the state, and he did that deservingly so, then we'd be ready for our region play.

So likewise we had our first region game and got our first region win.

So the kids are, they've always been bought into what we're doing, but they got that little extra confidence and a little extra boost, so we've definitely seen a pickup in the energy level and the sharpness and crispness of things getting done this week."

As i mentioned earlier, this is the 50th anniversary celebration for central tonight -- 50 years at this location right here on highway 58 in harrison.

We'll have highlights tonight.

Reporting live at central, angela moryan, news 12 now.

The chattanooga water break

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