Surprise Family Reunion For Elementary Student

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Surprise Family Reunion For Elementary Student

Surprise Family Reunion For Elementary Student

3rd grader, Emily Roberson was excited when her dad showed up to her school to surprise her.


Waay-31s alexis scott joins us live with details on how it all went down.

3rd grader emily roberson told us she always wanted her dad to surprise her at school after watching similar videos on youtube... her father did just that after he returned from serving overseas.

Ronald roberson, father "it's the small things you take advantage of.

Being here, and you're away from your family, and seeing hey it's different," ronald roberson was stationed in kuwait and iraq as an army specialist for 10 months..

As he was awaiting his return to the states, he told us the one thing he kept thinking about were his children.

Ronald roberson, father "yeah, you get to see em, but it's nothing like seeing them face to face," so huntsville city schools decided to make his return just a little more exciting... they thought why not grant one of his daughter's wishes... emmie roberson always wanted her dad to surprise whenever he came back home... we were there the moment she found out who the school's mascot really was.

Nats of when he takes off his head piece emmie roberson "i was a little bit shocked and excited," emmie told us she was nervous knowing her dad was in the middle east.

Emmie roberson "when he goes to those places, you get kind of scared, because it's a dangerous place when you ask her what she wants to do with her dad now that he's back... all she can do is smile..

Emmie roberson "ummm, i don't know," roberson told us he also surprised his older daughter at columbia high school as well.

Reporting live in huntsville, alexis scott, waay-31 news more heat, humidity, and storms for the

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