Foust Playground

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Foust Playground
Foust Playground

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A unique playground is unveiled in owensboro and it offers the opportunity to play for all children.

Anchor macleod hageman joins us is studio with more on the city's new addition.


Foust elementary school unveiled their brand new inclusive playground during a ribbo?

Cutting ceremony today.

The playground features elements that allow for*all students to enjoy.

These elements include a pou?i?place rubber service?

Allowing for students who rely on wheelchairs to enjoy the features.

The playground committee partnered with more than 100 organizations and various people to make this happen.

Kids at the playground say it's great?

Because it allows children of all abilities to play at the park.

Kids with disabliites can actually play on it?

With the rocks it was hard to actually get through it?

It was hard to actually get through the rocks.

The entire fundraising campaign generated more than 25?

Thousand dollars for the project.

Officials say they hope the new playground will provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for*all students at the school.

Macleod hageman 44news.

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