Issue with domestic bunnies in douglas county, animal shelter says

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Issue with domestic bunnies in douglas county, animal shelter says

Issue with domestic bunnies in douglas county, animal shelter says

Shelter officials say they’ve seen an increase of bunnies being brought into the shelter since early 2018.

They say too many people are buying the animals for their family, but decide to give them up or release them into the wild.


The 50s.

A roseburg animal shelter says they're bursting at the seams with bunnies..

And they're struggling to find them forever homes.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza was at the shelter today...and shows us what changes the shelter is making to get the animals adopted.

For these bunnies at saving grace pet adoption center, workers say finding their forever homes is the priorty.

Nat pop:?there you go.

You need be a well- behaved bunny?

But recently, that been a huge challenge.

Wendy kang, saving grace pet adoption center:?it takes a lot of staff time plus a lot of volunteer time just to be able to provide that quality of care that they need?

Leaders at the shelter tell me theye seen an increase in surrendered bunnies in douglas county since the beginning of last year.

They say people keep buying them, then giving them up or releasing them into the wild.

Nat pop?if found as a strey, think how visable he would be to a predator."

Now, shelter leaders say theye having trouble finding the space to house all these rabbits.

Evita:?volunteers tell me they have a harder time finding home for bunnies because most people don know they can be adopted at a shelter to begin with?

Right now& the shelter is housing eleven bunnies.

Leaders tell me they can only take 6 at most&but they say theye done what they can to make it work.

Some of them had to be housed in one of our cat condos to give them the floor space that they needed.

Which displaced some of the cats?

Kang says they are working with other shelters in oregon to get the animals transported so they can be adopted elsewhere.

She also says they are adoption events to help these bunnies get adopted.?they really are meant to be as a pet.

Something that can be part of the family.

And yet when we bring these bunnies into our lives, we need to be caring for them their entire lifetime?

With hopes of ending the bunny problem for good and getting the animals the love they deserve.

Reporting in roseburg,

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