Jasper County OIS

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Jasper County OIS

Jasper County OIS

Authorities release the identities of the suspect in an officer involved shooting.

The shooting happened yesterday after a call for a stolen vehicle.


Dowe: authorities release the identities of the deputy and the suspect in an officer-involved shooting.

This is koam news at 6.

The shooting happened yesterday after a call for a stolen vehicle.

An officer was injured and the suspect is dead.

Koam's zach dodge joins us in the studio.

Zach -- you spoke with a resident who lives near where this happened -- what did they have to say?.

Zach: dowe, residents say the whole night was stressful -- and that nothing like this has happened in their neighborhood.

Peters: "we could hear them yelling come out over the horn, ya know the loud speaker.

'come out with your hands up,' things like that.

Then the sway armored vehicle showed up and the helicopter..

We were all just kind of worried."

Thursday afternoon, four deputies with the jasper county sheriff's office went to at 52-oh-nine east gerbitz road on a call for a stolen vehicle.

But when they approach the vehicle authorities say, they started taking fire from 28-year-old kenneth ashburn-- who was in a shed.

Kaiser: "obviously not what you would expect when you go to a house and look at a stolen vehicle."

Deputy justin henry was hit in the right calf..

He and another deputy returned fire, and went back down the drive.

The joplin swat team was called in, and with the help of neighboring law enforcement, they set up a two mile perimeter.

The sheriff's office also asked for the public's help -- because they didn't know if ashburn had run.

Law enforcement later found ashburn dead in the shed.

At this time, they don't know if he was hit by one of the deputies, or if he shot himself.

Deputy henry was transported to the hospital, and was released later that night.

Kaiser: "he's doing well.

His spirits are high.

And we've been in contact with his family and they understand the dangers of the work, and they're supporting him as well in this."

Henry has been with the sheriff's office for seven years..

Starting as a jailer, and later moved up to road patrol.

Kaiser: "an incident like this reminds us of how dangerous this job is.

And it re-affirms to me the commitment of our deputies to serve our community and serve it well.

Even to the point of putting themselves in danger if need be."

Zach: the sheriff's office doesn't think ashburn lived in the house where the shooting happened.

They were also able to confirm no-one else was in the home.

Deputy henry had a follow up appointment this morning.

Kaiser says that it went well, and that he was given a positive prognosis.

Dowe: thanks zach.


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