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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Prairie Du Chien residents picking up the pieces after flash flood damaged several homes

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Prairie Du Chien residents picking up the pieces after flash flood damaged several homes
Prairie Du Chien residents picking up the pieces after flash flood damaged several homes
It started out as an average Thursday night for Deb and Dave Fishler.

The mayor of prairie du chien declares a state of emergency today following widespread flooding throughout the city.

News 8's alec giannakopoulos shows us how some in the community are starting to pick up the pieces.

Mike and martha.... i was told it took less than an hour for flood waters in prairie du chien to go from only a few inches to knee deep.

The flash flood damaged multiple homes, and left some injured.

And while the storm was brutal to the area, those i talked to can only focus on rebuilding.

It started out as an average thursday night for deb and dave fishler, "i wasn't really paying attention, we were just watching tv and my grandson said ma the road's gone' and i thought yeah right.'

"oh no" "i got up to look out the window and, he was right laughs there was plenty of mud left behind after the flash flood in the fishler's neighborhood, but they're able to drive through it to the city.

Some in prairie du chien however are still stuck.

"we had some trapped civilians in houses.

Some of those are still being worked on to clear off to access to be able to get them out but everyone is safe who are in those.

Jim hackett of the crawford county sheriff's department says the department is still figuring out how much damage this flood did, and encourages residents to report damage to the county...somethi ng deb plans to do.

"i'm going to yes, but we don't have flood insurance."

When the water hit it damaged her garage and basement, but deb wanted to make sure that her prized possessions were safe.

"we still have this room here, which is my christmas room."

She describes herself as a holiday nut.'

And her rooms full of decorations prove it.

"i have another room over there that's the other holiday rooms. it has easter and st.

Patrick's day."

"hey dave my christmas stuff was video taped."

Deb's mother lives in a nursing home and has dementia.

Deb says her mother loves visiting and seing the decorations.

Nats of shovel.

But with all the work to be done in her basement, and garage, will she be ready to show her mother the decorated house for the holidays?

"oh of course... we're just ready to put up halloween decorations."

At the time of the interview...craw ford county emergency management did not have a total for all the damages, and stresses that if your home was damaged in any way... do report it to the county by calling that could impact the amount of potential funding they recieve.

Crawford county hopes to have a total number of those injured, and a total for damages by the


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