Wicker hands out copies of constitution to Ackerman students

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Wicker hands out copies of constitution to Ackerman students
The U.S. Senator says that the document still model of freedom for the world

Carter ... u.s. senator roger wicker spoke to an ackerman high school government class today about the importance of the u.s. constitution.... wtva's wayne hereford followed wicker to the classroom for a civics lesson.....he joins us live from ackerman.... u.s. senator roger wicker says he wanted to give the students a copy of the u.s. constitution four days before national constituion day.

The senator spoke to this class about the hisory of the u.s. and how the constitution came about wicker stressed the importance of the students knowing their history and appreciating what having a guide like the constitution means to the country.

Power" "what these students today heard me say is i hope they will carry with them that is the profound decision that people made over two centuries ago to give us a form of government where one person doesn't have all the power."

Wicker says that the u.s. remains the model of freedom across the globe due mainly to its constitution.

Reporting live in ackerman wayne hereford wtva nine news.

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