Scholarship Offered to young mother in need

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Scholarship Offered to young mother in need
The caring pregnancy scholarship recipient is in Mason City

Story of perseverence á and one woman's mission to rise above all of life's challenges... to further her education.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens spoke to the mason city paraáeducator getting a fullá ride scholarship.xx x on the scene abigail zavala's life has been filled with challenges.

Including making medical decisions for her father before he passed away á á after being involved in a collision with a train.

"since i was the only one covering my bills, it was really hard.

It was the middle of winter and i had to travel between here and des moines.

My kids were still in school."

But despite all the obstacles life threw at her á it didn't stop her from following her heart.

"i feel like i can use my experiences to help other people and help kids which has inspired me to pursue this journey of higher education."

She is currently working on getting her aáa in psychology and human services certificate through niá acc.

When she heard about a scholarship through the organization careánet and the caring pregnancy center á she jumped at the chance to apply.

Jo hafermann (hoffermann) is the executive director of the caring pregnancy center and nominated abigail.

"they were looking for someone who had goals, who was working towards those goals already.

Abigail was selected for the scholarship... it's the first time a client at the mason city center has received one.

"even just saying thank you doesn't express the gratitude that i feel because this is totally sending my family and i on a new direction for our future and i am so excited and grateful to have that blessing."

Abigail is currently finishing up classes this semester at niá the application window for next year won't be open til midá2020.

If you care to apply á you must be an ongoing client of the caring pregnancy center.///

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