Fremont winema burn

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Fremont winema burn
Fremont winema burn

Prescribed burn-llpkg cassidy says, "this project started back in the 90's and this weekend is the final phase.

Some of the crew here today have actually been working on the project since it first started more than 20 years ago."

"we have a lot of folks out here to make sure this doesn't get out of control."

Judd lehman says this burn will make the area less susceptible to severe wildfires for the next 15 years.

"our main intent is reducing the fire risk."

This burn has been a long time coming.

The crew told me they're happy to be a part of such a large project...especially the final stages of it.

"we've done a lot of work to prep for this so it feels really good to see this happen."

From prepping the roads, making control lines and even having archeological surveys done to make sure they weren't disturbing any historic grounds.

One fire engine operator says he's been working on this project for the last five years.

"it's a good feeling knowing all the work we put into this and i know my guys see this get burnt is a good feeling."

More than 70 people are working this burn ...from the ground and even the sky.

"in the future, we'd like to do this next to chiloquin to help reduce future fires that threaten communities and houses, it's this type of work that we can get in front of that and be proactive."

As this decades-long project finally comes to a close, all that's left to do after this weekend is simple.

"we will have a couple weeks of monitoring so it doesn't make a run outside of anything we have control over."

Cassidy says, "the forest service picked this weekend because of the wind patterms so the smoke impact will be minimized..

The wind is heading northeast so if you live in rogue valley or klamath, you should be in the clear.

In chemult, cassidy, newswatch12."

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