Nurses picket at Good Samaritan in

Video Credit: KEZI - Published
Nurses picket at Good Samaritan in

Nurses picket at Good Samaritan in

The Oregon Nurses Association, which represents over 500 nurses at Good Samaritan, says the hospital is overworking and understaffing their hospital.


Center... happening now& corvallis nurses are picketing good samaritan regional medical center... saying they're fed up with their working conditions.

Kezi 9 news reporter connor mccarthy is live at the hospital where nurses are talking the talk... and walking the walk.


That right matt and renee.

As you can see right here.... set the scene.

This picketing is going into its third hour and many nurses out here tell me that they want the public to know how they're being treated.

Theye calling on the hospital to end 50 plus hour work weeks and the "buddy system" that forces nurses to take on more patients.

Nurses say that stretching nurses thin creates unsafe working conditions for the nurses.

One nurse told me that at the rate corvallis is is unreasonable to keep staffing at the same level.

So when i started 14 years ago, there were times when we could close a unit because there just wasn enough business.

That not case anymore, the case is wee full a lot of the time and so staffing needs keep going up contract negotiations have been going on for about almost 6 months now with nurses working without a contract since june 30th&.

There are three more barganing disccusions between the union and the hospital coming up and the oregon nurses assoication says calling a strike is always on the table.

Now matthe unionee says a strike is not the next option&but if the bargarning discussions still have no result&the union could back to its members and ask to vote to authorize a strike.

The hospital said in a statement that they are commited to reaching a deal nurses can ratify that will benefit their employees and patients.


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