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Thank you for joining us... ackerman is one of the few towns in mississippi to be the home of more than one governor.

Today, the community honors the men with a "governor's park" our cash matlock has the story... "you wouldn't think that a town of fifteen hundred people in northeast mississippi would produce two governors... in thirty years!

I mean, it wasn't that long of time."

Ray mabus was the 60th governor of mississippi, the 75th united states secretary of the navy, and the former ambassador to saudi arabia.

At the unveiling of the new governors park in ackerman, he reflected on those achievements... along with many others throughout his life.

"it means the world to me, because this is where i got the foundation for whatever i've managed to achieve in my life.

These are the people, these are the values that i learned."

Former governor j.p.

Coleman was also honored at the event.

His grandson, josiah, shared memories of his late grandfather.

"it's amazing to see what he meant to the individuals that lived in this community.

He wasn't just a guy that held office, who lived here.

He was part of it.

Emotionally, that means a lot to me.

It's something to immulate... to try and copy."

U.s. senator roger wicker worked with both former governors during his career.

"i've always been proud that i was a young tike supporting him in 1963 and then when it comes to ray mabus, it happens that i was elected state senator the same day he was elected governor."

The new park features a playground, a gazebo, and a platform for hopscotch.

However, the political legacy of the town is what many hope future generations will remember.

"i think when you see a town like ackerman, that's had two governors come out of it, and there are other towns that share distinctions as well, you just want them to kind of see that as an example."

"this is a salute to small town america.

When you talk about small town america, you're talking about mississippi."

"it's not how much money you accumulate.

It's not how much stuff you get.

It's the service that you give.

Do something that is going to outlive you.

Do something that is bigger than you are.

That's what i hope people take away, and it doesn't matter where you start."

For more information on the new governors park in ackerman, you can visit our website at wcbi dot com.

The u.s. senate this week approved a measure that will provide the u.s. army corps of engineers with resources to improve and maintain flood control projects, ports and waterways in mississippi.

It includes a new 525-million dollar regional dredge demonstration program for the gulf of mexico and lower mississippi river area.

High water levels, along with historic flood levels, this year led to the extended opening of the bonnet carre spillway.

U.s. senator roger wicker says opening the spillway can be economically damaging.

"if the federal government and its wisdom, if the corps of engineers and their wisdom, are going to keep opening that, then the really should be prepared to give economic compensation because we know when that happens it's going to hurt the economy of south mississippi."

Bonnie carrie is one of two major spillways in mississippi.

The other is the morganza spillway.

Take media swipe stinger thingy a west point elementary school student gets a heart- warming surprise this morning.

4th grader kingston branham had a special visitor to his classroom.

His dad, sergeant first class kenneth branham surprised kingston after returning from a ten month deployment.

S-f-c branham had been in kuwait with the 184th e-s-c.

The elementary school was his first stop after coming home.

There was another inspiring moment at southside elementary this morning.

3rd graders get a first hand account of september 11th, 2001 from a survivor who was pulled from the rubble of the world trade towers.

Students filled the west point school's hear from will jimeno.

He was a police officer for the port authority, the day terrorists flew planes through the world trade center.

Through a skype interview, jimeno walked the students through what it was like that day....and how he and his fellow officers were scared..

But knew they had to do their jobs to save lives.

Will jimeno--"at that moment i felt helpless..i just felt helpless and i saw the people jumping and i just felt that everytime someone jumped that was someone's mother, brother, sister ...why am i telling you this?

Because you touch a lot of lives believe it or not...if you disappeared today someone would miss you" jimeno says he was trapped with several other officers under debris and rubble.

He and a few other brave men, were pulled from the rubble after both towers collapsed.

Jimeno encouraged students to face their fears, be courageous, and help others, even in the face of danger.

First look stinger first look hot weather a kentucky inmate's run for freedom comes to an end in pickens county.

51-year-old john dearhie was arrested today.

Pickens county sheriff todd hall referred all questions to reform police but no one there was available for comment.

The kentucky department of corrections website lists dearhie as an escaped prisoner, with four convictions.

He first went in the prison system back in may.

Calls to the kentucky corrections department and state police have not been returned.

The pickens county website lists dearhie as being in jail and an escapee from kentucky.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Wipe to gfx a fifth arrest is made in connection to a violent fight last weekend in starkville.

Police arrested 21-year-old elijah nelson of biloxi.

He's charged with simple assault.

A fight early sunday morning happened in the cotton district.

Police arrested who they believe were the instigators of the fight earlier this week.

Police say the large brawl started after two men allegedly verbally assaulted a female.

The fight was caught on video and circulated all over social media.

Police ask anyone with information on the fight to give them a call.

Lowndes county sheriff's office is asking for help finding two people wanted in connection to a stolen dump trailer.

38-year-old courtney thompson and 42- year-old brian baughman may be driving a black chevrolet tahoe.

The car has monroe county tags with the license plate number m-i-b-33-58 the trailer has since been found on blaylock road.

Anyone who has information on the duo's location is asked to call lowndes county sheriff's office or golden triangle crime stoppers.

One lane of main street in okolona will be closed through the weekend.

Public works superintendent richie cousin says a water line cracked and needs repairing.

He says age played a role in the damage but a boil water notice is not needed.

Cousin encourages drivers to be cautious, as they make their way through downtown.

He hopes the lane will reopen early next week.

Stinger a starkville legend was a leader on the football field and at city hall.

When we come back we take a look at the life and legacy of billy stacy... a former mayor of starkville and msu football standout is laid to rest today.

Billy stacy passed away tuesday.

Stacy was known for his excellence on the field and his service in the community..

Our rylie livingston had the chance to sit down with one of his former teammates for a look back..

The year was 1955..and billy stacy had made his way to mississippi state.

In just a few short years he would become an all-american and end his career with over twenty three hundred offensive yards and 19 touchdowns.

"it was so evident so early, that he was one of the best that probably come to play on these on these fields here at mississippi state.

He was outstanding a member in our junior year, i guess.

He led in four departments here he left he was a top rusher, the top receiver in a top kick out person.

And in passing of course, he led in passing all the time he was here."

Former teammate charlie weatherly has fond memories of their time on the team.

One of his favorites takes him back to 1957 when the maroons faced the crimson tide.

"we were playing alabama, in tuscaloosa.

And he laid in every department back into at that time and then that game too.

And but he threw me two touchdown passes.

And now always said, when you connected on a pass of billy stacy, he did 75% of the work goes he he will always put the pass in your hands and, and have that drop that one and he threw me for a touchdown that day.

I wouldn't be around here."

And their friendship went beyond the football field.

Over the years they stayed in contact.

"i treasured my friendship with him more than i can actually say.

His family and my family sort of grew up here together my son and his son played little league football together and and billy and i were coaches back in that time.

And our coaching record wasn't too good either."

When stacy took the plunge into politics weatherly supported him.

"well, i was just one of his citizens here at that time.

That was his, his outgoing nature, his ability to make for people in on any level.

He was just just a great person.

And the he took on that job with sincerity and dignity and with all the effort that was required on that i'm sure he did as good as anybody could.

What kind of impact do you think weatherly says he will always remember stacy's strong character, high morals, and his committment to what he loved.

Stinger weather open hot weather continues through the weekend and into next week, but lower humidity will keep the heat weather open hot weather continues through the weekend and into next week, but lower humidity will keep the heat index a little lower than what we're used to.

Chances for rain will be minimal over the next week, but a shower or quick storm is possible.

Friday night: a pretty nice night for high school football once the sun starts to set.

We'll be into the 80s by 7pm before we hit our low of 71 early saturday morning.

Mostly clear skies.

Saturday: another hot day across the area with highs climbing into the mid 90s by the afternoon hours.

Heat index values will be in the 100?-105?

Range, so stay hydrated if you plan to be outside.

A stray shower or quick storm is possible, but most will be dry and any showers won't last long at all.

Sunday: mostly sunny and hot once again.

Highs will be in the low to mid 90s with heat index values over 100.

Again, a shower is possible, but we're not expecting any significant rainfall.

Monday-friday: the same trend continues into the week with no real weather- maker expected.

Mostly sunny skies with the chance for a very isolated shower.

Don't plan on any relief from the heat as highs will still be in the mid 90s.

Hot weather continues through the weekend and into next week, but lower humidity will keep the heat index a little lower than what we're used to.

Chances for rain will be minimal over the next week, but a shower or quick storm is possible.

Friday night: a pretty nice night downtown starkville smelled and looked more like the junction today.

Over 20 businesses and organizations took part in the annual citywide tailgate.

Tents were set up across the city offering a variety of foods.

The event helps connect the community.

It's just a great day for everyone to come together you will see people go oh my gosh i haven't seen you in ages where have you been or people say where do you say you were from again and do you know he's just that kind of day and they are building a stronger community for us.

The goal is to raise money for the united way of north central mississippi and other organizations.

Stinger spx open when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a are you all, dammit.

We arrive at your opinion on not for you as well 2015 be very interesting and easy and in and during and in and already in and hearing in will held for ionly the when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

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