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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Dream Home Nightmare

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Dream Home Nightmare
Dream Home Nightmare
Dream Home Nightmare

Lifetime chance?

Right now at six.

A woman and her six kids working to get out of a henderson shelter?

Watched as their search for a dream home?

Turned into a nightmare.

And the family says where they're staying now?

They're living in squalor.

And her effort to get ou?she says trapped her in a sca?and that dirty home.

Chief western kentucky bureau reporter is here tonight with a look at this family's story.

Danita ellington told u?she and her six kids have been through a mess trying to get back on their fee?

With the condition of the home they're rentin?and in their effort to get out.

"i'm just lost.

I just feel lost.

I feel like i'm not capable of anything.

The kids can't take showers.the kids can't be kids.

They can't have a life."

Danita say?

Her efforts to start that new lif?have been thwarted at every turn.

She thought she would only need to do some minor repairs on the home she's renting on 1505 south linwood avenue in evansville.

But after she moved in?

"it got worse.

The sump pump never worked.

The basement flooded.

To flush the toilet it would come through the tub.

I couldn't use the kitchen sink at all."

She say?her clothes and furniture have been ruined by mold since bringing her things inside.

And her family has all become sick.

"eventually i start seeing certain things.

I looked up symptoms of mold.

We carry all those symptoms that the internet has on there for the mold."

Desperate to provide a livable environment for her famil?she tried to lock down another home off south thomas.

I tried to get out of the house and i'd seen a house.

I talked to the landlord, got the landlord's attention.

She reached back out to me, paid her and she scammed me on the house.

Danita shared text messages that show although she was approved to move i?

And signed a lease.

She was later rejecte?and says she never got a refund.

'i'm trying but to take care of six and to save for another house or to save to move, it's a little hard."

Her story mirrors what happened to an evansville woman last jul?

A sign posted on the home she tried to rent warned potential renters?

That someone other than the homeowner?

Was falsely advertising it was for ren?

Danita has reached out to local leader?who is concerned about what happened to he?and says city inspectors have taken a look inside her current home at the conditions.

"we're going to use whatever power we have within the naacp to right this wrong, to make sure those people answer for this deliberat?which some neighbors say the house was condmened.

She should never have been living in it."

And although danita says she was scammed out of her dream hom?she told u?she still wants it.

"this is where me and my kids are supposed to be.

This is where we're supposed to live.

This is where we're supposed to be happy and grow up."

City code inspectors did not make themselves avaliable for comment when we called.

We reached out to the landlord of 1505 south linwoo?and that call was not returned either.

Efforts to contact the leaseholders for 208 south thomas avenu?gave a call rejected message.

We will continue to update you on this story with more information as it comes available.

Erran huber


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